IBM Rational Rhapsody Developer f/ C++/C & Java

Improving software delivery with a
model-driven development environment
IBM Rational Rhapsody Developer
Today’s discerning consumers demand
Providing a flexible workflow via
advanced products featuring the latest
automated code development and
technology. To meet these demands
model-driven testing
and thrive in a highly competitive
The Rational Rhapsody Developer
development environment for
marketplace, companies must deliver
environment provides an extensible
embedded and real-time systems
innovative, high-quality products
MDD environment based on the
and software
quickly. However, shrinking design
Unified Modeling Language (UML)
cycles, increased design complexity,
and Systems Modeling Language
■■ Provides a model-driven
■■ Harmonizes systems engineering
and software development with
UML and SysML modeling
■■ Generates C, C++, Java and Ada
limited numbers of resources and geo-
(SysML). It helps you to automate
graphically and temporally distributed
code development by targeting
development teams have created a
leading real-time operating systems.
challenging design environment.
There are three different editions of
applications, including architectural and behavioral views
The IBM Rational ® Rhapsody®
Developer development environment
■■ Provides model-level debugging
via model execution, which
highlights state charts and
generates real-time sequence
diagrams during execution on
host or target
provides a model-driven development
(MDD) environment for embedded and
the Rational Rhapsody Developer
environment to choose from, based
on your target language:
• Rational Rhapsody Developer envi-
real-time software that can help you
ronment generates code for the C,
automate the software development
C++, Java™ and Ada languages,
process, promote asset reuse, optimize
including architectural and behav-
team collaboration and identify defects
ioral views.
■■ Includes a robust set of modeling
and design errors early in the devel-
• Rational Rhapsody Developer for
and requirements traceability
opment lifecycle—when they’re less
C++, C and Java environment is
capabilities to help ensure
costly to fix. It’s designed to help you
designed for users not interested in
effective software delivery
deliver the innovative and high-quality
■■ Integrates with industry-leading
IDEs and real-time operating
products today’s consumers want.
the Ada language.
• Rational Rhapsody Developer for
Ada environment is designed for
users only interested in the
Ada language.
Each edition synchronizes changes
to the code and the model, enabling
a more flexible workflow that helps
developers work in the way they feel
most comfortable. All editions support early design validation through
model-driven testing, promote team
collaboration with requirements visualization and automate generation of
documentation that is synchronized
with implementation.
The Rational Rhapsody Developer for
C++, C and Java environment plugs
into the Eclipse integrated development environment (IDE), enabling
developers to leverage the benefits of
MDD and code development within a
single, integrated environment. Through
The Rational Rhapsody Developer environment can help enhance productivity by enabling you to
develop software at the model or code level — while keeping models and code synchronized.
• Support for functional, object-based
this integration, developers can take
System Architecture (AUTOSAR)
advantage of graphical abstraction,
XML, and capture AUTOSAR system
design-level debugging, automated
models using AUTOSAR terminology;
• Integrated requirements modeling
documentation creation and Eclipse
and import, execute and validate IBM
to help ensure the design meets
code-editing capabilities within the
Rational Rose models.*
the requirements.
popular Eclipse development environment they may already be using.
The Rational Rhapsody Developer
environment helps developers generate production-ready code and
supports design consistency through
modeling functionality.
Improving code quality with comprehensive modeling and requirements
traceability capabilities
The Rational Rhapsody Developer
environment delivers a robust set of
modeling and requirements traceability capabilities to help you improve
It works with a variety of file types and
code quality and help ensure you’re
models, so you can import and export
delivering products that meet your
XML Metadata Interchange (XMI);*
customers’ requirements. It provides:
import and export Automotive Open
• Model verification, simulation and
execution capabilities.
• Static model checking that allows
you to verify that models are complete and consistent.
or object-oriented paradigms.
• The ability to integrate external code
with the modeling environment.
• Domain-specific language support for graphical C, AUTOSAR and
Modeling and Analysis of Real-Time
and Embedded (MARTE) systems.
• Automatic diagram creation that
enables you to visualize your existing code.
Boosting productivity with application
• Tables and matrices that can help
• The ability to create demonstrations
generation capabilities
you organize and communicate
visualizing behavior for manage-
The Rational Rhapsody Developer
large amounts of information.
ment and customers.
environment generates C, C++, Java
• References to reusable compo-
• Requirements-based testing
and Ada applications, including
nents that help minimize rework
through the IBM Rational Rhapsody
architectural and behavioral views,
in large application develop-
TestConductor Add On feature,
enabling you to automate manual
ment environments.
which provides a highly automated
coding tasks and boost productivity.
• Command-line code generation for
Key application generation capabili-
integration into the build process.
ment, UML diagrams to drive and
• Configuration management capa-
monitor test results, and automa-
ties include:
• Automatic visualization of external code — without the need for
modifications — for integration into
the model and documentation.
• Reverse-engineering capabilities
that can help you add existing code
into your model with diagrams that
unit and regression test environ-
bilities* that include enhanced
ted reports on test coverage for
integration with IBM Rational
design reviews.
ClearCase and IBM Rational
Synergy software.
• Real-time collaboration via integration with IBM Rational Team
Concert software.
• Model-driven automated test generation with the IBM Rational Rhapsody
Automatic Test Generation Add On
feature to expand test coverage.
Enabling you to use the right tools for
enhance your understanding of
Identifying defects and design errors
your environment
code architecture and behavior.
early in the development lifecycle
Rational Rhapsody Developer
Defects become more costly to fix as
environment can be integrated with
software development progresses.
industry-leading IDEs and real-time
That’s why it’s essential to find defects
operating systems (RTOSs). You can
initialization code that can help
as early as possible. Rational Rhapsody
select from Eclipse C/C++ development
prevent crashes.
Developer environment includes key
tools and Java development tools, as
testing capabilities, such as:
well as third-party IDEs — giving you
• Automated builds for multiple components at the same time.
• Automatic generation of pointer
• Customizable code generation that
meets industry and company standards via the IBM Rational Rhapsody
Developer Rules Composer Add
On feature.
• Model-driven testing that helps you
find and eliminate errors earlier in
the development process.
• Model simulation to animate state
Promoting team collaboration with
charts and create sequence dia-
requirements visualization
grams during execution.
Collaboration is a key to keeping
• Execution early on host to help
projects on track. Rational Rhapsody
reduce dependency on target
Developer environment provides key
collaboration capabilities to help keep
your teams in sync, including:
• Base-aware graphical differencing
and merging to manage parallel
• Customizable documentation
generation to help meet project
the ability to use the best tools for
your particular environment. In addition, Rational Rhapsody Developer
environment can be customized to
work in the RTOS of your choice or
even without an operating system.†
Extending functionality with add-ons for the Rational Rhapsody Developer environment
You can gain additional functionality from Rational Rhapsody Developer
environment using a number of add-ons, including:
IBM Rational Rhapsody Interfaces Add On software, which includes the MathWorks Simulink
interface and the configuration management (CM) interface for collaborative development
applications including IBM Rational ClearCase, Rational Synergy, IBM Rational Rose
Importer, IBM Rational SDL Suite, IBM Rational Statemate® and IBM Rational System
Architect® software.
IBM Rational Rhapsody Tools and Utilities Add On software, which includes a highly
customizable template-based documentation utility plus graphical panels for rapid
prototyping and debugging. Using interface mockups and Webify software, you can create
a rapid prototyper/model stimulator that can be built as a Web server into your application.
IBM Rational Rhapsody Gateway Add On software, which includes an advanced interface
to requirements management tools, such as IBM Rational DOORS® and IBM Rational
RequisitePro® software, along with popular requirements authoring tools.
IBM Rational Rhapsody TestConductor Add On software, which enables you to improve test
productivity and find defects earlier. You can define tests either with code or graphically
with sequence diagrams, state charts, activity diagrams and flowcharts. And you can
automate tedious testing tasks and execute tests interactively or in batch mode.
IBM Rational Rhapsody Automatic Test Generation Add On software, which includes
automatic test generation for the Rational Rhapsody model, helping to facilitate greater
test coverage.
IBM Rational Rhapsody for DoDAF, MODAF, and UPDM Add On software, which enables
you to create Department of Defense Architecture Framework (DoDAF), British Ministry
of Defence Architectural Framework (MODAF) and Unified Profile for DoDAF/MODAF
(UPDM) artifacts.
IBM Rational Rhapsody Developer Rules Composer Add On software, which provides
customizable rules for code generation to meet the standards of or to generate other
programming languages not currently supported.
For more information
To learn more about IBM Rational Rhapsody Developer environment and the
wide selection of add-ons available, contact your IBM representative or IBM
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