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Performance management
and optimization solutions
for IBM DB2 for Linux, UNIX
and Windows
Manage and optimize your database environment before
poor performance affects your business
Performance management and optimization solutions for IBM DB2 for Linux, UNIX and Windows
Poor application and database performance can have a significant effect on a company’s bottom line, such as lost sales and
customer churn for e-commerce sites, or for mission-critical
systems, substantially reduced productivity and revenue.
Missed service-level agreements (SLAs) may lead to loss of
customers, a damaged brand and even fines and other penalties.
Addressing application and database performance is a tough
challenge: organizations are under constant pressure to develop
and deploy new business applications while ensuring that
existing applications maintain optimal performance levels
to meet customer expectations. But as usage increases, applications often become less responsive. And with data volumes
doubling in size every five years, database performance can
become unacceptably sluggish.
Attempting to solve these problems by purchasing more
hardware and adding staff causes infrastructure and resource
•Receive early notifications
of problems before they
impact production.
•Quickly isolate problems
across database, network
and application layers.
•Get visibility into problems
by workload to prioritize
•Follow guided workflows to
diagnose issues.
•Get complete views of data,
from real time to any time.
•Dig into the root causes of
problems with detailed
drill-down capabilities.
•Use built-in integration to
leverage data from other
IBM solutions.
•Spot changes that may be
related to performance
costs to skyrocket and is not a long-term solution. Database
administrators (DBAs) can spend significant amounts of time
responding to a performance problem—time that could be
spent on more strategic work to help the business reduce
operational costs and become more efficient.
Address performance challenges and
manage costs
IBM offers solutions that help you implement a bestpractice methodology to identify, diagnose, solve and prevent
performance problems while reducing the time and money
spent on performance-related tasks (see Figure 1).
By combining solutions for integrated performance
management, DBAs can move out of reaction mode and
resolve performance issues before they affect the business.
•Receive easy-to-understand,
actionable recommendations
for problem resolution.
•Capture and analyze real-time
and historical data for capacity
planning and growth.
•Tune entire workloads to
balance costs across query
and insert actions.
•Proactively optimize the
performance of query
workloads, database and
•Minimize slowdowns that
impact user productivity
and revenue.
•Configure DB2 Workload
Manager to allocate resources
according to business priority.
•Foster cross-team
collaboration to improve
security, performance and
Figure 1: The proactive IBM approach to performance management is designed to identify, diagnose, solve and prevent bottlenecks.
IBM Software
Together, IBM® InfoSphere® Optim™ Performance Manager,
IBM InfoSphere Optim Configuration Manager, IBM InfoSphere
Optim Query Workload Tuner and IBM InfoSphere Optim
pureQuery™ Runtime provide a powerful set of capabilities
to enhance database and application performance. IT staff can
use these solutions to quickly isolate performance problems
across the application, application server, network, database
server and operating system layers. Administrators can monitor
and drill down to the specific root cause of a performance
issue—such as resource shortages and exceptional conditions
in the database—before it reaches production systems.
Empower your team for true
end-to-end management
Performance management and optimization solutions for
DB2® cover the entire chain of events, from detection of a
performance issue through its analysis and resolution:
Monitoring and diagnosis: DBAs can monitor database
environments, receive notification if a problem arises and
then pinpoint the source of the problem through InfoSphere
Optim Performance Manager. DBAs can also contextually
launch InfoSphere Optim Configuration Manager from
within InfoSphere Optim Performance Manager to find out
if a configuration change in the data environment might be
the cause of an emerging performance issue.
Optimization: Once a performance issue is pinpointed, DBAs
can transfer a single query or an entire query workload with
a single click to InfoSphere Optim Query Workload Tuner
to receive expert, actionable recommendations for improving
queries, access plans, statistics, indexes and more.
A powerful set of solutions for maximizing performance
Performance management and optimization solutions for
IBM DB2 include:
• InfoSphere Optim Performance Manager: A comprehensive,
proactive solution that provides real-time monitoring and
performance warehousing for DB2 and IBM InfoSphere
Warehouse for Linux, UNIX and Windows
• InfoSphere Optim Configuration Manager: An innovative
solution offering centralized, effective and efficient
management of database and client configurations
• InfoSphere Optim Query Workload Tuner: An intelligent
solution that delivers expert recommendations to maximize
application performance, helping reduce specialized skill
requirements and the total cost of ownership
• InfoSphere Optim pureQuery Runtime: This highperformance data access platform helps enhance existing
in-house database client applications and speed the
development and deployment of new applications
Performance and security: DBAs can use InfoSphere
Optim pureQuery Runtime to enhance the performance
and security of an application without changing the
existing application code, and to help reduce the time
needed to go live with newly developed applications.
“IBM InfoSphere Optim Configuration Manager is a great tool for exploiting both the Adaptive
Compression and Multi-Temperature Data Management features in DB2. I would definitely make
use of InfoSphere Optim Configuration Manager’s features to find contiguous space on disks for better
I/O performance and allocate the most efficient storage devices for the most demanded data.”
— Juvenal Garcia Cuevas, Consulting Manager, SBRT Computing
Performance management and optimization solutions for IBM DB2 for Linux, UNIX and Windows
Figure 2: The at-a-glance tab of the
InfoSphere Optim Performance Manager
overview dashboard provides an overview
of the system context and key resource
categories for a database.
Become proactive with InfoSphere Optim
Performance Manager
Improve database and application performance and reduce
costs by providing DBAs and other IT staff with the
information to detect and prevent problems early. InfoSphere
Optim Performance Manager enables administrators to
view database health summaries, isolate and analyze typical
database performance problems and use dashboards to drill
down for more details. It also delivers 24x7 end-to-end
database transaction monitoring for workloads of any type,
from online transaction processing (OLTP) to business
intelligence (BI).
InfoSphere Optim Performance Manager provides seamless
analysis of performance data from real time to any point in time.
Integrated alerts and notifications inform DBAs of potential
problems. Interactive dashboards make it easy to see what
happened recently, compare activities to prior points in time
and visualize trends (see Figure 2). Reports help DBAs easily
identify costly queries for proactive tuning or capacity planning.
Identifying performance bottlenecks at Visa
Visa—the global payment technology company—needed to
monitor performance of its 122-partition warehouse to identify
skews, find performance bottlenecks and manage servicelevel objectives for key customer workloads. By adopting
InfoSphere Optim Performance Manager for DB2 for Linux,
UNIX and Windows, the company can now exploit the DB2
in-memory metrics infrastructure and enable monitoring
across all partitions. The solution helps administrators
visualize transaction performance and see where they were
spending time. Staff can isolate bottlenecking problems
while simplifying administration.
“Optim Performance Manager Extended
Insight makes performance troubleshooting
simple by providing the elapsed times
at each component level in multitier
architectural environments.”
—Hemanth Thota, Senior Staff Database Engineer, Visa
IBM Software
Browser-based technology makes performance information
available anywhere, anytime. Organizations can deploy
information to a larger user base, including developers and
testers, because InfoSphere Optim Performance Manager
does not introduce additional monitoring overhead on the
DB2 server. Out-of-the-box configurations for SAP, IBM
WebSphere®, IBM Cognos®, IBM InfoSphere DataStage®
and InfoSphere Warehouse applications help accelerate time
to value.
Database server metrics help DBAs fine-tune performance,
but they may not serve as an early-warning system for degrading
end-user experience or help DBAs figure out which applications,
transactions or users should receive highest priority. By using
the InfoSphere Optim Performance Manager Extended Insight
feature, DBAs can set and monitor response time objectives for
the highest-priority workloads.
In addition, Extended Insight expands performance monitoring
beyond the database server to provide instant problem isolation
to the appropriate layer of the application stack. These extended
capabilities include integration with IBM Tivoli® offerings
such as Tivoli Composite Application Manager. Furthermore,
InfoSphere Optim Performance Manager enables DBAs to
configure DB2 Workload Manager best practices to align
resources allocation with business priorities and help protect
system resources from being monopolized by low-level or ad
hoc queries.
InfoSphere Optim Performance Manager supports a variety
of DB2 10 features, such as monitoring support for multiple
storage groups, improved alerting for high availability and
disaster recovery (HADR) environments and alerts for
monitoring IBM DB2 pureScale® deployments.
Control your data environment with
InfoSphere Optim Configuration Manager
InfoSphere Optim Configuration Manager enables DBAs to
modify properties of deployed database clients and allocate data
clients among data servers for maximum workload balance.
Additionally, DBAs can track the configuration changes to the
data clients or servers that could be the root cause of a sudden
performance degradation or production application outage.
InfoSphere Optim Configuration Manager helps your team
enhance client management efficiency by centralizing client
connection definitions and server data models and by tracking
changes, helping IT better understand which data clients
connect to which servers and quickly determine the reasons
for performance issues. Other features help administrators
plan and control upgrades by redirecting a few clients at a
time, meet performance availability objectives by temporarily
routing application queries to a replicated system when
demand spikes, and cost-effectively manage storage resources
by leveraging DB2 10 multitemperature storage management
and data compression capabilities.
Centralized configuration control helps increase your
confidence during deployment and enable faster problemsolving by putting power back into the hands of DBAs.
InfoSphere Optim Configuration Manager creates a single
version of the truth, which reduces the possibility of a
configuration error causing downtime. Meanwhile, centralized
control of distributed database access gives you enough data
points to make an informed decision.
Performance management and optimization solutions for IBM DB2 for Linux, UNIX and Windows
Optimize queries with InfoSphere Optim
Query Workload Tuner
Using InfoSphere Optim Query Workload Tuner, DBAs
can efficiently and proactively optimize the performance of
SQL queries and query workloads by addressing problems
such as inaccurate statistics, inefficiently designed SQL
statements, ineffective indexes and other factors. It includes
the following capabilities:
Integration with developer and performance management
tools such as IBM Data Studio allows developers to get query
tuning recommendations during development with just a
click. DBAs can also select a single query or query workload
from the performance monitor dashboard in InfoSphere
Optim Performance Manager or from the DB2 database itself
for further analysis.
Advisors that help boost application performance by
improving query design, statistics quality and index value.
Built-in DB2 query and workload tuning expertise helps
reduce specialized skill requirements.
Complete-workload analysis helps manage costs by
tuning the entire application workload—thousands of SQL
statements—while balancing trade-offs between elements
such as statistics collection, CPU costs, index size and
statement regression for optimal overall performance.
Targeting query and query workload performance
improvements with InfoSphere Optim Query Workload
Tuner can directly impact your bottom line by helping
you increase customer satisfaction, avoid the costs of outages
and reduce development expenses.
Enable high performance for SAP applications
Building on the long history of IBM-SAP joint development
efforts, performance management solutions for IBM DB2
are optimized to work with DB2-SAP environments out of
the box. For example, InfoSphere Performance Manager
Extended Edition helps ensure a nondisruptive deployment
by following SAP guidelines to avoid disturbing SAP
configuration preferences. InfoSphere Optim Query Workload
Tuner helps improve application performance with expert
recommendations to enhance statistics collection, index
consolidation, and query and access plans. InfoSphere Optim
Configuration Manager helps DBAs explore data client and
server configurations and find database changes that might
relate to performance degradations.
For more information about performance management
benefits for SAP applications on DB2, visit
“InfoSphere Optim Query Workload Tuner
for DB2 for Linux, UNIX and Windows
provides many features that reduce the
manual effort in performance analysis and
has roughly saved me two hours of query
tuning effort, increasing my productivity
by 40 percent.”1
— Juvenal Garcia Cuevas, Consulting Manager, SBRT Computing
IBM Software
Help simplify and protect applications
with InfoSphere Optim pureQuery Runtime
InfoSphere Optim pureQuery Runtime provides a runtime
environment and application programming interfaces (APIs)
to enhance performance of existing in-house applications
written in Java, Microsoft .NET or C without application code
changes, and to speed development of new applications.
Use InfoSphere Optim pureQuery Runtime to:
Facilitate rapid development and deployment of new
performance-optimized applications
Lock in access plans and performance for SQL statements
with static execution of SQL statements
Replace poorly performing SQL with optimized SQL
Enhance security by reducing exposure of sensitive data
Improve manageability by quickly tracing performance issues
and enhancing version control
InfoSphere Optim pureQuery Runtime offers important
advantages over other available frameworks. It provides static
execution even to your existing Java Database Connectivity
(JDBC) applications without requiring any code modification.
In addition, the tool builds on user SQL statements for
generating application code, so the developer retains full
control over the kind of SQL statements employed in the
applications built.
Assess the impact of application and
infrastructure changes before moving
to production
To further improve database and application performance,
IBM offers InfoSphere Optim Query Capture and Replay,
which helps IT staff create realistic SQL performance testing
scenarios easily. It captures production workloads and replays
them in nonproduction environments, complete with change
impact reports, to facilitate SQL performance testing that
helps mitigate risks and accelerate time to market.
Modernizing the data development environment with
InfoSphere Optim pureQuery Runtime
Software and services provider ETNA needed to modernize
its data development environment to meet a growing
demand for services. To ensure consistent performance
from business-critical Java applications, the company
wanted to track SQL statements through the application
and database to identify, diagnose and resolve performance
problems. At the same time, the company wanted to reduce
storage and administrative costs and improve collaboration
among architects, DBAs and developers.
The solution was to deploy IBM Data Studio with IBM
InfoSphere Optim pureQuery Runtime. The company
achieved predictable, consistent application response times
and developed a reliable process for tracing SQL statements
through both the Java application and the database.
Integrated rapid application deployment (RAD) and data
management offerings helped reduce hardware and
administrative costs, and aligned the work of developers
and DBAs. Overall, the company decreased development
time, bringing functionality to market sooner.
“Data Studio and InfoSphere Optim
pureQuery Runtime are must-haves for
organizations using Java. These powerful,
scalable solutions stabilize performance by
allowing both static and dynamic SQL
execution without application changes.”
—Dalibor Harmina, IT architect, ETNA
InfoSphere Optim Query Capture and Replay also helps limit
the differences between production and test systems so
developers can eliminate reliance on internally created test
scripts that often fail to reflect the diverse and distributed
real-world application landscape or anticipate application and
user behavior. To learn more about this solution, please visit
Extend the capabilities of your DB2
Implementing a proactive performance management strategy
helps your organization control costs and better support
business objectives. With IBM DB2 and the performance
management and optimization solutions for DB2, your
organization can consistently meet SLAs, cut query response
time from minutes to seconds, capture more sales with a
fast, responsive online user experience and deliver trusted
information to give your business a competitive edge.
Performance management and optimization solutions for
IBM DB2 are packaged with the advanced edition of the latest
releases of DB2 and InfoSphere Warehouse:
IBMDB2AdvancedEnterpriseServerEdition: Provides
industry-leading DB2 optimization capabilities for database
software and storage, as well as database performance
management, all at a low cost. Visit for
more information.
Edition:Brings together advanced analytics; industry
models; data warehouse development, deployment and
administration tools; and enhanced tool sets for developing
models, managing backup and recovery, unloading data in
data warehouses and optimizing query performance. Visit for details.
For more information
To learn more about the performance management and
optimization solutions for IBM DB2 for Linux, UNIX
and Windows, visit:
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