Philips | HX6730/33 | Datasheet | Philips Sonicare HealthyWhite Two rechargeable Sonicare toothbrushes HX6730/33

Philips Sonicare
Rechargeable Sonic
Whiter, Healthier Teeth
with Clean and White mode
Let the natural whiteness of your teeth shine through.
3 Modes
• Standard mode for superior cleaning
• Gentle yet thorough cleaning for sensitive teeth and gums
• 2 minutes of Clean mode, with 30 seconds of White mode
Rechargeable Sonic Toothbrush
Product highlights
• Smartimer: 2-min. timer helps to ensure
recommended brushing
• Quadpacer: Interval timer
• ProResults brush head
• 2 Contoured brush head sizes: Ideal for complete
• Travel charger: Multi-voltage, compact travel
Technical Specifications
• Speed: 31,000 brush strokes per minute
• Battery type: Lithium Ion rechargeable battery
• Operating Time (Full to Empty): Fully charge
should provide 20 2-min. brushings
• Voltage: Multi-Voltage Charger
Weight and dimensions
F-box dimensions: 17.1(l) x 9.5(w) x 23.5(h) in
F-box weight: 1.5 lb
A-box dimensions: 30.7(l) x 18.4(w) x 25.7(h) in
A-box weight: 9.5 lb
A-box number of pieces: 3 pcs
Design & Finish
Color: Glacier White
Translucent White front panel
Material handle: ABS/PA, TPE
Material Brush Head: PCTA, TPE, with nylon
Items Included
Standard ProResults brush head: 1 pcs
Sonicare toothbrush: 1 pcs
Hygienic travel cap: 1 pcs
Charger base with brush head storage: 1 pcs
Additional brush head color code rings: 3 pcs
Issue date 2008-03-13
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Standard mode for superior teeth cleaning
Gentle yet thorough cleaning for sensitive teeth and gums
Clean and White
2 minutes of the Clean mode, with an additional 30
seconds of White mode to focus on your visible front
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