Philips SilentStar
Vacuum cleaner with bag
with SilentStar nozzle
The power of silence
Tough on dust, gentle on your ears
Enjoy a relaxing, undisturbed home life with Philips SilentStar. With its unique SilentStar
nozzle, this cleaner delivers powerful cleaning performance with minimal noise.
Low power consumption, high-power results
• 1250 Watt HD motor delivering 2000 Watt performance*
Minimum noise, maximum suction
• Aerodynamic air channel reduces noise to a quiet 70 dB
• SilentStar nozzle reduces noise and optimizes performance
Highly efficient anti-allergy system
• HEPA AirSeal plus HEPA 13 washable filter
Outstanding results on carpets and furniture
• Turbo Brush nozzle removes 25% more hairs and dust
Easy to use all over the house
• Two comfortable carrying handles for extra convenience
Vacuum cleaner with bag with SilentStar nozzle
EnergyCare AnimalCare
New 1250 Watt HD motor
Highly efficient 1250 Watt HD (High Density) motor
generates max. 400 Watt suction power, which
means that it uses 30% less energy with the same
cleaning result as a 2000 Watt appliance.*
HEPA AirSeal, HEPA 13 filter
The air channel has has been finetuned to make sure
the air slides a smooth way out that minimizes noise
creation. Additionally a special motor suspension has
been developed to reduce vibrations as much as
Input power (max): 1250 W
Input power (IEC): 1250 W
Suction power (max): 400 W
Vacuum (max): 32 kPa
Airflow (max): 42 l/s
Noise level (Lc IEC): 70 dB
This vacuum cleaner has been designed in such a way
that all the air taken in is passed through the
washable HEPA 13 filter (99.95% filtration) before it
is exhausted. No escape is possible.
• Dust capacity: 3.5 l
• Dust bag type: s-bag
• Exhaust filter: Ultra Clean Air HEPA 13 washable
• HEPA Air Seal
SilentStar nozzle
This newly designed nozzle contributes to a optimal
performance in both low noise and dust and fluff pick
up. Additionally the nozzle is very convenient in use
thanks to its improved brush pedal switch and easy
release knob.
This vacuum cleaner has not one, but two carrying
handles. When it is on its wheels, there is a handle
on top which enables you to easily move the cleaner
around with very little bending. The second handle
on the front side of the appliance enables you to
comfortably carry it around in an upright position.
• Color: Star white
Aerodynamic air channel
Comfortable carrying handles
Turbo Brush nozzle
Action radius: 11 m
Tube type: Metal 2-piece telescopic tube
Carrying handle: Top and front
Dust bag full indicator
Clean Comfort cassette
Coupling: Button
Park or storage assist: Back and bottom
Wheel type: Rubber
Power control: Electronic on appliance
Cord length: 8 m
Nozzles and accessories
• Additional nozzle: Turbo brush nozzle
• Accessories: Crevice tool, Small nozzle, Low noise
SilentStar nozzle
• Accessories storage: On handgrip
The Turbo Brush nozzle allows deep cleaning of
carpets and quick hair and fluff removal from carpets.
The rotating brush actively removes small dust
particles and hairs, resulting in a 25% better cleaning
performance on carpets. The wheels of the nozzle
prevent damage in case of use on hard-floors.
Issue date 2010-12-21
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• User manual: 100% recycled paper
• Packaging: > 90% recycled materials
Dimensions & weight
• Weight: 6.8 kg
* Philips internal measurement; 2010.