Socket Mobile HC1676-1270 mobile device case

DuraCase for the SoMo 650
Increase the Durability of the SoMo 650
The DuraCase improves the drop height of the SoMo by 30%!
• Restaurant table side POS
• Sales force automation
• Retail merchandising
• Proof of delivery
• Field service
• Easy to install and use
• Top and bottom pieces slide over SoMo
• Optional locking screw secures the top and bottom
together, to help prevent tampering
• Easy access to SoMo side buttons and connectors
Standard Version
Rx Version for Healthcare
Top and Bottom Slide
onto SoMo
• Bottom of DuraCase slides easily off for docking the
SoMo into a charging cradle or multi-bay charger
The DuraCase increases the durability of the SoMo 650. The two-piece design
improves the drop heightof the SoMo, allowing for broader market use
• Designed to accommodate a broad range of SoMo
peripherals and accessories:
- Belt clip, Lanyard, Hand / wrist stap
outdoors or in environments with hard floors.
- Tethered stylus
- Dual audio jack
- Plug-in SDIO and CF devices
- Many 3rd party accessories
• Protects — Increase the drop height of the SoMo by 30%. The DuraCase is
made of durable plastic to safeguard the SoMo against dings and scratches
and features rubber corners to reduce impact when the SoMo is dropped
• Rx version made with antimicrobial plastics for use in
healthcare and hospitality
• Convenient — The two-piece DuraCase features a removable bottom, so
you can charge and sync your SoMo in a cradle or multi-bay charger
• 13 cm x 8 cm x 3 cm (5 in x 3 in x 1.2 in)
• 40 g (1.4 oz) without the SoMo
• Secure — You have the option to secure the top and bottom of the
DuraCase onto your SoMo with a screw. The DuraCase also features special
rubber grips to provide added protection and prevent sliding during use
• 247 g (8.7 oz) with the SoMo and extended battery
• DuraCase only
- Standard version - SKU# HC16761270
- Rx version (antimicrobial) - SKU# HC1679-1280
• DuraCase Deluxe: Also includes Belt clip, Hand / wrist
strap, Tethered stylus
- Standard version - SKU# HC1678-1274
- Rx version (antimicrobial) - SKU# HC1680-1281
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Fax: +1-510-933-3030
Use the DuraCase with a broad range of SoMo
peripherals and accessories.
* The SoMo 650 warranty only covers the original drop
specification of the SoMo (multiple 1 meter drops to vinyl
covered concrete).
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