Philips SpotOn Ultra LED

Philips SpotOn Ultra LED
Philips Convenience
SpotOn Ultra with Motion
Instant light everywhere
The SpotOn Ultra is an intelligent, compact and easy to use wireless lamp with light
brightness LEDs. Ideal for dark hallways, under beds or in cupboards, it is a convenient
light source that doesn't need a mains connection or light point.
Freedom of placement
• Battery operated with 3 x AAA (R03) batteries.
• Mountable on many surfaces with the supplied accessories
Ease of use
• The batteries are simple to change
• Daylight Sensor
• Infrared motion detector for automatic switch on
• The product will automatically switch off after 20 seconds
Light effect
• Orientation light for dark areas
SpotOn Ultra with Motion detector
• Power supply: Battery
• Extra features: Battery included (3 x)
• Price range: Basic
Design and finishing
Accessories included
• Colour(s): Orange
• Material: Synthetic
• Batteries: 3 x AAA Philips Alkaline Batteries
Technical specifications
• Light source: 1 LED per SpotOn Ultra
Product Dimensions and weight
• Height: 6.8 cm
• Length: 7.8 cm
• Width: 1.7 cm
Issue date 2010-09-17
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