DIFRNCE USB charger set
DIFRNCE DC50 charger set
The DIFRNCE DC50 charger set contains two
chargers: one for in-home use and one car
charger. Both are simple to use chargers which
enables you to charge your MP3/MP4 player
almost everywhere. The DC50 is compatible
with almost every type of MP3 and MP4 player.
• Plug & Charge
• USB connector ouput
• Compatible with Apple iPod, iPhone
Home Charger:
• Input: AC 110-230V
• Output: DC 5V 1000mA
Car Charger:
• Input: DC 12-24V
• Output: DC 5V 1000mA
8 7175 2470 2748
Min VPE:
50 pieces/carton
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