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TS Series
cutting-edge management and solid
reliability at a desktop price
Thinkserver™ TS200v,
Top Reasons to Own
• First server in industry with “Always-on”
Remote Management leveraging Intel®
AMT 6.0 Server components designed for
24x7 operations
• Ultra quiet and energy-efficient
• Exceptional Value
The Lenovo® ThinkServer TS200v
Offered at a desktop price, the ThinkServer TS200v is an ideal entry
single processor server for small businesses, corporate branch
offices and Managed Service Providers (MSPs). It is a perfect
solution for businesses looking for a reliable server, which is easy
to setup and manage and is energy-efficient to reduce operational
costs. Together with award winning support, services and the latest
Intel® Server platform, the TS200v provides high productivity and
the peace of mind that comes from owning a true server.
The TS200v is the first server in the industry to incorporate Intel®
Active Management Technology (AMT), which provides businesses
with integrated remote management capabilities, unheard of at this
price. Now businesses can reduce IT costs and increase employee
productivity, without compromising on data security. Designed for
24x7 operations, the reliable TS200v is ideal for file sharing, printing
and critical application services. With solid performance in mind,
the TS200v includes the latest Intel® Core™ i5 series processors,
offering Turbo Boost and Hyper-Threading technologies to
complete workloads faster and more efficiently.
Today’s growing businesses require servers that offer rapid
deployment capabilities with minimal IT support and provide reliable
data integrity and performance. With built-in RAID support and Error
Correction Code (ECC) memory, the TS200v offers enterprise-class
reliability to protect your critical business data. Hence, your business
can focus on growth rather than worrying about unexpected
downtime. The AMT-based remote management technology
successfully monitors health of the server and issues alerts, thus
eliminating the dependency on costly on-site IT support. This
technology fits seamlessly into existing MSP support infrastructures.
Businesses can now reduce the cost of service upgrades and
power consumption with remote turn-on and turn-off capabilities.
Due to its efficient cooling and ultra-quiet operation, this server can
now be placed with existing systems in the office without additional
costs on infrastructure. As part of Lenovo’s green initiative, the
TS200v complies with industry-leading environmental standards
such as ENERGY STAR® Server 1.0, Climate Savers®.
High reliability and secured manageability features make the TS200v
server an extremely attractive solution for your business.
TS Series
Exceptionally Reliable
Warranty Extensions
The ThinkServer TS200v:
• 3/5 year on-site 9x5 Next Business Day (NBD) (if purchased during warranty period)
• Comes with Intel® Celeron®, Pentium® and Core™ i3 and i5 series processors offering
Turbo Boost and Hyper-Threading technologies
• Offers multi-bit Error Correction Code (ECC) memory
• Supports RAID 0/1 for critical data protection
• Maintains server availability by proactively identifying potential health issues and
automatically sending alerts
Upgrade Service Level1
Easily Manageable
The ThinkServer TS200v:
• Is the only server to offer Intel® AMT
• Easily integrates into existing AMT ecosystems of MSPs
• Manages server uptime by proactively identifying potential issues and securely sending
health alerts. This enables better management of business productivity
• Reduces IT dependencies through “Always-on Remote Server Management”. This includes
Remote KVM, remote power on/off and the ability to deploy critical patch updates after hours
Environmentally Friendly
The ThinkServer TS200v supports:
ENERGY STAR® Server 1.0
Climate Savers® (80+) Computing Initiative (85% efficient power supply unit)
Built with 65% recycled plastics
RoHS Compliant
Cool and quiet operation
Base Warranty
• 1 year on-site
• 3 year on-site
• 4-hour on-site service response
»» 3/5-year on-site 9x5 – 4 hour
• ThinkPlus™ Priority Support
»» 3-year ThinkPlus Productivity
(Priority + Online Training + Installation)
»» 3/5-year ThinkPlus Priority
»» 3/5-year ThinkPlus Priority 4 (24x7x4-hour response)
»» 3/5-year ThinkPlus Priority with Hard Disk Drive Retention
»» 3/5-year ThinkPlus Priority 4 (24x7x4-hour response) with Hard Disk Drive Retention
Value-added Services**
• Lenovo Online Backup – a secure, online location to backup 25, 50 or 100 GB of valuable
business data
• On-site Server HW Installation Service
• Online Training – diagnostics, trouble-shooting and managing your server
• Lenovo Professional Services – migration, security, continuity, virtualization and system
1 The 4-hour service is available in select cities only
** Availability may vary by country
TS Series
The Lenovo® ThinkServer™ TS200v Specifications
Model Name – TS200v
• Intel® Core™ i5-670 (3.46GHz / Dual Core /1333 MHz
FSB / 73W / Integrated Graphics)
• Intel® Core™ i5-660 (3.33GHz / Dual Core /1333 MHz
FSB / 73W / Integrated Graphics)
• Intel® Core™ i5-650 (3.20GHz / Dual Core /1333 MHz
FSB / 73W / Integrated Graphics)
• Intel® Core™ i3-540 (3.06GHz / Dual Core /1333 MHz
FSB / 73W / Integrated Graphics)
• Intel® Core™ i3-530 (2.93GHz / Dual Core /1333 MHz
FSB / 73W / Integrated Graphics)
• Intel® Pentium® G6950 (2.80GHz / Dual Core / 1066
MHz FSB / 73 W / Integrated Graphics)
• Intel® Celeron® G1101 (2.26GHz / Dual Core / 1066
MHz FSB / 73W / Integrated Graphics)
Supported Operating Systems
• Windows Server® 2008 Foundations R2
• Windows Server® 2008 Standard Edition R2
• Windows Server® 2008 Enterprise Edition R2
• Windows Server® Small Business Server 2008
Standard (SP2)
• Single Gigabit Ethernet
Storage Bays
• Up to two 3.5" SATA HDDs, non hot-swap, cabled
PCI Slots
• 1 - PCIe x 16 slots
• 1 - PCIe x 1 slot
• 2 - PCI slots
I / O Ports
• 10 x USB 2.0 (2 front, 6 rear, 2 internal)
• 1 x DB9 COM Port (rear)
• 1 x DB-15 VGA Connector (rear)
• 1 x Display Port (rear)
Intel® 3450 chipset offers support for:
Intel® AMT 6.0
Intel® Rapid Storage Technology (RST) 9.5
Intel® AT-p (TDT)
Intel® Quiet System Technology
Integrated MAC
Integrated Graphics Support with PAVP 1.5
• DDR3 unregistered DIMMs
• 4 uDIMM slots
• Intel® Active Management Technology 6.0 (AMT™)
available with Intel® Core™ i5 processors
• Standard Management available with Intel® Celeron®,
Pentium® and Core™ i3 processors
• One fixed non-hot plug, non-redundant 280W
• H = 14.65" (372 mm)
• W = 6.89" (175 mm)
• D = 16.34" (415 mm)
• Max.Weight = 11.2 Kgs / 24.7 lbs
Green Server
• ENERGY STAR® Server 1.0
• Climate Savers®
• Cool and quiet operation
• Built with 65% recycled plastics
Form Factor
• Tower
Machine Type
• 0981, 0992
Noise level
• Idle: 24 dB
• Operating: 28 dB
Optical Drives
The Lenovo® thinkServer™ TS200v Options
DDR3 Memory:
ThinkServer DDR3-1333Mhz Memory
• 67Y1387 1GB 1Rx8 uDIMM
• 67Y1388 2GB 2Rx8 uDIMM
• 67Y1389 4GB 2Rx8 uDIMM
• DDR3 Error Correcting Code (ECC)
• Low-Cost
• High Performance
SATA II 7.2K RPM Hard Drives:
ThinkServer SATA II Hard Drives
• 67Y1400 250GB 7.2K Cabled 3.5-inch SATA HDD
• 67Y1401 500GB 7.2K Cabled 3.5-inch SATA HDD
• 67Y1402 1TB 7.2K Cabled 3.5-inch SATA HDD
• Enterprise Class Reliability
Gigabit Ethernet Networking:
Lenovo Ethernet Adapter
• 67Y1393 Lenovo PRO/1000 PT Dual Port Ethernet
Adapter by Intel®
• Gigabit Ethernet ports for a high performance solution
RDX Backup and Data Deduplication Software:
Lenovo RDX Solutions
67Y1394 160GB Internal USB RDX Bundle
67Y1396 320GB Internal USB RDX Bundle
67Y1398 500GB Internal USB RDX Bundle
67Y1395 160GB RDX Data Cartridge
67Y1397 320GB RDX Data Cartridge
67Y1399 500GB RDX Data Cartridge
• Server Centric Software that takes advantage of MS Exchange and SQL DB
• Data Deduplication that reduces data storage required by 20X
• Rugged and Reliable Data Cartridges for a flexible solution
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