Panasonic KX-FC265 EN

Panasonic KX-FC265 EN
ideas for life Compact Plain Paper Fax
with DECT
Fully Digital Answering System
Dual Digital Speakerphone
Caller ID*!
COM 2 / — В
Multiple Handsets Dual Digital Document
Up To 6** Digital Answering Speakerphone Caller ID*! Memory*2*3 Navigator Key
3 38 - 0123456789 - EN
XL CG == os
The DECT phone represents an entirely new wave of communications with the
digital performance and style you would expect from Panasonic.
Walk and talk in comfort — enjoy a smarter, more convenient communications
In your office and home.
Slim Build,
Smart Capabilities,
Fully Digital Answering System
Stylish Design
Other Features
DECT Phone
№ System remote control from DECT
EM Hands-free speakerphone
E Caller ID ready*!
M 100-station phonebook
EM Backlight LCD screen: 3 lines + 1 line for
symbol marks
This unit answers all your calls, records messages and receives
faxes while you are away. The digital system makes operation
virtually silent and instantaneous.
Digital Speakerphone on Base and Handset
< This system features hands-free speakerphones on base and
handset. You can enjoy clear, natural, two-way conversations on the
digital speakerphone.
mosses, Caller ID*! Ready on Base and Cordless Phone
Te With caller ID compatibility, you can view the name or number of
your incoming callers on the LCD screen before you answer the call.
You can edit and store the caller ID memory, and even print the list
for your records.
E Navigator key for easy operation
EM Automatic telephone/fax switching
Fax (Base Unit]
MN 28-page document memory*2*3
NM Sequential broadcasting [20 locations]
NH Error correction mode (ECM)
EH Enhanced copier function
E Junk fax prohibitor
E 64-level halftones
E Fully digital message recording
M Voice time/day stamp
M Tone remote control system
EH Hands-free speakerphone
E Caller ID ready*
E Caller ID list printout
EH 100-station phonebook
EH Lighted keypad
EM Ringer melody/tone: 10/5 pre-installed
M Conference call
HM Ringer Indicator (LED)
EH Redial memory for latest 10 numbers
EH Multiple handset: support for up to
6 handsets*4
E Multiple language Display
* Operating Instructions: English
* LCD Display (Base): English
* LCD Display (Cordless Handset):
e Voice Function: English
Digital Answering System (Base)
Recording Time (min.]: 15
ICM Recording Time [min.): Greeting only 1, 3
DECT Phone
Frequency Band:
Channel Number: 120 Duplex channels
Phonebook: 100 telephone numbers
Display: Backlight LCD. dots in 3 lines + symbols in 1 line
Caller ID Compatibility: FSK*/DTMF
Multiple Handset: Max. 6 DECT phones**
Ringer Melody/Tone: 10/5 pre-installed
1.88-1.9 GHz
Integrated Telephone System
One-touch Dial: 1-9
Phonebook: 100 telephone numbers
Power Source: AC 220-240 V, 50/60 Hz
Fax (Base Unit) Dimensions (W x D x HJ:
374 mm x 200 mm x 106 mm
Compatibility: ITU-T G3 Base:
Paper Handling: A4 Cordless Handset: 48 mm x 30 mm x 158 mm
Scanning Width: 208 mm Weight:
Resolution: Standard/fine/super fine/photo Base: 2.7 kg
Halftone: 64 levels Cordless Handset: 130 g
9.6 kbps with automatic fallback
Approx. 12 seconds per page*? in ECM-MMR mode
Modem Speed:
Transmission Speed:
Compression System:
Document Memory: Max. 28 pages*?*s
Print Method: Thermal transfer on plain paper
Ink Film: 30 m
Paper Capacity: Max. 20 sheets
Document Feeder: Max. 10 sheets
“1 Requires subscription to fee-based phone company services.
*2 Based on ITU-T No. 1 test chart.
*3 Max. 28 pages for out-of-paper reception. Max. 25 pages for memory transmission.
*4 Specification may vary by country version.
KX-FA52E/FA52A: Replacement Film (30 m x 2 rolls)
Optional Handset
Design and specifications are subject to change without notice. 0M1210TD-KX-FC265CX-LT
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