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Polycom® Video Conferencing
Transport Cases Custom Protection for Durability,
Mobility and Convenience
Polycom custom transport cases keep
your video conferencing hardware safe
and effective on the move.
Whether for disaster relief or company expansion, effective mobile communications cannot be compromised. Polycom offers a variety of convenient
and attractive carrying cases custom designed to protect Polycom video
conferencing systems from variable conditions in the field and on the go.
These sturdy cases keep mission-critical equipment in optimum condition,
ready for use any time.
• Water-jet customised polyethylene foam interior
Resists dirt and moisture; puncture resistant; excellent shock absorption;
superior resistance to vibration and compression
• Secure clasps and double throw latches
Keep cases firmly fastened and most feature clamp locks on three sides
for added security
• Edged casters and extension handle included on most models
Sturdy, fluid rolling mobility
• Custom fit product accommodations
Enhanced stability; easy product loading and unloading
Peace of mind
No matter what the conditions, travellers and field agents can remain focused
and assured that their Polycom hardware remains safe and secure in durable,
reliable, custom-fitted cases.
Find Out More
Learn what Polycom’s Video Conferencing Transport Cases can do for your
organisation. Visit us at www.polycom.com or contact your Polycom
rotection for your investment –
Extend the life of your HDX and
VSX™ systems and reduce the
risk of damage during shipping
Easy and convenient travel –
Each case is custom designed
for mobility and efficiency, fitted
for easy product loading and
unloading, with handles and
wheels for effortless portability
Storage and security – Whether
in transit or simply not in use,
Polycom cases provide hardware with the ideal, tidy and
effective downtime environment
that provides security and protection against light, vibration,
moisture and dust
Polycom Video Conferencing Transport Cases Specifications
Mobile Responder
Transport Case
VSX 7000/7000s/
Transport Case
HDX 8000™, HDX 7000™ and
HDX 6000™ Transport Case
• Water-jet customised polyethylene foam
interior accommodates HDX 8000, HDX
7000 and HDX 6000 systems and peripherals, including one Polycom EagleEye™
HD or EagleEye HD 1080 camera
• Easy-open double throw latches on 3 sides
• Edged casters and extension handle
Exterior Dimensions
• 24.81” L x 19.37” W x 13.87” D
(63 x 49.2 x 35.2 cm)
Interior Dimensions
• 21.37” L x 16.31” W x 12.56” D
(54.3 x 41.4 x 31.9 cm)
Lid Depth
Bottom Depth Total Depth
10.50” 12.56”
(5.2 cm) (26.7 cm) (31.9 cm)
Weight w/Foam
• 26.01 lbs. (11.8 kg)
HDX 4000™ Transport Case
• Water-jet customised polyethylene foam
interior accommodates HDX 4000 system
and peripherals
• Easy-open double throw latches on 3 sides
• Edged casters and extension handle
Exterior Dimensions
• 27.20” L x 27.50” W x 16.30” D
(69.1 x 69.8 x 41.4 cm)
Interior Dimensions
• 23.70” L x 24.00” W x 13.90” D
(60.2 x 60.9 x 35.3 cm)
Lid Depth
Bottom Depth Total Depth
2.00” 11.90” 13.90”
(5.1 cm) (30.2 cm) (35.3 cm)
Weight w/Foam
• 38 lbs. (17.24 kg)
VSX 3000/V700
Transport Case
Mobile Responder Transport Case
• Polyethylene foam interior
• Waterproof seal-tongue and groove closure
fit with polymer o-ring
• Automatic pressure equalization valve to
release built up air pressure
• Black exterior made from copolymer polypropylene
• 2 side folding handles, 1 double wide front
handle, 1 extendable handle
• Dual wheels on a single axle
Exterior Dimensions
• 30.75” W x 20.5” H x 11.75” D
(78.11 x 52 x 29.9 cm)
VSX 7000, VSX 7000s, VSX 6000,
VSX 5000 Transport Case
• Accommodates sub-woofer and cables
• Customised foam interior
• Black exterior
• Suitcase style (no casters)
Exterior Dimensions
• 25.38” W x 17.38” H x 9.75” D
(64.5 x 44.1 x 24.8 cm)
Pricing and Availability
• Most products are available worldwide
through our Channel partners. Products
and specifications are subject to change.
Please contact CPrequests@polycom.com
for most recent pricing and availability.
• Some configurations are listed below. Additional configurations are available upon
Product ID 1676-27233-001
Transport Case for:
HDX 8000/7000/6000
HDX 4000
Mobile Responder
VSX 7000/7000s/
VSX 3000 and V700
Note: This case will not accommodate
VSX Visual Concert™
VSX 3000/V700 Transport Case
• Water-jet cut customised foam interior
• Black exterior
• Easy-open double throw latches on 3 sides
• Edged casters and extension handle
Exterior Dimensions
• 25.75” W x 25.75“ H x 14” D
(65.4 x 65.4 x 35.6 cm)
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