Polycom® SoundStation2™ Product Line
Feature and Benefits
Remarkable Voice Quality. The New Standard in Everyday Conferencing.
With the SoundStation2, Polycom sets the new standard for everyday business conferencing. With truly remarkable
voice quality, a large graphical display*, smart technology, such as Dynamic Noise reduction, and traditional telephone
features, SoundStation2 improves the performance and increases the productivity of everyday conferencing.
Polycom Acoustic Clarity
Remarkable Voice Quality
Dynamic Noise Reduction
Intelligent microphone
Microphone expandability
(EX version only)
Backlit graphical display*
Auxiliary Input/Output Jacks
Single-cord connection to
phone console
Easy to use and install
•Allows natural, interactive two-way conversations (full duplex). Users
don’t have to wait for speakers on the far end to stop talking before
breaking into a conversation
•Users can speak in a normal voice up to ten feet away from the
•More productive calls – no need to repeat yourself
•Three cardioid microphones povide 360-degree coverage so that
everybody in the room can be heard clearly
•Automatically reduces room background noise – from fans, projectors,
heating and air conditioning – for clearer sound and more efficient
•Automatically selects the microphone closest to the person speaking,
eliminating extraneous background noises
•Optional extension microphones increase coverage for larger size
•Convenient, easy access to important call information – phone
number, number called, duration/progress of call and Caller ID
•Familiar, easy to use telephony features – phone book, conferencing,
mute, and hold – eliminate user confusion and need for training
•Applications Port*: Provides connection to other communication
devices, such as a mobile phone for making calls over the mobile
phone networks, and to your computer for making calls over the
•RCA jack: Allows connections to other peripherals, such as an audio
•Eliminates cable clutter on the tabletop
•No training required, connects into any analog phone jack
* Not available on all models.
** SoundStation2 uses a cable that connects to a standard 2.5mm headset connector. If your mobile phone model does not support this type of connection you
will need an adapter (not included).
Connecting the SoundStation2 to a mobile phone is analogous to connecting a headset to a mobile phone. Not all mobile phone models recognize the
SoundStation2 as a headset. For a list of mobile phones that are known to work with the SoundStation2, please consult www.polycom.com.
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