DataDesk Media XL
7.0" - 15.4"
Mobile presentation case for Netbooks/Notebooks and
The mobile office for giving professional presentations at your
customers’ premises! Mobile computing equipment is
protected perfectly by the case’s aluminium construction. The
DataDesk Media XL is lockable and comes with two keys. The
panels onto which the hardware is mounted are milled from
Dibond material and the shell of the case is made from
thermoformed ABS plastic. The Notebook is held in place with
corner supports and fastening pins. These can be adjusted
individually on the Notebook platform to the size of the
Notebook to accommodate Netbooks from 7” upwards to
Notebooks of 15.4” in size whilst in transit. The hinged panels
are also held in place with sash locks. The Velcro pads that
are supplied can be used to hold the power supply units in
place or alternatively the Notebook. The projector panel can
be adjusted to different heights by means of a folding hinge
joint and accommodates the most common projectors with
maximum dimensions of 350 x 245 x 100 mm. This ensures
that the optimum angle can be achieved for presentations. The
projector is fixed onto the projector panel with two Velcro
fasteners, three corner supports and two fastening pins.
Furthermore, flatter projectors can be protected with the
removable foam cushioning in the case lid. This ensures that
your Notebook and projector are held snugly in place inside
the case whilst in transit. The advantage for you: Your
equipment is ready to use at your customers’ premises and
requires no more lengthy setting up!
Two different adaptors (1 x Euro 8 and 2 x Euro 8 with a
protective earth conductor – IBM/ Compaq cable) ensure that
Notebooks from different manufacturers can be connected.
The power connection can be modified for DELL-type power
supply connectors, if required. The power supply unit from the
Notebook and the projector are connected via the 220/230V
IEC power socket on the exterior of the case. The required
power cable is included with your DataDesk Media XL. Space
for mobile accessories is available in the compartment
underneath the Notebook platform.
Art. Nr.: N25508A (silver)
Weight: 6 kg / 13.23 lbs
Dimensions: 640 x 460 x 150 mm / 25.2 x 18.1 x 5.9 inch
For Notebooks up to: 365 x 250 x 40.0 mm / 14.4 x 9.8 x 1.6
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