Sandberg Mini Touchpad Keyboard Nordic

Item no. 630-50 · 5705730630507
Sandberg Mini Touchpad Keyboard Nordic
The Sandberg Mini Touchpad Keyboard combines a wireless keyboard
and mouse in a single compact and handy device. The built-in, userfriendly touchpad takes on all mouse functions such as scroll and
double-click. If your computer is connected to your TV, then you can
sit back on the sofa and navigate your computer completely free of
cables whether you’re surfing on the net, watching a film or doing
something quite different. Insert the USB receiver provided into your
computer and the keyboard is ready to use straight away without
having to install any software.
More information at gives the Touchpad Keyboard their 'Editor's Choice Award' saying:
"A very elegant keyboard. Performed very well. Buttons felt pleasant.
Absolutely worth the money."