HySecurity® surface mount parking wedge

HySecurity® surface mount parking wedge
Wedge Barrier Arm Operator
Ultra Reliable/Low maintenance • Engineered for Millions of cycles • UPS standard HySecurity® surface mount parking wedge
Protect your assets - Crash-engineered FS30 stops a full
size sedan traveling at 30 mph
Surface mount – Easy, quick installation
Highly visible integrated lighted barrier arm and wedge
UPS backup and Solar ready. Operates for over 150 cycles
after AC power loss.*
Easy to configure. Design operation to highly
specific site needs
Straight or articulated arm
Four lane widths
* Actual UPS cycles depend on accessory power draw, frequency of
cycles, battery health, ambient temperature and other conditions.
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HySecurity operators secure the world’s critical
infrastructure and key assets where ultimate reliability
is vital. WedgeSmart DC delivers that same
uncompromising quality to commercial customers,
where ease of use, consistent operation, low
maintenance, long life and high reliability is expected
For easy integration into parking systems,
HySecurity offers a number of parking related relay
options including a Hy8Relay™ which adds eight user
relays to the Smart DC Controller.
HySecurity strives for simplicity. Easy to install.
Easy to configure. Easy to maintain. Easy to
troubleshoot and repair. Your WedgeSmart DC
crash-rated wedge is built to last.
(Smart Touch Analyze & Retrieve Tool)
• Simplifies installation
• Configures gate operation to exact
user needs quickly and easily
• Communicates in real time and
stores faults in a date and time
stamped log
• Simple, quick and inexpensive
Easily configure the operator with 5 tact buttons and a 32 character
display. Faults flash on the display accompanied by an audio sequence
which alerts owner. For the ultimate in security, faults can also be
communicated in real time to the command and control network system.
The 300 event fault log can be downloaded to a laptop computer to
easily troubleshoot random events that appeared days in the past.
WedgeSmart DC™ Models
Lane Widths
Open/Close Time
Arm Full Open Angle
Wedge Design
WedgeSmart DC
WedgeSmart DCS
ASTM F2656 SC40: Small Car, 2,430 lb @ 40 mph (1.1 MT @ 64 km/h)
ASTM F2656 FS30: Full Size Sedan, 4,630 lb @ 30 mph (2.1 MT @ 48 km/h)
9, 10, 12, 14 ft (2.7, 3, 3.7, 4.3 m)
5 seconds up / 5 seconds down
Arm full open angle: Adjustable 90º ± 10º
45° raised position; 21 inch plate height for 9, 10 ft lane width; 18 inch plate height for
12, 14 ft lane width; manual locking mechanism and rotary crank for manual operation
Left or right handing available
Custom aluminum (standard) 9, 10 ft (2.7, 3 m)
Arm Design
Duty Cycle
Uninterrupted Power
Voltage Input
Accessory Power
Temperature Rating
User Controls
Electrical Certification
Articulating arm, combination aluminum-PVC;
7 ft clear/8 ft extended (2.1 m/2.4m)
8 ft clear/10 ft extended (2.4 m/3 m)
9 ft clear/11 ft extended (2.7 m/3.4 m)
Two 12V, 50Ah batteries, Operates for over 150 cycles after AC power loss.*
Field configurable to fail open or secure when batteries deplete.
115VAC, 3A, 60/50 Hz, 208-230VAC, 1.5A, 60/50 Hz
Solar: 24VDC solar panels**
12VDC and 24VDC 1A each
-13º to 158º F (-25º to 70º C)
USB, RS-232, RS-485, Ethernet & fiber option using HyNet™ Gateway accessory
Smart DC Controller with 70+ configurable settings, 32 character LCD display and 5 tact
buttons or a PC using S.T.A.R.T. software.
Two configurable user relays: 30VDC, 3A solid state and 250VAC, 10A
electromechanical. Optional Hy8Relay™ for 8 additional relay outputs
Zinc plated with white powder coating
To achieve ASTM F2656 rating, 3000 psi flat concrete required. 10 inch min. at anchor
strap area. 6 inch min. all other areas. Area under chassis and wedge plate must be
flat within 1/4 inch over entire length.
Control panel certified to UL 508A by ETL
2 years
* Actual UPS cycles depend on accessory power draw, frequency of cycles, battery health, ambient temperature and other
** Solar panels not supplied by HySecurity
• Hy8Relay™ - extended relay module provides
eight additional programmable user relays
• HY-5A intelligent vehicle loop detectors
• HyNet™ Gateway for communicating gate
system and accessory status in real time via
• Photo eye
• Second traffic light for bi-directional lanes
Compatible with most access control, safety, vehicle
detection and other accessories.
for CAD drawings, installation information, technical
manuals, help with custom site requirements or
other support. Visit www.hysecurity.com or call to
speak with a HySecurity representative today.
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