Fujitsu B line Zero Client D602

Datasheet Fujitsu Zero Client D602
Fujitsu Zero Client D602
Maximum flexibility, maximum savings
Zero Client D602
The Zero Client D602 is a revolutionary new way of supplying standard office applications to your
business. As a silent, space-saving front-end device designed for a desktop virtualization environment, the
Zero Client D602 securely and reliably delivers a full desktop experience at a fraction of the normal cost.
Cost efficiency
Zero administration, zero roll-out costs, minimum hardware costs.
„„Centralized data center. Instant connection of devices. No processor, integrated storage or moving
Desktop virtualization
Easy manageability of multiple users. Familiar desktop experience.
„„VMware ESX/ESXi based virtual desktop.
Ultimate security
Protect your business from viruses, data loss and theft.
„„All data is stored in the data center, no local storage on the Zero Client.
Long lifecycle
Zero Client lasts much longer than a normal PC, does not need upgrades.
„„Performance not dependent on Zero Client. Upgrades only need to be performed at the server
Advanced Reliability
Very low failure rate and minimized user downtime thanks to easy and rapid device replacement.
„„Zero Client design with no moving parts.
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Datasheet Fujitsu Zero Client D602
Hardware Savings
„„The Zero Client is the ideal front-end device for environments such as
government, banks, call centers and universities. It acts as a gateway to
a desktop virtualization environment and is made highly cost-effective
through minimized use of components. There is no processor, integrated
storage or moving parts, dramatically reducing costs in comparison to a
traditional PC. Furthermore, the Zero Client is designed to help businesses
save costs throughout its lifetime. Desktop Virtualization helps this happen.
„„Zero Clients are fundamentally more reliable than a standard PC. With
no moving parts, no storage and no software, they are very unlikely to
suffer mechanical failure and cannot be corrupted by viruses or failed
installations. Any faults that develop with the user’s desktop environment
can be quickly solved at the server backend, eliminating the high costs
associated with service call outs. In the unlikely event of hardware failure,
the user does not have to wait for a repair as the Zero Client can be
replaced with a functioning device within minutes, allowing the user to
resume exactly where they left off. The massive reduction in downtime
helps keep a business running at optimum efficiency.
Desktop virtualization
„„With desktop virtualization, all software, drivers and the operating system
are stored on servers, rather than having to be installed on every user’s
machine. This means that large numbers of users can be administered
centrally, with all user information and data maintained in the data center.
This dramatically reduces the time and costs necessary for administering
a large infrastructure. The user’s environment remains unchanged, they
get the same experience as using a normal PC. The IT manager, however,
experiences much greater efficiency. For example, if new software is
required for 50 users, the IT manager only needs to install the software
once centrally and then activate it for the various virtual machines, rather
than having to install it on multiple machines on an individual basis. Hence,
the desktop virtualization model allows businesses to achieve significant
savings of both time and money when managing their IT infrastructure.
„„Hardware redundancy represents a major expense for companies, a
substantial chunk of workload for IT managers and a frustration for users.
With a Zero Client based solution, companies can avoid the costs of
replacing hardware, IT managers no longer have to organize hardware
refreshes and the user has a device that always performs optimally. This is
because the Zero Client has no effect on the speed and responsiveness of
the user’s desktop environment. Should more performance be needed, it is
simply a case of upgrading the server backend, which can be carried out
much more easily than upgrading hundreds of individual PCs. A Zero Client
can hence last much longer than a PC because it will keep functioning with
an evolving desktop environment.
„„In a desktop virtualization environment, all user data is stored centrally.
With the Zero Client acting simply as a gateway, it is possible for a user to
access his desktop environment from any networked Zero Client. What is
more, because the centralized virtual machine is always on, the user can
instantly start from where they were previously, without having to wait for
a machine to start. This gives a company incredible flexibility with their
workforce, as users do not have to transport a PC with them should they
change location. With the appropriate network speed and structure, a user
can even move to another part of the country and maintain access to their
desktop. The instant connection and resumption capability also helps to
increase productivity.
„„The Zero Client itself requires no software installation and virtually no
setup. If all user information is already prepared, it is simply a case of the
Zero Client making the connection to the desktop virtualization server and
then the user is ready to go in minutes. For a large number of Zero Clients
this can reduce the time required for a roll-out from weeks to days. The
user benefits from the minimum downtime when getting a new device, the
company gains from the huge increase in productivity this brings.
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Datasheet Fujitsu Zero Client D602
Ergonomic stand
Height adjust range
Tilt angle
Swivel angle
3-in-1 Stand
110 mm
-5° / +20°
Picture performance
Contrast - typical
Response time typical
Viewing angle (h/v) - typical
Color performance
Brightness - typical
5 ms
170° / 170°
16.7 million colors (Hi-FRC)
250 cd/m2
Size and resolution
Aspect ratio
Diagonal Size
Resolution (native)
Resolution (interpolated)
Picture size
Pixel Pitch
Screen area
Screen resolution
55.9 cm (22-inch)
1680 x 1050 pixel (recommended)
1280 x 1024 pixel, 1024 x 768 pixel, 800 x 600 pixel
474 x 296 mm
0.282 mm
13,01 dm²
1,764 MP
30 - 82 kHz
55 - 75 Hz
Audio output
Interface notes
Input device / components
Input devices (optional)
OSD Setting Options
Brightness / Contrast
Image adjust
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USB 2.0: 3 (thereof 1 x side)
3.5 mm phone jack
No support of isochronous USB devices.
Further USB device limitations may apply.
Laser Mouse CL3500
Mini Optical Mouse
Wireless KB and Mouse Set LX450
Arabic, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish,
Swedish, Turkish
Brightness, Contrast, Black level, Auto level
6500K, Custom Color (R,G,B)
Clock, Phase, H-Position, V-Position
Mute, Volume
Model name, Resolution/mode
Language, OSD-Position, OSD-Timeout, Factory recall
Datasheet Fujitsu Zero Client D602
Power consumption
Stand by
Soft switch off
Operating maximum brightness
4.7 W
0.14 W
27 W
Power supply
Rated voltage range
Rated frequency range
Protection class
100 - 240 V
50 - 60 Hz
UL, FCC Class B
Dimensions / Weight / Environmental
Dimension without stand (W x D x H) 511 x 58 x 343 mm
Dimension with stand (W x D x H)
511 x 212 x 402 mm
Operating ambient temperature
5 - 35°C
Language / keyboard support
Bulgarian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese,
Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Slovak, Swedish, Turkish
Package content
Quickstart flyer, Warranty booklet, Safety booklet
Standard Warranty
3 years (including 1 year software maintenance, optionally renewable thereafter)
Service level
Collect & Return Service (depending on country)
Maintenance and Support Services - the perfect extension
Recommended Service
5x9, Response Time: Next Business Day
Service Weblink
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Datasheet Fujitsu Zero Client D602
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