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HP Bulk Ink Delivery Systems
Build your custom solutions on proven technology
HP bulk ink delivery systems combine design
flexibility with proven inks and components,
allowing OEMs to develop products with a
competitive advantage.
Why choose HP Specialty Printing
Systems (SPS)?
At HP SPS, we provide industry-leading
technology designed to boost your customers’
satisfaction and profitability. Our technology
is uniquely adaptable, helping you easily
address new and diverse market needs. Our
expansive portfolio includes products, supplies,
services, and support to help you deliver
high-performance, reliable, and cost-effective
solutions. By building on the foundation of HP,
you can grow your business today and well into
the future.
Featuring design flexibility
HP engineered our robust, flexible bulk ink delivery systems with advanced features to meet
the needs of high-volume print applications where superior print quality, low cost per copy,
and minimal user intervention are required. This system offers designers the opportunity to
configure almost any combination of HP printheads and HP bulk ink cartridges to achieve the
desired print capability. System components allow for:
•Easy mounting of ink cartridges
•Reliable ink delivery
•Electronic interfacing to the bulk ink cartridge
•Manifold design
•Ink level sensing
Achieve high-quality output on a wide range of substrates. HP’s proven ink portfolio delivers
high-quality text, graphics, and barcodes for applications that span multiple industries.
Delivering high productivity
HP bulk ink delivery systems combine all the great features of HP’s proven inks with robust
flexible bulk ink delivery systems designed to meet the needs of high-volume printing
•Large ink cartridges minimize operator interventions
•Advanced electronic functions enable designers to build in ink level monitors and signals to
provide virtually uninterrupted printing during longer print runs
•Printheads and ink cartridges can be changed independently, minimizing running costs
•Ink cartridges that can be hot swapped, easy-to-replace printheads, and highly reliable
connectors make for a robust system that can maximize uptime
•Modular design enables multiple configurations of printheads and ink cartridges to achieve
a variety of print swaths
Data sheet | HP Bulk Ink Delivery Systems
Gain flexibility with a modular design
HP bulk ink delivery systems give you the flexibility to design the best solution for your
customers—from systems with one ink cartridge feeding a single printhead to an entire
bank of ink cartridges feeding an array of printheads. With each part available independently,
you can easily tailor products to fit a wide set of printing applications, and you can benefit
from quick time-to-market and a high return on investment. Modular design reduces
development costs since large systems can be built up from multiples of a smaller product.
1:1 configuration
Reduce operating costs with bulk ink supplies and independent printheads
With large volume ink supplies up to 350 ml, you can design economical systems with longer
print runs. Large ink cartridges not only reduce the cost of ink per cubic centimeter, but
also require fewer operator interventions to keep a job running. In addition, printheads are
separate from ink cartridges, so part changes have less impact on a running system.
See shorter development time with a full suite of HP components
HP has taken much of the work out of designing a bulk inkjet printing system. This full suite
of components—from specialized pressure regulators and electronic interface boards to
printhead stalls and connectors—enables you to get a print engine up and running quickly.
By offering proven HP reliability, these components can reduce product development time,
as well as investment and tooling costs.
2:4 configuration
Gain versatility with a portfolio of inks compatible with a variety of media
HP’s innovative water-based inks have a proven track record of compatibility with a wide
range of substrates. These water-based inks produce sharp, crisp output without the need
for specialized solvents or chemical handling equipment. Fast drying time provides
high-quality output without transfer or smearing, and without sacrificing print speed.
4:4 configuration
Technical specifications
Bulk ink cartridge
Bulk ink cartridges
600 dpi
Nozzle count
Maximum firing frequency
12 kHz
Approximate drop volume
29 pl
Average delivered ink
Up to 800 ml
Up to 350 ml
Operating conditions
10 to 40° C, 10 to 80% RH
10 to 40° C, 10 to 80% RH
Shipping/storage conditions
10 to 30° C, 5 to 80% RH
Altitude: 0 to 5000 meters
(0 to 16,404 ft)
Orientation: nozzles down
or horizontal; up orientation
requires pressurized system
10 to 30° C, 5 to 80% RH
Altitude: 0 to 5000 meters
(0 to 16,404 ft)
Data sheet | HP Bulk Ink Delivery Systems
Choose the components and configuration
that meet your design objectives
Printhead stall. This printhead stall is specially designed to hold and orient the printhead
in high-performance printing systems. Its flexible design is suitable for a variety of
printhead array configurations, and is appropriate for both stationary and moving printhead
Printhead stall
The stall’s datum and alignment structure provide accurate positioning of the printhead.
This modular component supports a 0.5-inch swath width and 600 dpi thermal inkjet
printing. Printheads can be snapped in and out of the stall for easy replacement.
Pen driver board
Pen driver board. This printed circuit assembly (PCA) provides both the electrical and logical
interface between the host printing system and the printhead. This component is designed to
provide proper operation, proper firing, and protection of the printhead. An application-specific
integrated circuit (ASIC) on the PCA communicates with the host via a serial data interface
and converts configuration and print data into printhead-specific firing signals. Onboard firing
voltage regulation provides consistent firing energy, independent of print density. Firing
energy is programmable to provide optimal printhead performance and life.
Enclosed regulator assembly. This regulator assembly maintains the pressure and ink
flow to the printhead. Because of its small size and enclosed design, it can be mounted and
incorporated easily into any design. With this regulator in place, the bulk ink cartridge can be
mounted some distance from the printhead, and management of backpressure and ink flow
is handled automatically.
Ink connectors. These ink connectors are specially designed to quickly disconnect for easy
system operation. The no-drip design helps maintain a clean operating environment, and
air-tight seals prevent air from entering the system when they are connected or
IDS interface board. This electronic board mounts on the modular ink supply stall
assembly and enables access to ink level sensing and other advanced ink cartridge features.
Each board controls up to four modular ink supply stall assemblies. Incorporating this board
into the design increases printing system functionality and reliability. For example, it can
confirm ink cartridge compatibility, deliver “low ink” warnings, or enable hot swapping of ink
Modular ink supply stall assembly. This component provides easy mounting of the
bulk ink cartridge, as well as proper electrical and mechanical connection every time the
cartridge is changed. When multiple ink cartridges are required, simply snap together as
many modular ink supply stall assemblies as needed.
This convenient module includes everything you need to make all electrical and mechanical
connections to the cartridge.
The modular ink supply stall assembly includes these parts:
ink supply
stall assembly
• ISS connector assembly, which enables electrical connection with the smart chip on
the cartridge
• Ink seal assembly
• Ink stall
Data sheet | HP Bulk Ink Delivery Systems
HP bulk ink portfolio
Product name
Ink type
Product numbers
Bulk ink
350 ml
HP 4500 Black Ink
Sharp, crisp print quality with minimal intervention, on primarily uncoated substrates
•High-quality, sharp, crisp output
•Excellent barcode readability
•Fade and water resistance on a variety of substrates1
Versatile Black Ink
High-speed printing with high optical density and fast dry time on a wide variety of substrates
•Sharp, dark black text with high optical density in a single pass
•Fast dry time and high durability, designed for minimum smearing or transfer
•Print on both coated and uncoated substrates without changing ink
Red Ink
High-quality, water-resistant1 red on a variety of porous substrates
•Bright red impact on a variety of materials and surfaces, even recycled fibers
•Formulated to meet Universal Postal Union guidelines for color and durability3
Blue 2242 Ink
Ideal for mail printing applications that must meet postal authority requirements3
•Bright blue impact for a variety of direct mail applications
•Formulated to meet Universal Postal Union guidelines for color and durability3
•High-quality printing on a variety of mail sizes and thicknesses
Ordering information
Product number
Product description
Product number
Product description
HP OEM Printhead Stall
HP Modular Ink Supply Stall Assembly
HP OEM Pen Driver Board
HP Male Fluid Connector
HP OEM Enclosed Regulator Assembly
HP Female Fluid Connector
HP OEM IDS Interface Board
HP Male Panel Mounted Fluid Connector
Replacement part
HP ISS Connector Assembly
HP Black 4500 Pigment Printhead and Connector Assembly
HP Versatile Black Bulk Printhead and Connector Assembly
HP Non-fluorescent Red Bulk Printhead and Connector Assembly
HP Blue 2242 Pigment Bulk Printhead and Connector Assembly
Bulk ink cartridges (all 350-ml)
HP Black 4500 Pigment Bulk Ink Cartridge
HP Versatile Black 350-ml Bulk Ink Cartridge
HP Non-fluorescent Red 350-ml Bulk Ink Cartridge
HP Blue 2242 Pigment 350-ml Bulk Ink Cartridge
Fade and water-resistance testing by HP Image Permanence Lab. Ink performance may vary based on substrate, printing system,
and environmental conditions. Test the ink in your application to understand true performance.
Dry and oil rub resistant based on internal HP testing.
For countries in which specific color inks are permitted, is formulated to meet country-specific guidelines
as well as Universal Postal Union guidelines for color and durability.
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