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ENCORE ENH924-AUT network switch
24 Port Switch
The device is a powerful, high-performance Fast Ethernet switching hub, with all
24 ports capable of 10 or 100Mbps auto-negotiation operation (NWAY) which
means the switch could automatically negotiate with the connected partners on
the network speed and duplex mode. It is ideal for micro-segmenting large
networks into smaller, connected subnets for improved performance, enabling
the bandwidth demanding multimedia and imaging applications. Moreover, the
10/100Mbps auto-sensing ability provides an easy way to migrate 10Mbps to
100Mbps networks with no pain. Compared to the shared 10Mbps or 100Mbps
networks, the switching hub delivers a dedicated 10/100Mbps connection to
every attached client with no bandwidth congestion issue.
Store-and-forward switching mode promises the low latency plus eliminates all
the network errors, including runt and CRC error packets. To work under fullduplex mode, transmission and reception of the frames can occur simultaneously
without causing collisions as well as double the network bandwidth.
The switching hub is plug-n-play without any software to configure and also fully
compliant with all kinds of network protocols. Moreover, the rich diagnostic LEDs
on the front-panel can provide the operating status of individual port and whole
Complies with 10BASE-T specifications of the IEEE802.3 standard
Complies with 100BASE-TX specifications of the IEEE802.3u standard
Twenty Four RJ-45 ports for 100Base-TX and 10Base-T connectivity
Supports NWAY protocol for speed (10/100Mbps) and duplex mode
(Half/Full) auto-detection
All Ports are Auto MDI/MDI-X auto crossover
Supports full and half duplex operation on all ports
Wire-speed packet filtering and forwarding rate
Store-and-forward architecture filters fragment & CRC error packets
Supports 4K MAC address entries in whole system
768 KB buffer memory
Supports extensive LED indicators for network diagnostics
Internal switching power adapter: 100-240VAC
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