Kids car games - Department of Transport and Main Roads

Kids car games - Department of Transport and Main Roads
Department of Transport and Main Roads
Games for the Kids
Wild weather can mean long delays and changed traffic conditions. Stop the tantrums
before they start by playing these simple and easy car, rail, boat or transport games.
Colour Code - Pick a colour for each sibling,
and over the length of the journey see who
can find the most vehicles in that colour.
Whoever has the most cars in their colour
by the end of the journey wins!
I Spy - Always a classic. One person spies
something and must say ‘I spy with my
little eye… something beginning with [the
letter of the item they’ve discovered]’.
Everyone takes turns trying to guess the
mystery item. Whoever guesses correctly is
then up.
Licence Plate Game – Try to create
sentences with licence plates you see. For
example, 411OTR might be ‘On the road.’
Everyone gets a turn trying to make one up,
the funny/sillier the better!
Tic Tac Toe – For older children, you only
need a piece of paper, pencil and two
players for this classic game. Draw a grid
by drawing a huge hash tag on the page.
The first player writes down an X in one
square. The second writes an O in another
square. Continue taking turns until one
player has three of their icon in a row either
horizontally, diagonally or vertically.
Connect the Dots – Using a sheet of paper
again, draw a grid of dots at equal height
and distance away from each other. Each
person takes a turn to draw a line to
connect two dots, vertically or horizontally,
throughout the grid. Whoever closes a box
with their last line, wins that box and gets
to write their initial inside it. Once all the
dots have been connected, the person with
the most boxes wins.
Great state. Great opportunity.
Scissors, Paper, Rock – Preferably a back
seat game, two players face each other
with their fists behind their back. Recite
out loud ‘Scissors, paper, rock…’, and after
‘rock’ pull out your fists to reveal either two
fingers for scissors, a closed fist for rock or
a flat palm for paper. Scissors beats paper,
rock beats scissors and paper beats rock.
Play a knockout round with multiple people
in the car.
Talk Travel – Going round horizontally
in the car, each person says a city, town
or country, for example ‘Emerald’. The
next person then must say a city, town or
country using the last letter in that word,
for example ‘Darwin’. Places cannot be
repeated twice.
What Will I See at the Zoo? - This memory
game is great for older kids too. The first
person in the car says the line, ‘I’m going
to the zoo and I’m going to see…’ then
adds an animal at the end. The second
person must recite the line, the first
persons animal, then add another animal
at the end. The last player who can recite
every item in order wins. Some alternative
themes may include ‘I’m going on a picnic,
and I’m going to eat [food]’ or ‘I’m going on
a plane, and I’ve packed my [item]’.
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