Vogel's PB 100 flat panel floorstand

Flat display trolley
PB 100
• Max. weight: 50 kg / 110 lbs
• Guarantee: 2 years
• Available colours: Silver
Plasmaboy trolleys are the perfect solution to install LCD or Plasma displays on a mobile base for use on exhibitions, schools or convention and exhibition centres.
Flat display trolley
PB 100
Plasmaboy trolleys are supplied with a variety of options, which include an universal display interface, a number of accessory trays and a handlebar for easy manoeuvring.
The universal display interface strips fit on both, the trolleys PB 175, PB 150 and PB 100 as well as the desk support PB 050. This means that displays can easily and
quickly be moved between mounting locations.
• Basic/ economy model
Logistic information
• Packaging size: 710x1030x85 mm
• Max. weight: 17 kg / 38 lbs
• EAN Code: 8715695200049
Version: 28/05/2010
Subject to printing errors, technical and price amendments.
• 2 accessory trays