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A Series
Windows®. Life without Walls™.
Lenovo® recommends Windows®7.
The Lenovo® ThinkCentre® A70z All-in-One PC
When to sell
Space-saving Features
Designed for Small and Medium Businesses
Optimum space savings
Mess-free cable management
Multiple mounting options
Easy and fast installation
Efficient power savings
Superior performance capability
Affordable portable desktops
Wh0 to sell TO
Target Segment
The ThinkCentre A70z All-in-One PC is designed for small and medium
businesses that require space-saving, energy-efficient and easy-tosetup all-in-one PCs that are free of cable clutter. It is also a great fit to
educational and healthcare customers.
ThinkCentre A70z, top reasons to own
• Comfortably save up to 70% of your
desktop space1
• Neatly organize your workspace with
clutter-free cable management
• Boot up in under 35 seconds with Windows®7
• Easily access and upgrade the hard disk
and memory
• Save $65 on your Power Bill per year2
• Flexibly mount PCs with multiple VESA
mounts (optional)
• Conveniently move your PC using an ergonomic handle
• Consolidated desktop and monitor in a
single unit
• Slim form factor—62-mm thickness
• Up to 70% space saving over a traditional
desktop with a monitor
• 3 mount options—VESA mount
• Neat cable design
Convenience Features
• Boot up in under 35 seconds with
• Easy access, upgrade and service of hard
disk and memory
• Handle for easy portability
• Kensington lock secures chassis—
provides extra physical security
• Software security—USB BIOS disable,
Computrace BIOS support, Online Backup
and Norton AntiVirus
• Legacy software compatible
Green Eco-friendly Features
Energy Star® 5.0 compliant
Save $65 on your Power Bill per year2
Reusable shopping bag
Reduced packaging equivalent to 250
Paper Cups & 139 Plastic Bags per box3
• Power Manager
Lenovo Enhanced Experience
for Windows®7.
Fast. Secure. Built for Business.
Discover a better way of doing business with the new Lenovo
Enhanced Experience for Windows®7 on Think PCs. Faster, more
durable and greener Think PCs are optimized for Windows®7
to deliver improved ease of use. It enhances productivity and
foolproof security that your business cannot do without.
1 Compared to ThinkCentre A58 Tower plus 19” Wide LCD monitor.
2. Compared to your 3 year old replacement PC (ThinkCentre A52) + monitor
(ThinkVision E74) without Power Manager. Idle with Screen on. Energy price:
$0.103/kWh, Energy Information Administration, Annual Energy Outlook 2009
(Early Release) edition
3 Compared to Tower + 19” Wide LCD Packaging.
A Series
Windows®. Life without Walls™.
Lenovo® recommends Windows®7.
• Base Warranty Support: Provides the Lenovo standard award-winning service and support
• Warranty Upgrades and Extensions: Protects investment, time and money with the
enhanced service-level upgrade (e.g. NBD onsite) and term extension
• Priority Support for Business: Provides technical support for the business—expands
existing IT capabilities with fast access to 24x7 advanced level technical support
• Keep your Hard Drive: Allows the end-user to retain the hard drive if it fails and hence
protects data from falling into the wrong hands
• Lenovo Online Backup: Provides secure, encrypted and offsite storage of customer’s data
The Lenovo® ThinkCentre® A70z All-in-One PC
Comparison with competitors
ThinkCentre A70z All-in-One PC offers:
Supports up to Intel Core™2 Duo processor
Genuine Windows®7 Home or
Genuine Windows®7 Professional preloaded
2 DIMM slots with 4GB maximum memory
Supports up to 500GB SATA HDD
Supports SATA slim DVD-ROM and Rambo
6 USB ports (3 side and 3 rear) and a serial port
Integrated DX10 graphics card
Space saving PC with a slim form factor of 62-mm thickness
Green Energy Star® 5.0 compliant PC
Easy mobility with the ergonomic handle
Ergonomically designed front-positioned Power button and speaker
Anti-theft Kensington lock
1.3 MP Webcam and integrated microphone (optional)
WIFI (optional)
Better space-saving options—slimmer All-in-One PCs and more mounting options
Faster serviceability—easy-to-open chassis
More convenience—fast, easy setup and ergonomically located power button
Greener features—reusable shopping bag and minimal packaging
Greater security with the Kensington lock and the Computrace support
Comparison with the IdeaCentre™ C300 All-in-One desktop
ThinkCentre A70z All-in-One PC offers:
Improved graphics experience
Widescreen LCD display
ThinkCentre A preloads (System Update and Product Recovery)
Physical security with a Kensington lock (also locks Chassis)
VESA mount options
Comparison with the ThinkCentre A62 and A58e desktops
ThinkCentre A70z All-in-One PC offers:
• A slim, space-saving design
• All-in-One PC
Windows®. Life without Walls™.
Lenovo® recommends Windows®7.
Customers need a space-saving All-in-One PC with clutter-free
cable management
The ThinkCentre® A70z All-in-One PC offers an integrated LCD
monitor with a CPU, in a small form factor (62-mm thickness). Neatly
managed cables and multiple mounting options save space and give
the workspace an elegant, neat, and compact look.
Customers need easy serviceability and upgrading of hard
disks and memory
The ThinkCentre A70z All-in-One PC offers easy-to-service features
with only two screws to open the chassis and the end user’s access
to the hard disk and memory allows easy upgrades.
Customers require easily serviceable All-in-One PCs
The ThinkCentre A70z All-in-One PC is easier to service than the
Dell Vostro 320 All-in-One PC, as the chassis can be opened by
removing two screws.
Customers require more expandability options for their
All-in-One PC
Although, All-in-One PCs have limited expandability options as
compared to traditional desktops, the ThinkCentre A70z All-in-One
PC offers easy access and upgrade of the hard disk and memory.
Customers need an elegant and modern-looking workspace
The ThinkCentre A70z All-in-One PC offers a stylish and elegant
PC with multiple mounting options that give a modern look to the
workspace. The clutter-free cable design maximizes the workspace
giving more convenience without compromising on serviceability and
Customers need an energy-efficient All-in-One PC
The ThinkCentre A70z All-in-One PC is now greener with a 19” W
LCD monitor (16:10 ratio) and a Lenovo Power Manager that helps
save on electricity. Lenovo offers the All-in-One PC in a reusable
shopping bag with less packaging.
Customers need an affordable All-in-One PC
The ThinkCentre A70z All-in-One PC suites the limited budget SMB,
without compromising neither the PC’s performance nor employee
Customers need a dynamic working environment
The ThinkCentre A70z All-in-One PC is easy and fast to setup as
compared to a traditional desktop and the ergonomic handle allows
easy PC portability giving the end-user the advantage of a mobile
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