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KX Driver Color Optimizer - KYOCERA Document Solutions

KX Driver Color Optimizer

User Guide

Color Optimizer Overview

The Color Optimizer is a plug-in developed for the KX Driver. The objective of the Color Optimizer is to help the End

User sample and select from a variety of color shades that best match the target color on the document to be printed. The End User will be provided with a color matrix that will help them to modify one color that he/she chooses for a given print job from an application open on the desktop. The color optimizer will modify the value of

Hue and Lightness for the selected color that will be used to overwrite the KX Driver custom color settings. The plugin will be available as a Microsoft Windows DLL that can be installed with the help of the KX Driver Post Installer. It will be shown as an icon in the "Advanced Tab" of the printing preferences.

Operating System



Intel Pentium® III processor, 600 megahertz (MHz) or faster

At least 256 megabytes (MB) of dedicated random-access memory (RAM) At least 500 MB of available hard-disk space

A properly installed and configured network interface card using TCP/IP protocol

KX Driver and Color Optimizer Version

The latest version of the Color Optimizer is The DLL can be installed and is available only for the KX

Driver versions 4.2.1515a5 and above for Windows XP and 2000. For Windows Vista the KX Driver version needs to be 4.3.0405 or above.


Installation of Color Optimizer

The following are the steps to install the Color Optimizer using the plug-in installer.

1. Click the PlunInst.exe file, the Plug-in Installation Wizard will launch and display the Welcome to the

Plug-in Installation Wizard screen. Click on the Next button to proceed with the installation. click on the Next button to proceed with the install.


Installation of Color Optimizer (continued)

proceed with the install.


Installation of Color Optimizer (continued)

5. If an older version of the DLL is already present in the Windows Systems folder the following message will appear. Click the Yes button if you want to overwrite the older version. If you click the No, the installer will not install the Color Optimizer on your driver. plug-ins or you may select No to close the Plug-in Installation Wizard and complete your Color Optimizer

Plug-in installation. that you select Yes, restart now (recommended) and then click on the Finish button.

NOTE: If you have multiple color printers installed and wish to update all of the drivers choose Yes in step # 6 and repeat the process for the other desired printers.


Installation of Color Optimizer (continued)

8. Once the computer is restarted the user will see the Color Optimizer plug-in appear in the Advanced

Tab of the appropriate driver.

Installation of the Color Optimizer in Client/Server environment

Print Server must meet the following guidelines:

1. Install the KX Print Driver ( or later) the Print Server, and disable the sharing of the printer, so the

Color Optimizer Plug-In may be installed.

2. Run the installer following the prescribed measures outlined in this document, under Installing the Color

Optimizer and Restart the Print Server.

3. Enable the sharing of the printer.

Client must meet the following guidelines:

1. Disconnect/Uninstall any driver from the Print Server.

2. Browse to the Print Server and Reconnect/Install the KX Print Driver.


The Color Optimizer DLL can also be added to the KX Driver from the About Button on the Device Settings Tab in the Printer properties. The Color Optimizer plug-in will then appear as an icon on the Advanced Tab in the printing preferences.


Setting Permissions for Color Optimizer

In the client/server environment for the Color Optimizer to work, the Manage Printer permissions must be enabled under the Everyone group. This can be done through the Printer Driver Properties under the Security tab. Please contact your network administrator to enable these permissions.

KPDL Passthrough Mode Settings

The Color Optimizer Plug-in does not support Passthrough mode. So if you are using the KPDL PDL, please deselect (turn off) the Allow data Passthrough setting. Which can be accessed through the print driver

Properties>Device Settings>PDL Settings>Settings.


Using the Color Optimizer

The Color Optimizer utility is a dialog-based application which can be accessed under the Advanced tab of the

Printing Preferences in the print driver properties..

1. From the application select File>Print (Ctrl+P). This will display the Print dialogue box.

Click Here


Using the Color Optimizer (continued)

From the Advanced Tab select

Color Optimizer


Using the Color Optimizer (continued)

and release or drop the Color Dropper.

Click and Hold the Color Dropper.

Drag it over the top of the desired color and release.


Using the Color Optimizer (continued)

6. The accepted color will be reflected in the Color Selector box of the Color Optimizer dialogue box.

The accepted color is reflected in the Color Selector Section


Using the Color Optimizer (continued)

7. Click on the Print Color Table to print out the Color Optimizer Table which will show 121 different shades of the color you selected. You can “fine” tune the color by matching your desired color to a color swatch on the printed Color Optimizer Table. Using the number below the color swatch, click on that number with the Color

Selection of the Color Optimizer dialogue box.

Select the color swatch from the Color

Optimizer table which matches your desired color, and click on the number within the

Color Selection grid of the Color Optimizer.


Color Optimizer GUI Differences

There are two versions of the Color Optimizer GUI, one is available specifically for the KM-C2525, C3225, C3232 and C4035 products and the other is found in the remaining support product line. The differences are related to the Color Reproduction settings summarized below.

KM-C2525, C3225, C3232 and C4035 Color Standard Color Optimizer GUI

KM-C2525, C3225, C3232 and C4035 Color


• Printer Settings

• Text and Graphics

• Text and Photos

• Vivid Colors

• Publications

• Line Art

Standard Color Reproduction

• Monitor

• Vivid

• Black Only

• 4-Color


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