Philips Hair clipper QC5115

Hair clipper
Easy, precise, reliable
With adjustable comb
This hair clipper offers a perfectly even haircut in a very easy way. The integrated comb
is adjustable, so all hair lengths can be achieved without changing a comb. No
maintenance is needed - oiling is not necessary.
Best performance that feels great
• Rounded blades and combs prevent scratching the skin
• High precision length settings (intervals of 2mm)
Brings maximum ease of use
• Compact and lightweight for easy and less-tiring handling
Create the look you want
• 10 secured length settings up to 21mm
Provides optimal power
• Corded use only for continuous power
The look you want without changing combs
• Adjustable comb for all length settings without hassle
Hair clipper
With adjustable comb
Rounded blades and combs
Adjustable comb
Cutting system
Cutter width: 41 mm
Number of length settings: 10
Range of length settings: up to 21 mm
Precision (size of steps): by 2 mm
Self-sharpening stainless steel blades
Cutting element: Stainless steel blades
Comb type: Regular
Rounded tips: Skin friendly
Ease of use
• Maintenance free - No Oil need
Power system
• Usage: Corded only
The blades and the tips of the comb are rounded to
prevent scratching the skin during operation.
Compact and lightweight
Compact and lightweight for easy and less-tiring
The clipper has an integrated comb that can be
adjusted by simply pushing it. A total of 10 length
settings are available for hair lengths up to 21mm.
High precision length settings
• Shape: Ergonomic
• Cleaning brush
Corded use only
• 2-year worldwide guarantee
The length settings are in 2mm intervals, for optimal
Corded use only for continuous power
10 secured length settings
Select and locks your desired length within a
versatile range of possible lengths.
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