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Hair clipper
Corded operation only
Easy, precise, reliable
This hair clipper offers a perfectly even haircut in a very easy way. The integrated comb
is adjustable, so all hair lengths can be achieved without changing a comb. No
maintenance is needed - oiling is not necessary.
Best performance that feels great
• Rounded blades and combs prevent scratching the skin
Provides optimal power
• Corded use only for continuous power
Create the look you want
• 10 secured length settings up to 21mm
Hair clipper
Corded operation only
Cutting system
Power system
• Cleaning brush
• Lubrication: Blades need no oiling
• Cutter width: 40 mm
• Corded operation: Corded operation only
Rounded blades and combs
The high performance cutting element and guide
have rounded tips and improved gliding surface
developed to be gentle on your skin.
10 secured length settings
Select and locks your desired length within a
versatile range of possible lengths.
Corded use only
Corded use only for continuous power
Issue date 2012-01-20
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