Digi Passport®
Integrated Console Server
The Digi Passport offers secure, reliable in- and out-ofband management for servers, routers, switches, firewalls
and other network devices.
The Digi Passport provides secure remote access for computer
systems and network equipment. It supports serial console
connections, service processor connections to the leading server
vendors, as well as SMASH extensions to network-based
access protocols. Capable of communicating with virtually any
server or device, the Digi Passport is ideal for cross-platform
equipment support.
Digi’s freeKVM™ allows secure access to a system’s BIOS, OS and graphical desktop from a single interface. Users can manage multiple servers without the cost or complexity of
most KVM over IP solutions.
Automatic Device Recognition auto-configures attached
devices and populates the Title page with device details. It also
monitors the ports and sends alerts for disconnected or down
The Digi Passport, used in conjunction with the Digi
Remote Power Manager, offers comprehensive infrastructure
management. Users can remotely power on/off connected
devices, reboot servers, and receive notifications of changes in
power usage, temperature readings, system reboots and more.
Application Highlight
X Window
Primary Ethernet
Backup Ethernet
Digi Passport®
Serial, ALOM, DRAC, iLO,
ILOM, IPMI, Phantom/Roamer
Sun Server
Server 2003
Linux Server
• Supports all common operating systems including Linux®, Windows Server® 2003, Mac OS® X, Solaris®, UNIX, • SSH and SSL/TLS ensure secure connections
• Port buffering/logging for detailed troubleshooting
Related Products
• Secure clustering allows multi-server access via one IP address
• Advanced customizable scripting
• Dual Ethernet and optional dual power provide redundant connectivity and power
Digi Passport® I-KVM
Digi CM™
Digi Remote Power Manager
• IPv4/IPv6 dual stack
• Configurable email/pager alerts and SNMP traps
Digi Passport® 4
Digi Passport® 8
Digi Passport® 16/32/48
RADIUS, TACACS+, Secure LDAP*, Active Directory* and Kerberos
SSH server/client; SSL; IP filtering; Data capture via port buffering and logging (syslog-ng and NFSv3)
Command Line; Web (HTTP*/HTTPS); SNMPv3; PPP; RIP; Multi-level menuing; Port triggers, alerts and SNMP traps
Operating Systems
Embedded Linux (Linux Kernel 2.6.12 Distribution)
Programming Language
Perl scripting for advanced log searching and alerting*
Straight-through CAT5 cables for serial and Ethernet connections
Port Access
HTTPS/HTTP*, SSH/Telnet* to a customizable menu; SSH/Telnet* directly to the port by name, port specific socket or specified IP
number per port; Multiple users per port; Simultaneous SSH sessions on all ports
Supported PC Cards
PCMCIA/CF memory cards*, Wireless LAN adapter (802.11b)*, Ethernet LAN adapter*, PSTN/CDMA modem card*
Supported Remote Power Management Controllers
Digi Remote Power Manager, BayTech, Server Technology
Supported Service Processor
ALOM, DRAC, iLO, ILOM, IPMI v2.0, Phantom/Roamer, (SMASH extensions supported)
Rack Mount
Dimensions (L x W x H)
19” rack mount kit included
8.00 in x 6.20 in x 1.10 in
(20.30 cm x 15.50 cm x 2.90 cm)
17.50 in x 8.00 in x 1.80 in
(44.30 cm x 20.30 cm x 4.40 cm)
17.50 in x 10.00 in x 1.80 in
(44.30 cm x 25.30 cm x 4.40 cm)
2.06 lb (0.94 kg)
5.19 lb (2.28 kg)
16-port: 6.09 lb (2.78 kg); 32-port: 6.23
lb (2.85 kg); 48-port: 6.48 lb (2.96 kg);
Dual power models: add 0.20 lb
4 RJ-45 RS-232
8 RJ-45 RS-232
16, 32 or 48 RJ-45 RS-232
Serial Ports
Console Ports
1 RJ-45 RS-232
Ethernet Ports
2 RJ-45 10/100Base-T
USB Ports
1 USB 2.0
PC Card Slot
One 16-bit PCMCIA
External 5V, 4A adaptor
Internal 100-240VAC, 50/60 Hz,
0.37A max, 15W (power output side)
Power Requirements
Power Supply
Power Supply MTBF
11 years
Operating Temperature
0º C to 50º C (32º F to 122º F)
Storage Temperature
-30º C to +60º C (-20º F to +140º F)
Regulatory Approvals
UL 1950, EN60950
CE, FCC Part 15 (Class A), EN55024, EN55022 (Class A)
RoHS Compliant
*● Not supported in FIPS models
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