Variants - What`s Your Game

Variants - What`s Your Game
Each variant may be used independently. Players should agree before starting the
game if they want to use one or more of the variants. All other rules still apply.
Open gates
If all the cities are full (i.e. There are no empty slots in all cities), the player can
still perform the Marriage action (paying 4 Florins as dowry) and the Diplomatic
Mission action (placing a meeple of rank 4) with the following changes:
1) The meeple goes back to the player’s general stock.
2) The player scores the VP as normal for the Career slot or the paid dowry, but does
not take the Alliance tile.
A shorter season
The game lasts 6 rounds, instead of 7.
During the Initial Preparation,
do not place a reward tile on the
leftmost slot.
1st round‘s
There are now 6 tiles in the reward
area; one for each round of the
game, going from left to right.
Private messages
When a player performs an “Assignment Action”, flip the chosen
Assignment tile face down.
This means that each Assignment tile may only be used once per
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