Guide to Operating a Thermometer
Tips for Operating
a Food Thermometer
To accurately monitor the temperature of frozen and refrigerated
food during transport, use a food thermometer that registers
temperatures from 0° to about 60° F (-18° to about 16° C). Your
food rescue agency can advise you on the type of thermometer to
Thoroughly clean your thermometer prior to and after each use.
To measure food temperature, carefully place the thermometer
between bags of food to avoid puncturing the bags, thus
introducing the risk of cross-contamination.
To obtain an accurate reading, avoid placing the thermometer
next to or touching a freezer pack. Do not hold or touch the
thermometer during the measurement to avoid increasing the
temperature reading with your body heat.
Thermometer accuracy can be damaged by shock or temperature
extremes. To check its accuracy, immerse the thermometer stem
in at least 2 inches of ice water. If the thermometer does not read
32° F or 0° C (the temperature of ice water), follow the
manufacturer’s instructions to adjust (recalibrate) the thermometer
to read within 1° of 32° F (0° C).
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