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Trapeze Networks Training Description: TNIAM
September, 2008
Course Title:
Trapeze Networks Installation, Administration and Maintenance (TNIAM)
Course Number:
This is a 4-day technical training course on the Trapeze Networks Mobility System that is
required for certification. The course is designed to give field and support engineers a
high level of technical competence with the Trapeze Networks Mobility System.
We begin by giving a detailed look at the Mobility System architecture and move on to
describe a framework for planning the deployment of a Mobility System installation. The
course covers the RF planning capabilities of the RingMaster SW and we describe how
to configure MXs (switches) through the CLI to make them manageable from RingMaster,
then go on to describe system and service configuration using that SW. The course
describes a secure, enterprise-grade employee service in detail and introduces other
service options (Web Portal login, voice services, open access). We look at integration
issues with the back-end AAA, DNS and DHCP servers and show how to use the
RingMaster SW to monitor, manage and report on the deployed network. RF optimization
is also described to ensure that RingMaster has the most accurate model of the RF
The course uses a combination of lecture, practical and group exercises to ensure a high
level of hands-on experience with Trapeze Networks HW and SW components.
Course Outline:
An understanding of TCP/IP networking (e.g. from the TNINT course)
An understanding of 802.11 WLAN concepts (e.g. from the TNIWL course)
Familiarity with AAA concepts and RADIUS
Introduction to Trapeze networks and the Mobility System
The Mobility System Architecture
Mobility System Project Planning
Planning RF coverage with RingMaster
Installing and configuring Trapeze Networks MXs
Configuring services on a Trapeze Networks infrastructure
Troubleshooting wireless connectivity
Monitor, Manage and Report from the RingMaster console
Other Topics
o RF Optimization
o AAA Server Integration
o SmartPass for Guest Access
o Mesh Services
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Customers & Channel Partners:
Toll-free at 866.TRPZ.TAC (866.877.2922)
or at +1 925.474.2400
End Users:
Contact your local Trapeze Networks Reseller.
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Trapeze Networks Training Description: TNIAM
Detailed Course Schedule:
Day 1 (13:30–17:30):
Welcome, introductions & admin
Architectural Basics
Web Quickstart exercise
Advanced Architecture
Day 2 (09:00–17:00)
RingMaster Installation & Licensing
Mobility System deployment project framework
Project Phase I – Data gathering & initial site visit
Project Phase II – RingMaster planning with RingMaster planning exercise
Project Phase III – HW installation with CLI Quickstart exercise
RF Optimization
Day 3 (09:00–17:00)
Review quiz
Project Phase IV – Service configuration with service configuration exercises
• PEAP-MSCHAPv2 Offload, self-signed certificates
• PEAP-MSCHAPv2 Offload, CA certificates
• PEAP-MSCHAPv2 Passthrough
Troubleshooting Services
SmartPass for Guest Access
Project Phase V
• Monitoring
Day 4 (09:00–17:00)
Project Phase V
• Management & reporting
Review test
Group Exercises
• Employee & Guest Services
• Web Portal Services
• Supporting Voice Services
• Roaming & Cluster
• Local Switching
• Domain Policies
• RF Snoop
• 3rd Party AP Integration
• Monitoring, Management & Reporting
• WebView Configuration
• CLI Service Configuration
• Mesh Services
Day 5 (09:00–12:30)
Network Integration
Group presentations
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