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Trapeze Networks Training Description: TNAPA
September, 2008
Course Title:
Trapeze Networks Advance Planning and Administration (TNAPA)
Course Number:
This is a three day advanced training course on the Trapeze Networks Mobility System,
the first two days consist of core material and a core exercise, while on the 3rd day
students can select from a series of follow on exercise. The course is designed to build
on skills learned on the TNIAM course and take you to the next level of expertise as a
tech-support, field, or sales engineer.
The course first describes ‘best practices guidelines’ for planning an enterprise wide
Trapeze Networks Mobility System with its flexible Domain architecture. The course then
‘best practices’ for advanced security and examines issues when deploying Voice and
Mesh services. The course concludes with Advanced Troubleshooting recommendations.
The core exercise is designed to provide maximum exposure to the full feature set of the
Trapeze Networks Mobility System. The exercise includes:
• Planning RF coverage for a multi-site installation that includes a building with
multiple floors.
• Configuring Trapeze Networks Mobility and Network Domains and a Cluster.
• Configuring and implementing multiple wireless services.
• Deploying and troubleshooting all configurations.
• System and client testing.
• Configuring a RADIUS server to support users and services.
The 3rd day of the course allows students to focus on specific advanced features of the
Trapeze Mobility System. The current advance features available are:
• Configuring voice services
• Configuring Mesh Services
• Branch Office solution using the Drop-Ship feature of the MXR-2.
• Branch Office solution using the NAT traversal capability.
• Scripted Troubleshooting
Course Outline:
TNIAM Course
3-6 Months hands-on experience with Trapeze Networks HW/SW
Domain Planning
Deployment and Configuration Options
Wireless LAN Security Issues
Supporting Voice Services
Mesh Services
Advanced Troubleshooting
Core Exercise, Follow-on Exercises
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