Hi-Speed USB 2.0
Active Cable
A Male / B Male, 11.0 m (36 ft.)
Easily overcome distance limitations to connect USB devices.
Use the MANHATTAN Hi-Speed USB 2.0 Active Cable to connect a computer USB port to
a USB printer or other B-male device almost anywhere in the room. This single, non-daisychainable cable extension provides a convenient, uninterrupted 11 m (36 ft.) connection.
Meets USB Standards
MANHATTAN Hi-Speed USB 2.0 Active Cable with built-it repeater is fully compliant with USB
1.1 and Hi-Speed USB 2.0 specifications to help devices operate at maximum performance
Quick and Easy Installation
Plug and Play capability, Windows/Macintosh versatility and no external power or driver
requirements help provide greater flexibility in computer and peripheral placement and
office layout.
Lifetime Warranty
Strict manufacturing standards ensure the highest quality in all MANHATTAN
products. All items carry a full Lifetime Warranty — the strongest quality
commitment anyone can make.
Extends and boosts the signal to any USB device – supports data transfer speeds up to 480 Mbps
Built-in repeater helps maintain Hi-Speed USB 2.0 signal quality, electrical and timing specifications
Overcomes the 5 m (16 ft.) USB distance limitation – ideal for
connecting most USB printers
Provides a single, nondaisy-chainable extension for maximum
distance of 11 m (36 ft.)
Plug and Play; Windows and Mac compatible – bus-powered
requires no external power supply
Lifetime Warranty
Standards and
• CE
• USB 1.0
• USB 1.1
• USB 2.0
• A-type male
• B-type male
• Throughput: 480 Mbps
• Bus powered
• Max. length: 11 m (36 ft.)
• All USB-supported operating systems
• 5.75 x 3.1 x 2.5 cm (2.25 x 1.25 x 1 in.)
• Length: 11.0 m (36 ft.)
• Weight: 432 g (15.2 oz.)
Package contents
• Hi-Speed USB 2.0 Active Cable
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