Multi-Card Reader/Writer
Hi-Speed USB 2.0, Slim, 80-in-1
Take a digital content management center
almost anywhere.
Compatible with 80 card formats, the MANHATTAN Multi-Card Reader/Writer lets you easily
download and transfer digital images across many of today’s popular flash memory card formats.
It’s compatible with CompactFlash, Memory Stick, Secure Digital, MultiMedia and XD without the
need for an external power supply, cables or card adapter for portable use.
Convenience without the Media Device
Its USB mass-storage functionality easily archives picture, music, video and personal data files
without directly connecting the media device to the computer. The MANHATTAN Multi-Card
Reader/Writer helps conserve media device battery power by eliminating the need for a direct
connection to the PC.
Lifetime Warranty
Strict manufacturing standards ensure the highest quality in all INTELLINET
NETWORK SOLUTIONS products. All items carry a full Lifetime Warranty —
the strongest quality commitment anyone can make.
• Easily access media and manage content
almost anywhere
• Includes slot-to-slot read/write/copy and USB mass
storage capabilities
• Compatible with CompactFlash, Microdrive,
Magicstor, Memory Stick, MagicGate,
SecureDigital, MultiMedia, SmartMedia, XD and
TransFlash — no power supplies or adapters
• Supports automatic card detection and data transfer
speeds up to 480 Mbps
• Eliminates need for direct connection of media
device to save battery power
• Windows and Mac compatible — hot swappable,
Plug and Play
• Supports CompactFlash Type I
/ II, CF 4.0, CF Alpha, CF Elite
Pro, CF PRO I / II, CF Turbo,
CF Ultima I / II, CF UltraX, CFPSP II, Extreme I / III / IV CF,
Platinum II CF, ProMax CF / CF
II, Ultra II CF, IBM / Hitachi /
Seagate Microdrive, MagicStor,
MagicGate, MagicGate PRO,
MagicGate Duo, High Speed
Memory Stick PRO Duo, High
Speed MagicGate PRO Duo,
High Speed MagicGate PRO,
Memory Stick, Memory Stick
Duo, Memory Stick Extreme III
PRO, Memory Stick Extreme
III PRO Duo, Memory Stick
Extreme PRO, Memory Stick
Micro Media (M2), Memory
Stick PRO Duo, Memory Stick
PRO Duo PSP, Memory Stick
Ultra II PRO, Memory Stick
Ultra II PRO Duo, Gaming
Edition Memory Stick PRO Duo,
SecureDigital (SD), Elite Pro SD,
Extreme III SD, Gaming Edition
SD, microSD / TransFlash,
microSDHC, miniSD, miniSD
Ultra II, miniSDHC, miniSD-Pro,
Platinum II SD, SD Pro, SDHC,
SD-Max, SD-Pleomax, SD-Pro
C, Super SD, Turbo SD, Ultima
I SD, Ultima II SD, Ultimate SD,
Ultra High Speed SD, Ultra II
SD, Ultra II SD Plus, Ultra SD,
Ultra-X SD, MMC / MMC 4.0,
DV-RS MMC, High Speed MMC
/ RS-MMC, MCCmobile, MMC
Pro, MMCplus, MMCplus Turbo,
RS-MMC and XD 1.21/Type
M/Type H
Flash memory card slots: (5)
LED indicators: (1) power and (5)
activity indicators
10 x 2.5 x 1.3 cm (4 x 1 x 0.5
in.); 34 g (1.2 oz.)
USB cable: 11.5 cm (4.5 in.)
Compatible with Windows
2000/XP/Vista and Mac OS
Package Contents
• Multi-Card Reader
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