Digitus | DN-15018-1 | Datasheet | Digitus 300N Powerline Access Point

DIGITUS High-Speed
300N Powerline Access
EAN 4016032276524
This product features a wireless LAN access
point and a Powerline adapter in a single
device! It offers numerous and flexible
opportunities to create or extend a local /
in-house network by making wireless LAN
available even in distant parts of your house.
Plug and play - this device can easily be
installed as an extension of your existing
in-house power supply system - there is no need
to reinstall your cable system! This device turns
every wall socket in your house into a wireless
access point, connecting it with the internet or a
local network!
Logistical Information
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300 Mbps wireless LAN access point
200 Mbps Powerline adapter
Highest security features due to the support of all common encryption methods
Extention of existing wireless LAN networks featured by the WDS Repeater mode
Compliant with Wireless LAN IEEE 802.11b/g/n standards
Provides 128-bit AES Link Encryption with key management for secure Powerline
Integrated enhanced Quality of Service (QoS) features
Web user interface (remote configuration)
Supports WPS - Push button for auto connection to the network (Adapter must
support this feature)
Particularly compact shape - no larger than a plug-in power adapter
Compliant to the Home Plug AV standard
Also suitable for game consoles with Ethernet connection
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