The IP-based GSM telemetry solution with camera interface and on

The IP-based GSM telemetry solution with camera interface and on
The IP-based GSM telemetry solution with
camera interface and on-board web server application
Technical Parameters:
Easy configuration
and control
via SMS or internet
Pictures via e-mail
2 digital inputs
2 digital control outputs (6A at
max. 230V)
Internal 14 Pin connector
(terminal block)
2 alarm messages via SMS or
5 alarm SMS and E-mail
1 output can be controlled via
toll-free phone call
Up to several hundred users
6 LED‘s for status information
Compact telemetry device with water-protected housing for professional
use with camera interface sending photos via e-mail in alarm situations
or on request. The camera is available as a Telic accessory.
The web server application enables you to configure the STD32 online
via the internet (standard browsers such as Firefox or Internet Explorer)
as well as to trigger a photo from the connected camera.
Use your mobile phone to receive up to two individual alarm messages
via SMS in case the alarm system has been triggered.
You can configure up to 5 different people who should be informed via
e-mail or SMS in case of an alarm situation (e.g. private security service,
facility manager, etc.).
Easy installation in existing alarm
Camera interface – separate Telic
Power Supply:
5 to 32V DC supply
Temperature Range,
You can configure up to several hundred users who are able to switch
the relays with a toll-free phone call (e.g. opening the garage door of an
apartment block).
Operating temperature
You can configure the STD32 with a toll-free phone call, via the internet
or via SMS.
RoHS compliant
for alarms via E-mail
and/ or SMS:
Applications for control tasks
via internet or mobile phone:
Burglar alarm
Heating system
Air condition
Car alarm
Switching of pumps
Boat and caravan alarm
Water level control
Garage door
... and many more
Facility management in general
(e.g. access control)
... and many more
-30°C to +75°C
CE approval
Made in Germany
STD32 - The telemetry solution with camera interface and web
SMS/E-mail alarm via GSM/GPRS
Available Accessories
Power supply (230V / EU plug), compact and light-weight
solution with open ends
Power cable with open ends
Antennas - different models on request
Telic camera to be connected directly to the STD32
About Telic
Access the STD32 from the internet
Telic is a leading German supplier of telematics and telemetry
products. Based on the core technologies GSM and GPS, Telic
develops and manufactures high quality products, designed to
be used in industrial and automotive environment. Telic's strong
partnership with GSM and GPS module manufacturers secures
the competitive edge in GSM, GPRS, UMTS and GPS
By using a platform concept, Telic is able to react flexible and
fast to customers' requirements. This leads to cost-efficient
solutions for system integrators and solution providers.
Telic Product Portfolio
User Interface
STD35 is a high-end telemetry
device for controlling filling levels,
temperature as well as systems and
facilities. The STD35 dominates all
disciplines of professional remote
monitoring and controlling.
Configuration & control via phone call or SMS:
Toll-free configuration call / call to switch one relay
Configuration / control of outputs via SMS
Use of web-server application to:
Change all configurations (basic or advanced)
Check the status of the inputs and outputs
Retrieve pictures from the connected camera
Set the outputs with one mouse click
Configuration and Diagnostic Tool
Telic's PC-based configuration tool supports the solution partner
during the integration process and offers features such as:
Direct connection via
Configuration of all
relevant parameters
Display of current status
Trace and monitoring of
device status
Diagnostic of the device
during and after
Software download to the STD32
Picotrack is a very small and
compact GSM/GPS tracking and
alarming device for security
applications as well as tracking of
people and goods.
SBC3 is a telematics device for
demanding fleet management and
AVL applications. Apart from its very
flexible connecting features, it has a
robust casing. It meets all important
installation criteria and comes either
with the antennas inside or outside
the casing.
How to contact us
Telic GmbH
Raiffeisenallee 12b
D-82041 Oberhaching/Germany
Phone: +49 89 490 2686 - 0
Fax: +49 89 490 2686 - 18
E-Mail: [email protected]
V. 1.3, February 2012
Note: Telic GmbH may at any time and without notice make changes or
improvements to the offered products and services.
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