Stella meets style and power in a unique mini-tower case for micro-ATX mainboards.
Its solid main chassis is manufactured of 0.5mm Japanese Steel and it has a perfect finishing in all
Stella´s bright black front panel, black matt middle part, hidden 5.35" bay cover, white power led
and its fully black 2xUSB and HD Audio ports will give a high-end-stylish-looking to the computer that
will make it look sophisticated no matter where you have it.
It includes one rear ultra-silent 9cm world awarded TACENS Aura PRO fan and side air-grill for an
optimal but silent cooling, and it allows to install a front 12cm fan for extra system cooling specially
directed to the PCI cards area for high-end VGA cards. Its high quality plastic feet ensures its stability
and chassis anti-vibrations.
Stella has the maximum compatibility with new generation components thanks to special features
like the longest PCI area depth in its range with an outstanding 367mm that allows you to install the
biggest and more powerful VGA cards in the market.
- Stylish front panel with bright black piano finishing and white LED power lighting
- High-end cooling with rear 9cm Tacens Aura PRO Ultra-silent fan(12db), Air-grill on side panel
and up to 12cm fan in front panel (optional)
- Front optical drivers bezels and front 2 x USB, Mic and HD Audio&Ac97 connectors
- Innovative Micro-ATX chassis that fits long VGA cards up to 367mm
384 x 175 x 355mm
SPCC 0.5mm &
SECC 0.5mm
Drive Bays:
2 x 5,25” / 1 x 3,5” y 1 x HDD
Micro - ATX
1.- Front: 1x120mm ( optional)
2.- Rear: 1x90mm Tacens Aura
Pro (included)
3.- Side panel: air-grill
Expansion Slots
Ports I/O:
2 x USB2.0, HD Audio & AC97
Leng. Máx.
Slots PCI
Specification s