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x201 tablet
Windows®. Life without Walls™.
Lenovo® recommends Windows 7.
MobiLe fReedoM – because
not eveRYone WoRks behind a desk
the lenOVO® thinkpad® x201 tablet
Versatility: The Lenovo ThinkPad X201 Tablet is a thin, light weight and
reliable convertible tablet laptop that offers pen, finger and keyboard
input options required by mobile professionals who need quick access
to electronic data while working outdoors or indoors.
• Latest panel technology for a superior pen and finger touch experience
• Optional SuperBright panel with best-in-class brightness and lowest-in-class reflectivity making
it viewable in direct sunlight
• 3.57 lbs starting weight
• Up to 8 hrs battery life
• Wide Viewing Angle Panel technology for on-the-go presentations and computing.
• Multiple wireless connectivity options—WiMAX, GPS and Wireless WAN
Comfortable and easy to use: Designed to be comfortable and easy to
use whether you are sitting, standing, or walking or whether you are
using the pen, your finger, or the keyboard.
Legendary ThinkPad keyboard
Latest Multitouch panel technology for natural finger-based computing.
Lenovo SimpleTap Hardware Utility for intuitive touch-based hardware controls.
Advanced cooling technology for comfortable temperatures on your lap, arms and hands.
Easy to hold with battery Handle on 8-cell battery
tOp reasOns tO OWn
coMfoRtabLe and easY to use
MuLtiMedia capabiLitY
durability: The X201 Tablet is designed from the inside out to withstand
the rigors of life outside the office.
• Designed to pass 8 rigorous MilSpec tests
(physical shock, thermal shock, altitude, dust, vibration, humidity, heat and cold)
• Shock-mounted hard drive protection with Active Protection System™
• Spill-resistant keyboards
• Magnesium alloy or carbon-glass fiber top and bottom covers
• ThinkVantage® Rescue and Recovery®
multimedia presentations and data Capture on the go: The ThinkPad
X201 Tablet is designed to keep you connected and productive with
superior audio video components for recording notes and pictures as
well as presenting multimedia content to customers and clients.
Integrated Low-light 2.0 Megapixel Camera (optional)
Noise Cancelling dual array microphones
Stereo speakers
Windows® 7 enhanced handwriting recognition, voice recording, and voice-transcription.
manageability: For the ThinkPad X201 Tablet, managing a mobile
workforce and communicating to a home or remote network while in
the field is even easier with a host of manageability features.
lenOVO enhanCed experienCe
fOr WindOWs® 7.
fast. seCure. built fOr business.
Discover a better way of doing business with the new Lenovo Enhanced
Experience for Windows® 7 on Think-branded PCs. Faster, more durable and
greener Think-branded PCs are optimized for Windows® 7 to deliver improved
ease of use. It enhances productivity and foolproof security that your business
cannot do without.
x201 Tablet
Windows®. Life without Walls™.
Lenovo® recommends Windows 7.
Real uses, real application, the real advantage
of the ThinkPad® X201 Tablet
Outdoor mobile professionals
For emergency workers, field engineers, service professionals and
others who use collect, record, access, and review data outdoors,
the ThinkPad X201 Tablet is lightweight and convenient to carry,
has wide range of connectivity options and is viewable even in
direct sunlight.
Field sales professionals
For sales people who work in the field and need to access market
data, give presentations and collect signatures, the ThinkPad
X201 Tablet offers superior performance, multimedia functions
and wireless connectivity in a lightweight easy-to-carry system.
Additionally, ThinkPad’s durability, strong design and leading panel
technology allows sales people to focus less on their PC and more
on closing the deal.
For students, the ThinkPad X201 Tablet brings together the
functionality of a pen and pad, the content availability of any
textbook or e-book reader, and the performance and efficiency
of the most reliable laptop computer. The ThinkPad X201 Tablet
allows students to edit documents, draw graphs, write formulas and
take handwritten notes.
Retail / Supply Chain management industry
In tablet mode, the ThinkPad X201 Tablet gives retail
merchandisers, store managers, inventory managers and delivery
personnel a convenient lightweight, compact, and durable solution
for collecting data on the loading dock, in the warehouse and on the
retail floor. In laptop mode, the ThinkPad X201 Tablet converts into
a powerful PC for analyzing the data when back in the office making
the decisions you need to manage your business.
Healthcare professionals
For doctors and nurses, the ThinkPad X201 Tablet provides a
lightweight, durable and reliable tool to automate their lives and help
transition toward fully electronic medical records. The ThinkPad X201
Tablet also provides industry-leading wireless technology for sharing
and transferring patient records to central hospital servers and the
advanced security options to ensure protection and privacy of those
confidential records.
x201 tablet
Windows®. Life without Walls™.
Lenovo® recommends Windows 7.
the Lenovo® thinkpad® X201 tabLet specifications
mOdel name – x201 tablet
• 2.13 GHz Intel® Core™ i7-640LM
• 2.0 GHz Intel® Core™ i7-620LM
operating systems
• Genuine Windows® XP Professional
• Genuine Windows® 7 Home Premium
• Genuine Windows® 7 Professional
• Genuine Windows® 7 Ultimate
• DOS (support)
• 1GB, 2GB, 3GB, 4GB, 6GB, 8GB
• 4-cell: 295 x 228 x 26.5 – 33.3 mm
• 8-cell: 295 x 257 x 26.5 – 33.3 mm
• 3.57 lbs with a 4-cell battery
• 3.95 lbs with an 8-cell battery
• 12.1" LED WXGA panel with Wide Viewing Angle
• 12.1" SuperBright Outdoor LED WXGA panel with Wide
Viewing Angle
• 12.1" Multitouch LED WXGA panel with Wide Viewing Angle
i/o ports
• 3 USB
• Gigabit Ethernet (RJ-45)
• Microphone/line-in
• Headphone/line-out
• ExpressCard (54 mm) slot
• 5-1 Media Card Reader® with modem/
3-1 Media Card Reader® without modem
Multimedia features
• 2.0 MP low-light camera (optional)
• Stereo speakers
• Noise cancelling dual array digital microphones
• Improved touch capability
• Sturdy dual swivel hinge for easy transitions between tablet
and notebook modes
Wireless connectivity
• ThinkPad Wireless BGN
• Intel® Centrino® Wireless-N 1000 BGN
• Intel® Centrino® Advanced-N 6200 AGN
• Intel® Centrino® Ultimate-N 6300 AGN
• Intel® Centrino® Advanced-N+ WiMAX 6250 AGN
• Bluetooth®
battery life
• 3.5 hours with a 4-cell battery
• 7.9 hours with an 8-cell battery
• 5400 RPM SATA Hard Drives: 250GB, 320GB
• 7200 RPM SATA Hard Drives: 320GB, 500GB
• 7200 RPM SATA Hard Drive with Full Disk Encryption: 250GB
• Solid State Drive: 80GB, 128GB
• 2.0 MP low-light camera
• 100% full-size, spill-resistant keyboard
durability features
• Shock-mounted hard drive
• Active Protection System™ for hard drive
• Spill-resistant keyboards
• MilSpec testing
• ThinkPad UltraNav™ TrackPoint® and multi-touch touchpad
seRvice offeRings
thinkplus™ suppOrt
thinkplus prOteCtiOn
thinkplus enterprise sOlutiOns
Lowers overall IT support costs and reduces
unbudgeted support and repair expenses.
Protects PCs and data from the
unexpected—saves money, reduces hassles
and offers peace-of-mind
Offer peace-of-mind with Lenovo as a singlepoint-of-contact—manages infrastructure,
consolidates contracts and streamlines the
number of vendors
base Warranty serViCe
Provides Lenovo standard award-winning
service and support
thinkplus Warranty extensiOn and
Protects investment and increases
productivity with the enhanced service-level
upgrade and term extension
thinkplus priOrity suppOrt
Provides technical support for the business—
increases helpdesk productivity with 24x7
advanced-level technical support and service
call-tracking tools
thinkplus priOrity 4
Offers enhanced onsite response within 4
hours for critical IT support needs
hard disk driVe retentiOn
Allows you to retain your hard drive if it fails
and thus protects data from falling into the
wrong hands
thinkplus seCure business
Provides security—the protection bundle
includes Next Business Day (NBD) onsite
service, Accidental Damage Protection and
Lenovo Online Backup
lenOVO Online baCkup
Provides secure, encrypted and offsite
storage for your customer’s data
aCCidental damage prOteCtiOn (adp)
Includes repair of accidental damage, drops,
or spills not covered by warranty
lenOVO prOfessiOnal serViCes
Offer professional engineering and project
management services to implement
new technologies
lenOVO imaging serViCes
Offer image creation, image verification and
management services
lenOVO managed deplOyment
Offers factory integration, imaging, installation,
deployment and consulting services
lenOVO asset reCOVery serViCes
Recover value from old assets and help you
dispose, data securely—turns old PC trash
into cash
x201 Tablet
Windows®. Life without Walls™.
Lenovo® recommends Windows 7.
The Lenovo® ThinkPad® X201 Tablet Options
ThinkPad X200 Table Sleeve (43R9115)
Protects the tablet from scratches and weather.
Lenovo 90W Ultraslim AC/DC Combo Adapter – 41R4493
Simultaneously power your notebook and your cell phone in
the office, on the road or in the air.
ThinkPad X200 UltraBase™ (43R8781)
ThinkPad DVD Burner Ultrabay™ Slim Drive (43N3214)
Pass-through cable management that you can carry with you
Leave at your desk for quick and easy access to peripherals
or carry with your system for convenient device expansion.
Includes an integrated spare battery charger and an
Ultrabay™ Slim for an optical or second hard disk drive.Offers
two monitors ports; VGA analog and DisplayPort, that allows
simoultaneous attachment of dual monitors
Kensington Cable Lock
Glove-like fit of the sleeve case, also fits X200 Tablet batteries.
Easy access zippered flaps allow peripheral attachment and
protection of the X201 Tablet ports.
Strap’s innovative fastener design supports the X201 Tablet
for use in “slate” mode when you travel.
USB-to-DVI Monitor Adapter – 45K5296
High-Definition as easy as plugging into a USB.
One USB-to-DVI Adapter required for each monitor.
ThinkPad USB Portable Secure Hard Drive
Secure valuable data in a slim, lightweight design
43R2018 160GB
43R2019 320GB
Help reduce theft, increase physical asset security
ThinkPad only: MicroSaver – 73P2582
ThinkPad and Monitor: Twin Head – 45K1620
Reliable 2.4GHz Wireless keyboard and mouse
combination; contemporary, low profile design
Lenovo Ultraslim Wireless Keyboard and
Mouse – US English – 57Y4700
ThinkPad Digitizer Pen (41U3143)
Identical to the pen included with your ThinkPad,
includes pen tips and pen tip remover tool
ThinkPad Batteries
Carry spare battery, or replace system batteries when
charge capacity diminishes with time
43R9256 ThinkPad Battery 12 (4-cell)
43R9257 ThinkPad Battery 12++ (8-cell)
ThinkPad Tablet Tether 3-Pack (41U4820)
Prevent loss of Digitize pen by attaching to your
ThinkPad. Includes three teathers.
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