So thin and so light! This is the impression that the A15 vision player will give you once
you get your hands on it. Even with its feather weight, this device is not light on
Incredibly slim form factor (less than 6mm) with a 1.5” color screen
Buttons with capacitive touch surface for your fingers to glide through your
menus and content
4GB1 to store and listen to up to 2,000 songs 2
Play MP3, WAV, FLAC, APE and WMA music files
Store thousands of JPEG and BMP photos3
Listen to your favorite FM radio programs live or record them to enjoy later.
Record your voice memos thanks to the built-in microphone
Slim and light
At less than 6 mm (1/4") thick, the ARCHOS 15 vision has the perfect form factor to be
slipped right into your pocket. And at only 18 grams (0.6 ounces), it won’t be another
heavy product you’ll be carrying.
The 1.5” screen is just the right size for browsing through your music files, viewing
some pictures from time to time, or even sharing some videos with your friends.
Music player
The ARCHOS 15 vision plays not only the common music file formats (MP3, WAV and
WMA), but also some of the more advanced ones (FLAC, APE). This will please
those who need a small MP3 player capable of playing just about any music file they
have copied over from their computer.
It's got 4GB storage Flash capacity, which means you can store up to 2,000 songs.
What more can you ask from a 6 mm thin MP3 player?
FM Radio
If you’re tired of your own music files, what about some radio? News, talk, or the
latest hits await you! The ARCHOS 15 vision quickly scans the FM band and saves all
available stations as presets so you can enjoy them more easily.
And if you’re interrupted while listening to an enjoyable radio show, you have the
possibility to record it. Then take your time later and pick up from where you left off.
It's just a thumb press away.
Photo, video and voice recorder
In order to offer a complete mini-sized multimedia player, the ARCHOS 15 vision also
features a photo wallet application and a video player. You can store up to 40,000
photos on the 4GB internal memory and share them with friends and family.
Or if you're more into video, just watch a TV show you've transferred from your PC
when you have some time to kill.
There’s also a built-in microphone for recording your voice. It's a great little feature
when you need a pen and you can’t seem to find one.
PN and UPC Codes
ARCHOS 15 vision 4GB Grey EU/US
Technical specifications
Internal Storage
Available in 4 GB - Store up to 2,000 songs2
1.5” color TFT screen - 128x128 pixels
Music Playback3
MP3, WMA (non-protected), WAV, FLAC, APE
Photo Playback4
Video Playback3
MPEG-4 AVI (conversion needed – Windows® software included in
the internal memory)
FM radio
87.5 - 108 MHz
Records voice from the built-in microphone and FM radio in WAV
Displays text files (.TXT) & lyrics files (.LRC)
Adjustable sound equalizer, multi-language Interface
Up to 10 hours of music playback
Dimensions: 2.83“ x 1.5“ x 0.23“ – 72 mm x 38 mm x 5.9 mm
Weight: 0.63 oz - 18 g
Windows or Mac and Linux (with mass storage support)
USB 2.0 High Speed
ARCHOS 15 vision Player, USB Cable Mini B/A, earphones, user
1/ 1GB= 1 billion bytes; actual formatted capacity is less.
2/ On average; songs based on 3.5 mins/song & 64 Kbits/s WMA.
3/ Certain bitrates, resolutions, and/or file variations may not be compatible.
4/ Certain resolutions and file sizes may not be compatible.
5/ Rechargeable batteries have a limited number of charge cycles and may eventually need to be replaced. Battery life and
number of charge cycles vary by use and settings.