- 220-240V
- 120V
Your kettle has a dual
voltage selector on the
underside of the kettle.
Always check that you have
selected the correct voltage
before using the kettle.
Avoid contact with steam coming
out of the spout area when
pouring and out of the lid when
Keep small children away from the
kettle and never let the cord hang
down over the worktop edge - a
child could grab it and pull the
kettle down.
Never overfill - boiling water may
splash out.
Never put the kettle, cord or plug
in liquid.
Always unplug your kettle
when not in use.
Do not use if there is any damage
to the kettle, cord or plug. Get it
checked or repaired: see ‘service’.
Caution: Do not operate the
kettle on an inclined surface.
Make sure the lid is secure before
switching the kettle on.
Warning: Do not open the lid
while the water is boiling.
Make sure the kettle is switched
off before lifting or pouring.
Unplug the kettle before filling or
Never put the kettle near or on
cooker hot plates or gas burners.
This kettle is for boiling water only.
This appliance is not intended for
use by persons (including children)
with reduced physical, sensory or
mental capabilities, or lack of
experience and knowledge, unless
they have been given supervision
or instruction concerning use of
the appliance by a person
responsible for their safety.
Children should be supervised to
ensure that they do not play with
the appliance.
Only use the appliance for its
intended domestic use. Kenwood
will not accept any liability if the
appliance is subject to improper
use, or failure to comply with these
before plugging in
Make sure your electricity supply is
the same as the one shown on the
underside of your kettle.
The JK60 travel kettle is of class 1
construction and should only be
used in an EARTHED socket. Any
travel plug adapter used MUST
provide an earth connection.
Important – UK only
The wires in the cord are coloured
as follows:
Green and Yellow = Earth,
Blue = Neutral,
Brown = Live.
The appliance must be protected
by a 13A approved (BS1362) fuse.
For non-rewireable plugs the fuse
cover MUST be refitted when
replacing the fuse. If the fuse cover
is lost then the plug must not be
used until a replacement can be
obtained. The correct fuse cover is
identified by colour and a
replacement may be obtained from
your Kenwood Authorised Repairer
(see Service).
If a non-rewireable plug is cut off it
IMMEDIATELY. An electric shock
hazard may arise if an unwanted
non-rewireable plug is
inadvertently inserted into a 13A
socket outlet.
This kettle complies with European
Economic Community Directive
before using for the first
Remove all packaging and any
Remove the cups and spoons
from the kettle.
Fill to ‘MAX’, boil, then pour the
water away.
Wash the cups and spoons and
then dry.
on/off switch
neon light
water level gauge
scale filter
2 cups
2 spoons
dual voltage selector
cord clip
If you experience problems
with your kettle switching
on and off during use or
switching off before boiling,
check that the flat element
is free from scale - see
7 Always unplug the kettle after use.
● Take care when using the cups
and do not overfill above the inner
rim (approx. 200mls).
● Your kettle is fitted with a scale
filter to hold back limescale
● If you find drops of water under
your kettle, don’t worry - it is just
approximate boiling times
220/240 volts approx 5 minutes
for 450 mls (maximum)
110/120 volts approx 5 minutes 40
seconds for 450 mls (maximum)
to use your travel jug
1 Remove the cups and spoons
from the kettle.
2 Select the required voltage by
turning the selector control .
Always check that you have
selected the correct voltage
before using the kettle.
3 Fill it through the spout or lid. The
water level must be between
“MAX” and “MIN” (1 cup/approx.
4 Check the lid is closed.
5 Plug in and switch on. The neon
will come on.
6 Your kettle will boil and switch off
automatically. To re-boil, wait a
few seconds - the on/off switch
needs time to reset.
boil-dry protection
If you switch on with too little
water, your kettle will cut out
automatically. Switch off and let it
cool down before re-filling. When it
has cooled down, the switch will
reset itself.
care and cleaning
Before cleaning, unplug your kettle
and let it cool down.
The cups and spoons can be
placed in the kettle for compact
Wrap the cord around the kettle
and secure using the cord clip .
the outside
Wipe with a damp cloth, then dry.
Do not use abrasives - they will
scratch the plastic surfaces.
the inside
Even though your kettle comes
with a scale filter, you still need to
clean the inside (and the filter)
the scale filter
1 Open the lid.
2 Gently lift out the scale filter .
3 either rinse under the tap or use
a soft brush.
or when descaling your kettle,
drop the filter in too. Rinse
4 To re-fit the scale filter, slide it in
until it rests on the notch under
the spout .
Regular descaling of the flat
element will improve the
performance of your kettle. If the
kettle is not descaled regularly the
build up of limescale may result in
the following:
● problems may be experienced
with the kettle switching on and
off during use or switching off
before boiling.
● the kettle may take longer to
● the flat element may be
Please note: not descaling your
kettle may invalidate your guarantee.
● When limescale starts to build up
on the heating element, buy a
suitable descaler and descale your
kettle. After descaling, boil with
fresh water several times and
discard. Clean any descaler off the
kettle - it can damage the parts.
● Some regions of the country have
chalky water. This makes boiled
water look cloudy and leaves a
deposit on the side of the kettle.
This is normal but can be removed
with regular cleaning.
● Alternatively, to reduce limescale
build up, use filtered water to fill
your kettle.
● A range of Kenwood jug water
filters are available.
service and customer
If the cord is damaged it must, for
safety reasons, be replaced by
KENWOOD or an authorised
KENWOOD repairer.
If you need help with:
● using your kettle
● servicing or repairs (in or out of
call Kenwood customer care on
023 9239 2333. Have your
model number ready - it is
located on the underside of your
● spares and attachments
call 0870 2413653.
other countries
● Contact the shop where you
bought your kettle.
children and burns or scalds
advice from the British Burn Association
Every year, 30,000 children go to hospital with burns. What might be a
minor burn for an adult could horrifically injure - or even kill - a child.
take these precautions
Keep hot drinks out of children’s reach.
Don’t drink while holding your baby. If you’re passing someone a drink,
make sure a child isn’t underneath.
Keep your kettle, and its cord, well back from the worktop edge so that
children can’t grab them.
Keep children away from the kitchen work area.
For baby’s bath, run the cold water first, then add the hot. Mix well and test
the temperature with your elbow before you put baby in.
Teach children about hot things.
run cold water over a burn immediately, then get medical
help. Don’t stop to remove clothing.
guarantee (UK only)
If your kettle goes wrong within
one year from the date you bought
it, we will repair or replace it free of
charge provided:
you have not misused, neglected
or damaged it;
it has not been modified (unless by
it is not second-hand;
it has not been used
you have not fitted a plug
incorrectly; and
you supply your receipt to
show when you bought it.
This guarantee does not affect
your statutory rights.
Kenwood Limited, New Lane, Havant, Hampshire PO9 2NH, UK
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