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VessRAID™ 1000s Series RAID 6 Storage System
VessRAID™1000s Series
Dual Ports SAS-to-SAS/SATA RAID 6 Storage System
Enterprise Level Features at an Entry Level Price
Getting Enterprise Features on VessRAID
Born with the field-proven enterprise RAID engine from the
previous generation of Promise VTrak products, VessRAID is a
robust storage system equipped with a full selection of RAID and
management tools. The Intel dual-core IOP348 design inside
enables SAS series to outperform existing storage arrays from
competitors in an improved 15%~20% sequential read and
write performance readings which is practical for mission-critical
applications running on the host.
System Highlights and Benefits
16/12 hot-swappable SAS/SATA drive
bays in a robust 3U/2U chassis
3Gb/s Serial Attached SCSI and Serial
ATA drives support
512MB ECC shared cache (up to 2GB),
with optional battery backup units
Totally Green Power
VessRAID features advance hardware design by using 80PLUS
power supply¹ and allows users to power down the system
through power scheduler operation to optimize system power
effectiveness and energy efficiency. Power scheduling enables the
VessRAID system to do a disk-to-disk backup or restore operation
on a user-scheduled basis then returns to standby mode when
backup is finished, resulting in a considerable 70% cost savings
Single or Dual hot-swap redundant
power supply unit with 80PLUS
Up to 880MB/s disk sequential
OPAS and UPS Monitor via USB service
Comprehensive embedded web-based
management via Ethernet – WebPAM
One-Plug-Auto-Service (OPAS)
OPAS was designed to reduce maintenance complexity as much
as possible. With a simple USB stick plug-in to the system’s USB
port, it helps to shorten the turnaround time of conventional
system diagnostic flow, and will come with more advanced
applications like firmware upgrade, event log history, system
setup restore, and array configuration scripts installation as a full
service release.
Power Scheduler Operation
Multiple global or dedicated hot-spare
PerfectRAID™ and Predictive Data
Migration™ technology for robust error
handling and recovery
LCD Panel support (optional)
Wake-on-LAN support
Designed for Cost-Sensitive Business
Current economic conditions worldwide have caused enterprises
to either cut their IT budgets or slow down their planned
deployment of storage facilities. There is a tremendous need
of cost-effective yet feature-rich storage solutions, and the Vess
family is the right marketing fit at the right time.
Quick Selection Guide
Host Option
¹Single PSU is 80 PLUS Bronze Certified, Redundant PSUs have 80 PLUS power efficiency
VessRAID SAS series
SuperTrak EX8654
SuperTrak EX8658
VessJBOD series
SuperTrak TX8658
Your Comprehensive Storage Partner
PROMISE storage solutions comprise various combinations of host bus adapter, Vess system
and enclosure series connection. A VessRAID storage system can be direct attached with
the FastTrak TX8668 adapter as host channel, and downlinks secondary VessJBOD expansion
enclosures up to 80 drives. A VessJBOD enclosure supports IOP based RAID adapter like
SuperTrak EX8654, SuperTrak EX8658, and SuperTrak TX8658 as a massive disk storage
FastTrak TX8668
VessRAID iSCSI series
VessJBOD series
VessRAID™ 1000s Series RAID 6 Storage System
VessRAID™ 1000s Series Specifications
VessRAID System
System and Controller Features
Form Factor
Drive Support
Host Channel
Promise Expansion Enclosure
Data Cache
Command Queue Depth
Operational Features
RAID Levels
Hot spares
Max LUNs per subsystem
Max LUNs per array
Variable Block and Sector Size
Disk Data Formats
Background Activities
RAID Robustness
VessRAID 1730s
VessRAID 1740s
VessRAID 1830s
VessRAID 1840s
12 Drives (3.5”)
16 Drives (3.5”)
12 Drives (3.5”)
SAS(3Gb/s), SATAII(3Gb/s), NCQ, TCQ
Single (Intel® IOP348 800MHz)
Dual Ports SAS-wide (x4) over SFF-8088
One Port SAS-wide (x4) for VessJBOD series
512MB~2GB ECC cache memory with Optional BBU (Battery Backup Unit)
16 Drives (3.5”)
RAID 0, 1, 1E, 3, 5, 6, 10(0+1), 30, 50, 60
Global or Dedicated w/ revertible option
64KB ~ 1MB stripe block sizes
512B, 1KB, 2KB, 4KB sector size
Supports Disk Data Format (DDF) for drive roaming between Vtrak and VessRAID series systems
Media Patrol
Background Synchronizing; Initialization
Rebuild; Redundancy Check
SMART Condition Pooling, OCE (Online Capacity Expansion)/RLM (RAID Level Migration)
Priority Control; Throttle Rate Control and watermarking per BGA (background activities) in Disk and NVRAM
PDM (Predictive Data Migration)
PerfectRAID™ advanced error handling
Array Error Recovery
Read/Write Check Table, Write Hole Table, Bad Sector Re-map Table, NVRAM event logging
System Management
Supported OS
Management Tools
Management Interfaces/
Event Notification
Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, 20081
RedHat Linux, SuSE Linux
FreeBSD 7.0
WebPAM PROe/SNMP via Ethernet
CLI/CLU via RJ-11 or Ethernet
LCD Control Panel (Optional)
OPAS/UPS Monitor via USB service
Power Scheduler Control
Ethernet, RJ-11 Serial Port, USB
SNMP, SSL, Telnet, SLP
Email , SNMP, NETSEND, Buzzer, LEDs, LCD Control Panel
System Information
AC Input
90 ~ 264 VAC, 47 ~ 63Hz
Current (Maximum)
6A (100V); 3A (240V)
7A (100V); 3.5A (240V)
6A (100V); 3A (240V)
8A (100V); 4A (240V)
Single 450W
90-264V full-ranging w/PFC
80PLUS Bronze Certified
Dual 350W
90-264V full-ranging w/PFC
80PLUS Power Efficiency
Hot swappable and redundant
Dual 450W
90-264V full-ranging w/PFC
80PLUS Power Efficiency
Hot swappable and redundant
Power Supply
Single 350W
90-264V full-ranging w/PFC
80PLUS Bronze Certified
N+1 design
5° ~ 40°C2 (-40° ~ 60°C non operational)
Relative Humidity
10% to 80% non-condensing
88.2 x 446.2 x 461 mm
130.1 x 446.2 x 461 mm
88.2 x 446.2 x 461 mm
3.5 x 17.6 x 18.1 in
5.1 x 17.6 x 18.1 in
3.5 x 17.6 x 18.1 in
11.2 kg (24.69 lbs) w/o drives
14 kg (30.86 lbs) w/o drives
13 kg (28.66 lbs) w/o drives
19 kg (41.89 lbs) w/ drives
23.6 kg (52.03 lbs) w/ drives
20.8 kg (45.86 lbs) w/ drives
VessRAID 2U/3U Unit w/ Drive Carrier
RJ11-to-DB9 Serial Data Cable, Power Cord (Single PSU: 1; Dual PSU: 2)
Quick Start Guide, Set of Screws, CD (Product Manual, SNMP files, QSG)
Dimensions (H x W x D)
Base Configuration
130.1 x 446.2 x 461 mm
5.1 x 17.6 x 18.1 in
16 kg (35.27 lbs) w/o drives
25.6 kg (56.44 lbs) w/ drives
Warranty and Support
3 years limited warranty3
Supported Hardware Options
LCD Panel, Front Bezel, Sliding Rail, Battery Backup Unit, SAS Cable
¹Microsoft® WHQL for Windows Server 2003 and 2008
²Operational Temperature between 5° ~ 35°C if BBU installed
³BBU is covered by one year limited warranty
©2009 Promise Technology, Inc. Specifications subject to change without notice.
P/N: G6130VC32000000-3
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