Ceratech Accuratus Image for iPad User manual

Ceratech Accuratus Image for iPad User manual
IPad2 Case with UK Bluetooth Keyboard
Thankyou for purchasing our product.
iPhone, iMac & iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.
Accuratus iMage is not endorsed by Apple Inc.
The Apple logo is a registered trademark of Apple Inc
The magnets in the detachable keyboard for this iPad case will interfere with your service when you are using
the iPad2 compass mode. Therefore for optimal performance please remove the iPad2 from this case.
If you have any support queries please contact us via the below method:
P< [email protected]
IPad2 Case with UK Bluetooth Keyboard
Thankyou for purchasing the iMage for iPad2 case with bluetooth keyboard
Power on/off
Micro USB charging port
Illuminated pairing button
* We advise before your first use to charge the keyboard for at least 3 hours.
To charge the keyboard, insert the supplied micro USB cable into the charging
port on the keyboard, and then the USB end either into a computer USB port or
into your iPad2 wall charger.
es -
Computer USB port
USB wall charger
Please note to insert the charging cable the correct way round. The cable
connector is shaped so it can only be inserted one way round.
a — >в
Pairing keyboard with iPad...
You must first pair the keyboard with the iPad2 before you can use it.
1) Turn the keyboard power on
Power on
2) Click the pairing button, the pairing button will now flash blue.
NED eE — DD)
Click pairing button
3) On your iPad2, go Settings > General > Bluetooth and turn Bluetooth on.
Flashing blue
Settings General Bluetooth
Airplane Mode |
WI-Fi Bluetooth ON
Carrier Devices £
O NT TESTO Bluetooth Keyboard Connected ©
Now Discoverable
Cellular Data
m Brightness & Wallpaper
8 Picture Frame
a General
=| Mail,Contacts, Calendars
4) You will now see the ‘Bluetooth Keyboard’ appear under Devices. Select this
and if prompted enter the passkey that appears on the iPad screen on the
keyboard, then press the Enter key. The keyboard should now say ‘Connected’
on the iPad screen.
Pairing button LED colours...
Keyboard layout...
To make use of the € and # symbol on the keyboard, please hold the ‘alt / option’
key and press either the € or # key. To access the media hot keys simply press
the relevant key.Some keys on the keyboard like ‘fn, f1-f16’ and end are not
defined on an iPad2 but are on an iMac.
redurm |
Battery life...
This product has an internal lithium-ion battery.
If you are working 8 hours a day and typing time is around 2 hours, from a full
charge the battery will last approximately 1 month. Under continual typing of 6
keys per second the battery will last approximately 2 days.
When the red low power LED flashes, it will take around 2.5 hours to fully
charge, once the red low power LED is flashing you can still use the keyboard
for around 7-8 hours of continuous typing.
After 300 charges, the battery still has over 85% storage, after 500 charges, the
battery has over 60% storage. For example if you charge the unit once a month
the battery will still have 85% storage after 25 years!
Blue: Flashing blue for Bluetooth pairing
Red: Flashing red for low battery ) (==) ОВ )
Charging, no LED once charged
If the unit is left on, not used and goes to sleep mode, the battery will last
approximately 42 days. If the unit is switched off and not used, from a full
charge the battery will still have around 20% life after 2 years!
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