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“OmniForm is helping
us bring the US
Customs industry
into the digital age.”
– David Bennett,
Manager of Operations,
Amco Brokers &
Forwarders Inc.
Easily Convert Paper Forms to Digital
or Create Your Own From Scratch
Easily create, convert and share digital forms! The days of
creating and distributing paper forms—and then rekeying
the data into a database—are over! OmniForm® significantly
reduces the time and expense associated with creating forms
and entering form data. It streamlines the process of designing,
editing, managing, and publishing forms, and makes it simple
for individuals to collect data from others via a ScanSoft Webhosting service. It also simplifies the process of filling in forms—
automatically filling in data that has been provided previously,
thereby saving time and reducing keystrokes.
System Requirements
■ Windows® 95C, 98SE, Me, NT 4.0,
OmniForm enables you to:
2000, or XP
■ Minimum
PC Requirements
Pentium CPU or greater
32 MB RAM (higher recommended)
81 MB free disk space
CD-ROM drive
SVGA or VGA monitor with at
least 256 colors
■ Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher (Comes
with IE 5.5 on the CD)
(IE 5.0 or higher – to publish paper
forms to
■ An ISP account to publish forms and
retrieve data on
Scanners & Multi-Function
Devices Supported:
For more current information and an
updated list, see
Accurate Editable Forms
Our latest Logical Form Recognition™ (LFR) technology guarantees accurate conversion of your paper forms into digital
forms; recognizing color, logos, lines, boxes, and tables. It’s fast and easy with the OmniForm Form Assistant.
1 Design A Form
OmniForm is a form designer. It
includes easy-to-use tools to create
forms from scratch. Determine the size,
position, and color of every element.
Add a new field, logo or edit text.
Reorganize entire sections. Use the
Designer Toolkit to add and reuse form
components or use the pre-designed
templates to create a new form.
2 Fill in Forms Faster and Easier
Our Filler/Data Manager lets you fill
forms fast and accurately. It will use
data from previous forms as you
type, reducing valuable input time.
3 Automatic Web Posting
Publish forms to our SSL-based service. You can post
your forms and collect data without any
programming or HTML experience.
4 Automatic Database Support
With our Filler/Data Manager utility,
a database is automatically created
with each form. You can populate the
database and perform all your inquiries
fast and easily. You can also import or
export the form data with any ODBCcompliant database such as Microsoft®
Access and other popular databases*.
*ODBC-Compliant Databases:
For OmniForm Premium 5.0
† Reprinted from PC Magazine, October 3, 2000, with permission.
Copyright © 2000 Ziff Davis Media Inc. All Rights Reserved.
• Automatically convert paper
forms into digital forms easily
and accurately.
• Post your forms to our formhosting Web site,,™ for worldwide
data collection.
• Create forms from scratch using
pre-designed templates.
• Fill in forms automatically using
OmniForm Filler/Data Manager™.
Previously entered information
is saved and used again for
faster input.
• Send a mailable Filler.
• Instantly add attachments, such
as receipts, to your digital forms.
• Add legally binding digital
signatures to forms.
• Microsoft Access
• Excel
• Paradox
• DB2 (IBM)
• Oracle
• Microsoft SQL Server • Text-based and CSV files
5 Digital Signatures
Make your forms more secure –
forms can be legally signed by you
or others with the digital signature
feature. For a higher level of security,
assign a password to the form.
6 Check Boxes, Radio
Buttons and Form Fields
Form elements like check boxes,
radio buttons and data entry fields are
accurately recognized; eliminating the
need to start from scratch.
7 Automatic Calculations
As you type in figures, calculations
are performed automatically, reducing
errors and saving time.
8 Proofreader
Step-by-step guidance in creating,
editing, and spell checking a form.
Increase Productivity and
Performance in Your Organization
Reasons to Buy
Quickly Turn Paper Forms into
Digital Forms
OmniForm makes it possible to quickly and
accurately scan in forms such as applications,
insurance forms, surveys, purchase orders, etc.
and instantly convert them to digital forms.
Create Forms from Scratch
Create your own forms with the help of
the Designer Toolkit or use the pre-designed
templates included. Save your work for future
use. Save parts of your form and reuse
them with a simple drag and drop.
Now you
have a digital
form with a
Automatic database support saves copies
of the forms you fill, as well as the export
profiles you define to ODBC-compliant
databases* like Microsoft® Access and Excel,
saving you time and ensuring accuracy.
Digital Signatures
Create PDF Forms
Scan and
convert it…
Now your electronic signature is as legally
binding as pen & ink! Sign forms while
ensuring form and data integrity. Users with
PKI or Entrust authentication can lock the
form when signed, or use OmniForm’s
built-in password protection.
Save your forms as intelligent PDF forms
with calculations, field validations and
signature fields. OmniForm automatically
creates the JavaScript to perform these
functions without programming knowledge.
Put your data
to work by
exporting to any
OmniForm gives you the freedom to save
forms in the format you want, including HTML,
RTF (MS Word) and our intelligent OFM format.
Fill Forms Faster
Add Attachments
Post Your Forms on the Web
Distribute it
via network
posting or
it via Web
posting or…
A Comprehensive Product that Affords Organization-wide Benefits
Format Versatility
Start with
any paper
Automatic Data Collection
OmniForm Premium 5.0 is a fully integrated, total forms system designed to significantly reduce the
time and expense associated with creating forms, filling out forms and collecting form data. It empowers
any company or organization to simplify their working processes with digital forms, whether converted
from paper or designed using the Designer Toolkit. These forms can be stored on PCs, network servers or
posted on the Web – all instantly accessible to those needing to fill them out or those wishing to process the
highly accurate form data. This means dramatic cost reductions associated with third party designers, physical
storage, discarding obsolete forms, distribution, and the manpower required for the manual data process.
With OFM, previously entered data about
you, your business and others is automatically
recalled and filled on new forms, saving
you valuable time.
Now add attachments such as digital photos,
scanned images and computer files to any form
record. Attach receipts to expense reports and
photos to real estate listings.
Form Designers
Form Originators
Form Recipients
Data Processors
• Quickly and accurately
convert paper forms
into digital forms
• Create new forms from
scratch fast using the
Designer Toolkit and
pre-designed templates
• Enhance forms with
intelligence without the
need of programming
• Distribute forms via
email in popular e-form
formats including OFM,
Fillable PDF, and
OmniForm Mailable Filler
• Post forms on your Web
site or,
ScanSoft’s SSL-based
Internet forms hosting
• Fill forms up to 50%
faster by automatically
using previously entered
data in your User Profile
• Use digital signatures
with PKI or Entrust
• Attach photos, receipts,
or other supporting
data as part of the
form record
• Receive forms with
data that is accurate
and instantly ready to
evaluate and work with
• Export form data to
any ODBC-compliant
database for fast and
streamlined data
processing – no manual
data entry or costly
typing errors
Automatically convert your forms to HTML
and post them on your own Web site or with
our eOmniForm service. Plus, you can easily
collect form data and download it with just
a click from any Web connection.
Keep Your Forms Secure
SSL-based, industry-standard data transmission
encryption ensures high-level data security and
OmniForm Premium 5.0 is the Fastest Way to Make Paper
Forms Digital and Streamline Form Data Management
Lightning-Fast Paper to Digital Form Conversion
Dramatically Cuts Costs Associated with Paper Forms
Saves Time Creating Forms from Scratch with the Designer Toolkit
Ensures that Data is Valid, Complete and Highly Accurate
Allows You to Save and Distribute Forms in Standard E-form Formats
Improves Service by Giving Your Audience 24/7 Access to Forms on the Web
Increases Productivity by Automating Form Filling with User Profiles (up to 50% Faster)
Enables Digital Signatures with PKI or Entrust Authentication
Allows You to Turn Data into Results by Exporting to any ODBC-Compliant Database
Supports Most Scanners and Multi-Function Devices
OmniForm Premium 5.0 Includes: 5 hosted forms on, at no additional cost, for 1 year;
20 OmniForm Fillers; 100 OmniForm e-mailable Fillers; Additional Fillers available at
Guaranteed to Work with Your Scanner
ScanSoft offers Technical Support via phone and email.
Now available for Windows 95, 98, 2000, Me, XP, and NT 4.0.
Visit for our current support policy.
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