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Outdoor PoE Repeater
over 2-wire (Slave)
H/W Version: 1
The POT system, one master & one slave units, provide
a long-reach Ethernet extension with remote Powerover-Ethernet (PoE) capability over a 2-wire line.
Connection with a Class 0 PD device, the distance
of two-wire 24AWG cables can be up to 400 meters
when using a 48Watt high power PoE Switch,
FSW-0513/0543. Users may select a fixed data rate for
different copper line ranging. The maximum data rate
can be up to 60 Mbps full duplex for 2-wire line.
The POT master unit is powered by the local PoE
Ethernet network, and transmits both the data and
power to the remote slave unit over 2-wire cable. The
remote unit regenerates the power and provides the
PoE capability to power up the remote PD device up
to 15 watts when connecting to 48Watt High Power
Switch, FSW-0513. The POT M/S supports the indoor &
outdoor models with wall-mount feature.
Equipped with dip switches, the 2-wire line speed
can be configured to meet different line gauges and
distances. A POT pair offers a cost effective solution
for remote power applications such as LAN-to-LAN
connectivity, Video Streaming, FTTB, and MDU/MTU
over single twisted line.
POT-1110 is IP66-compliant meaning it is
weatherproof from snow, rain, typhoons, desert
heat, etc. This PoE Repeater is up to the challenge for
deployment in any harsh weather condition!
Key Features
- Two-wire cables are used to connect 100Mbps Fast
Ethernet PoE devices
- Maximum distance up to 400 meters for 24 AWG
- Maximum data rate up to 60Mbps full duplex
- Remote PoE capability for PD devices of WiFi AP, IP
camera, IP telephones
- Up to 15 Watts for remote PoE, Depending on PSE
- Easy installation by indoor & outdoor different
- Dip Switches for 2-wire line rate settings
- Low-Latency for Video/Voice/Data applications
- IP66 Weatherproof
1. RJ45 In
2. RJ45 Out
Works Well With
High-power PoE Injector
4-Port High Power PoE Switch
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Technical Specification
Line Interface
Data Rate: 60/60 Mbps
Power: 48V
RJ-11 Connector x 1
LAN Interface
Auto-Detection for 10/100 Base-Tx and Half / Full duplex
Full compatible with IEEE 802.3 / IEEE802.3u
Automatic MDIX Function
RJ-45 Connector x 1
Output Voltage within 44~57V
Safety-Extra-Low-Voltage (SELV) Compliant
Maximum output power 15 Watts
Physical Dimension ( L x W x H ):
180mm x 165mm x 95mm
Operating Environment:
Humidity: 5% ~95% non-condensing
Temperature: 0~50°C
Regulatory Compliance:
FCC Rules Part 15
Product Diagram
Ethernet Cable (RJ-45)
PoE (Power + Data)
RJ-11 Phone Line (Power + Data)
Indoor to Outdoor Solution
PoE PD devices
Non-PoE Switch
up to 400m for
2 wire
Indoor to Outdoor Solution
PoE PD devices
Non-PoE Switch
up to 300m for
2 wire
Note: These distances are typical results when used with 24AWG RJ-11 Cable
Order Information
POT-1110: Outdoor PoE Repeater over 2-wire (Slave)
Package Contents
POT-1110 x 1, User Manual x 1, Mounting kit x 1
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