IP CamSecure Pro
Series Surveillance
Management Software
FCS-94xx Series
Powerful Surveillance Management Software
Instant Actions and Notifications
LevelOne has developed intelligent and advanced
featured surveillance management software that
compliments our digital IP Surveillance Cameras.
Features such as a Smart Guard system and Smart
Search system allows for general monitoring of
motion, missing objects, foreign objects and camera
IP CamSecure has several notification features that
enable a surveillance system to monitor and report
on certain activities. Notification includes on-screen
display, sounding alert, e-mail alert, phone call alert,
digital signal out and P/T/Z pre-set go.
This Smart Guard and Smart Search system is currently
the most advanced surveillance software available in
the surveillance market.
Smart Guard and Smart Search
The most exciting new features of the IP CamSecure
software are the Foreign Object and Missing Object
reporting feature. When monitoring an area, any
foreign objects that do not belong there, such as
bags, boxes, cars and people will trigger an alarm. So
too is the Missing Object feature a valuable inclusion
to monitor specific objects within a monitoring area.
Once these objects are removed, an alarm is triggered
notifying users about unsolicited activity.
Optimized Surveillance
Most surveillance systems still rely on traditional
analogue CCTV Cameras for monitoring protected
areas. To incorporate both digital IP Cameras and
analogue CCTV Cameras in one system not only
maximizes efficiency but also adds digital surveillance
LevelOne IP CamSecure enables users to use
both digital and analogue cameras in one system
for maximizing surveillance investment without
immediate replacement of currently used systems. The
surveillance software supports digital and analogue
to provide a complete monitoring and surveillance
management system.
FCS-94xx Series
Key Features
- Monitor up to 64 channels simultaneously
- Dual monitor supported for live view and playback
- “Smart guard” event analysis and instant response to
monitor larger areas more efficiently
- “Smart search” for easy locating of recorded events
as well as multi-events viewer and filter
- Enhance images of recorded video
- “Counting application” for objects amount control
- Supports Web-based and 3G/PDA mobile remote
- Complete system and event log database
- Relies on hard disk drive storage instead of video
- Broadcast live video over the Internet for remote
- Support both digital and analogue cameras in one
- Control pan/tilt/zoom features on cameras
- Support Digital Watermark and E-Map
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Network Camera
Technical Specification
Max # of Cameras Live View, Monitor and Record
4 Channels:
IP CamSecure Pro4 Mega
8 Channels:
IP CamSecure Pro8 Mega
16 Channels:
IP CamSecure Pro16 Mega
25 Channels:
IP CamSecure Pro25 Mega
36 Channels:
IP CamSecure Pro36 Mega
64 Channels:
IP CamSecure Pro64 Mega
*Compatible with LevelOne IP cameras.
More IP cameras of other major manufacturers supported in
Multi-Language Embedded
Turkish, Traditional Chinese, Simple Chinese, Danish, Japanese,
Hungarian, Spanish, Greek, French, Finnish, Russian, English,
Thai, Czech, Slovak, Korean, Italian, Portugal Portuguese, Brazil
Portuguese, German, Swedish, Bulgarian, Norwegian, Polish,
Farsi and Hebrew.
Hybrid Camera Management
Monitor IP digital and CCTV analog cameras in one surveillance
Dual Monitor
User is able to monitor multiple channels with reasonable
image size or live view and playback simultaneously
Smart Guard
Events triggered by general motion detection, missing/ foreign
object detection, signal lost, camera occlusion, lose focus,
external input or system status
Motion Detection
Camera-based motion detection with image exclude filter for
image areas of no interest in specific period
Smart Search
Search unusual events with specific parameters from recorded
Alarm Notification
Play sound, send emails, send SMS message, make phone calls,
PTZ PRESET GO, signal digital output, on screen display and
instant recording.
Counting Application
Count how many times objects moving between different
Video Compression
Support full duplex real time audio
User Account
Multiple user authentication levels with password restriction
rules for unlimited users
Log Viewer
All unusual events ,system events by date/time and/or cameras
Continuous recording, manual recording/snapshot, record by
schedule, record by digital input or triggered event, and record
moving only (pre/post record buffer is up to 60 seconds).
**Monitor in 3G/PDA mobile devices which are equipped with
3G video playback.
it provides exclusive E-map function for users to upload the
pictures of the monitoring locations.
Digital Watermark
The digital watermark technology allows to check if the
recording files on IP CamSecure are modified or not.
Support DtDNS and Dynu.
No extra charge required for the further upgrade
Simultaneously Playback
16 Channels
Image Enhancer
Improve recorded video to get better image during playback
and can be applied during export
Search for Recordings
Search for recordings based on date, time or specific video
Controllable speed 1/16x~16x or frame by frame
Video Clip Export
Export single BMP/JPEG images to file or printer
Export video in AVI
P/T/Z and I/O
PTZ Support
Control of PTZ cameras and preset positions
Preset Patrolling
Multiple cameras patrolling
Go to Preset on Event
Input/Output Control
Support digital input/output control
Remote Access via Remote Client Application
Remote Client Application
Remote live Viewer/ Remote Playback
PTZ Support
Control of PTZ cameras
Max # of Cameras Live View
Up to 16 Channels from different servers
Max # of Cameras Playback
Up to 16 Channels
Remote Access via Web Browser
Max # of Cameras Live View
Up to 4 Channels
Minimum System Requirements
Intel P4 2.8 GHz or above
512MB or above
Mother Board
Intel 945 or 965 chip or above
MB vendor ASUS with Intel chipset recommended
Video Card
ATi Radeon 9200, nVIDIA GeForce FX-5200, Intel 945G/965G or
above (ATi recommended)
Hark Disk
80GB or above
MS Windows 2000/XP Pro SP2/2003/Vista
Supported Camera Models
IP CamSecure Pro Mega Series
Model name
FCS-94 04/08/16/25/36/64
Camera Support
FCS-0010, FCS-0020, FCS-0030, FCS-1010, FCS-1030 V1.0, FCS-1030 V2.0, FCS-1040, FCS-1050, FCS-1060, FCS-1070, FCS-1081, FCS-1081A,
FCS-1091, FCS-1101, FCS-1121, FCS-3000, FCS-0031, FCS-3021, FCS-3031, FCS-3051, FCS-3061, FCS-4x00, FCS-4020, FCS-7011, WCS-0010,
WCS-0020, WCS-0030, WCS-1090, WCS-2010 V1.0, WCS-2010 V2.0, WCS-2030 V1.0, WCS-2030 V2.0, WCS-2030 V3.0, WCS-2040, WCS-2060,
WCS-2070, FCS-4010, FCS-5011, FCS-5030, FCS-8004, FCS-8005, FCS-8006
SED 2100, SED 2120, SED 2140, SED 2400, SED 2420, SED 2600, SED 2610, SEM 1110, ACM SERIES, CAM 5300, CAM 5130, CAM 5140, CAM
5150, CAM 5500, CAM 6100, CAM 6200, CAM 6500, CAM 6510, CAM 6520, CAM 6600, CAM 7100,
CAM 7120, CAM 7200, CAM 7220, CAM 7300, CAM 7320, CAM 6620, SED 2310, SED2320, CAM 5200, CAM 5XXX, CAM 6220, CAM 6XXX, CAM
Arecont Vision
AV1300, AV2000, AV2100, AV3100, AV3130, AV5100, AV8180, AV8360
A02-IPCAM10, A02-IPCAM11, A02-IPCAM12, A02-IPCAM13 ,A02-IPCAM14, A02-IPCAM15, A02-IPCAM16, A02-IPCAM17
205, 206, 206M, 206W, 207, 207W, 207MW, 209FD, 210, 210A, 211, 211A, 212, 213, 214, 215, 216FD, 221, 225FD, 231D, 232D, 240Q, 241Q,
241QA, 241S, 241SA, 242S, 2460, 233D
DCS-6620, DCS-6620G, DCS-5220, DCS-5300, DCS-5300G, DCS-2120, DCS-3420, DCS-3220, DCS-3220G, DCS-2100, DCS-2100G, DVS-104,
DVS-301, DCS-900, DCS-G900, DCS-950, DCS-950G
TCP-690, TCP-690DN, TCP-HP930, WB-8211SD, WB-8411, CDV-3V930, TCP-690U, TCP-HP930U, WB-8211SDU, CDV-3V930U, EP-936
EP-908, EP-601, EP-201, EP-221, EP-221DN
IQeye301, IQeye301m, IQeye301w, IQeye302, IQeye302w, IQeye303, IQeye303w, IQeye501, IQeye511, IQeye601, IQeye602 , IQeye603,
IQeye701, IQeye702, IQeye703, IQeye705, IQeye751, IQeye752, IQeye753, IQeye755
VN-C20U, VN-E4(U), VN-C205U, VN-C215U, VN-C655U
le045c, le045c-dn, le075c, le075c-dn, le165c, le165c-dn, le175c, le175c-dn, le259c, le275c, le275c-dn, le375c, le375c-dn, le11059c
M10D-Night, M12D-Sec, M12D-IT-DNight, M12D-Sec-Dnight, M12M-Web, M22M-IT, M22M-Sec, M22M-Sec-Night, D12Di-IT, D12Di-Sec
BB-HCM311, BB-HCM331, BB-HCM371, BB-HCM381, BB-HCE481, BB-HCS301, BB-HCM511, BB-HCM515, BB-HCM581, BL-C10, BL-C1, BL-C20,
BL-C30, BL-C111, BL-C131, KX-HCM110, KX-HCM280A, WV-NP472, WV-NS324, WV-NF284,WV-NP1000,
WV-NP1004, WV-NM100, WV-NP240, WV-NP244, WV-NS202, WV-NW484, WV-NW964
100, 120/126/128, 200/206, 201, 205, 207, 240, 241, 261, 262, 263, 300, 400/42X, 461, 463, 1000, 1401, 2000, 4000, 8504, 405, 405M, 410,
ICA-510, ICA-700, ICA-151W, ICA-151, ICA-750, ICA-107W, ICA-107P, ICA-107
IP Fixed Camera, IP PTZ Camera
SNC-DF40, SNC-DF70, SNC-P1, SNC-P5, SNC-RZ25, SNC-RZ50, SNC-RX550, SNC-CS50, SNC-CS3, SNC-Z20, SNC-RZ30, SNC-CS10, SNC-CS11,
SNT-V704, SNC-RX530, SNC-DF50, SNC-DF80
VS 2101, VS 2401, VS 2402, VS 2403, VS 3100, VS 3101, VS 3102, VS 3102-XLTH, VS 3103, VS 3107, VS 3108, VS 6000, VS 6100, VS 6104, VS
7000, VS 7101, SD 6000, SD 6101, SD 61x2, FD 6000, FD 61x1, FD 61x2, TC 5330, TC 5331, TC 5630, TC 5631,
IP 21x1, IP 21x2, IP 31x1, TLFN, IP 31x1, IP 31x2, IP 31x7, IP 31x8, IP 3129, IP 3132, IP 3133, IP 3134, IP 3135-PLNX, IP 3135,
IP 3136-PLNX, IP 3136, IP 3137, IP 51x2, IP 51x4, IP 5104, IP 5114, IP 5124, IP 5134, IP 6000, IP 61x2, IP 61x4, IP 61x7,
IP 6104, IP 6114, IP 6124, IP 6134, IP 7000, IP 71x4, IP 71x7, IP 7135, IP 7136, IP 7137, IP 7151, IP 7152, PT 31x2, PT 31x3,
PT 31x4, PT 31x7, PT 31X2, PT 31X3, PT 3134, PT 51x4, PT 5104, PT 5114, PT 5124, PT 5134, PT 6000, PT 61x4, PT 6104,
PT 6114, PT 6124, PT 6134, PT 7000, PT 7135, PT 7137, PZ 6000, PZ 61x2, PZ 61x4, IP 7131, IP 7132, IP 7138, IP 7139, VS 7100, FD7131,
SD7151, IP7142
D611E, D611A, D610A, F611E, F611A, F610A, V111T, S610A, F721E, F721A, F720A, F711E, F711A, F710A, F211A, F210A, F212A, F310A,
F312A, M210A, M212A, M610A, M612A, F613A, F510E, F510W, F511E, F511W, F711E, F710E, D510E, D511E, M310A, M312A
*Please visit http://global.level1.com for the compatible product list.
**This feature depends on the mobile telecom service provided and the mobile phone model. LevelOne does not guarantee that this feature will work in all
***The specification is subject to change. Please visit http://global.level1.com for the latest specification.
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Network Camera
Product Diagram
Data (Cat.5)
Data + Power (Cat.5)
Analog signal (BNC Cable)
Remote Console
4 + 4 PoE Switch
1-Port PoE Video
IP CamSecure
Analog Camera
Analog Camera
Capture Card
Analog Camera
Order Information
FCS-9404: IP CamSecure Pro4 Mega
FCS-9408: IP CamSecure Pro8 Mega
FCS-9416: IP CamSecure Pro16 Mega
FCS-9425: IP CamSecure Pro25 Mega
FCS-9436: IP CamSecure Pro36 Mega
FCS-9464: IP CamSecure Pro64 Mega
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