Philips RI4494
Toaster oven
30 min timer
temperature control
Delicious hot food easilyDelicious hot food easily
30 minutes timer
A toaster oven designed to help you make delicious food and snacks every time. Toasts
and warms, and has a lot of features that make it easy to get good food.
Ideal for cooking different snacks
• Toasts or warms food and snacks
• Adjustable temperature control for optimal result
• Large baking tray for cooking different foods
• 700-750W high power
Simple design with clear indication
• On/off light shows status clearly
• Ready bell sounds when food is ready
The ultimate in convenience
• 30-minute timer shuts off the oven once ready
• Detachable rack for easy handling
• Non stick coating tray for easy cleaning
Toaster oven
30 min timer temperature control, Silver
General specifications
Temperature control
Baking tray
On/off light
Ready signal
30-minute timer
Detachable rack
Non stick tray
9L capacity
• Color(s): Silver/Grey
• Product dimensions (L x W x H): 30 x 36.3 x
17.9 cm
Toasts or warms food
Technical specifications
Adjustable temperature control
Design specifications
• Available color(s): Silver/Grey
Capacity: 9 l
Voltage: 127 V
Frequency: 50/60 Hz
Cord length: 0.9 m
Accessories included
• Baking tray: 245.5 (L) x 208.5 (W) x 20.8 (H) mm
Good for toasting , browning/crisping, defrosting,
grilling and baking different food.
80-230C adjustable, use the temperature selector to
set the required cooking temperature.
Large baking tray
Capacity: 9L; can grill chicken meat or to defrost
700-750W high power
Good for cooking different food
On/off light
Clearly indicate the status
Ready bell sounds
Clearly indicate the cooking status.
30-minute timer
Easy to preset cooking and ready on time.
Detachable rack
Convenient and safe to handle different cooking.
Non stick coating tray
Durable and easy to clean
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