Adobe Soundbooth CS5 What’s New
Adobe® Soundbooth® CS5
Create and edit audio with ease
Professional soundtracks are easier than ever to create, with new multitrack editing
features and an expanded selection of Soundbooth Scores and sound effects in
Adobe Soundbooth CS5.
Adobe Soundbooth CS5 is also
available as a component of Adobe
Creative Suite® 5 Production
Premium and Adobe Creative Suite
5 Master Collection software.
Adobe Creative Suite 5 Production
Premium combines:
•Adobe Premiere Pro® CS5
•Adobe After Effects® CS5
•Adobe Photoshop® CS5 Extended
•Adobe Illustrator® CS5
•Adobe Flash Catalyst™ CS5
•Adobe Flash CS5 Professional
•Adobe Soundbooth CS5
•Adobe OnLocation™ CS5
•Adobe Encore® CS5
Adobe Soundbooth CS5 software gives video editors, web designers, and other creative professionals
the tools to create and polish audio, customize music, and add sound effects within a familiar interface.
Get projects off to a fast start with access to more than 130 royalty-free Soundbooth Scores and 10,000
sound effects via the improved Adobe Resource Central† panel in Soundbooth CS5. Combine multiple
Soundbooth Scores, dialogue, sound effects, and more on multiple tracks, using improved audio-clip
editing and multitrack viewing tools. Drag and drop royalty-free content from Resource Central directly
into your timeline.
Move audio and soundtrack projects effortlessly between Soundbooth and Adobe Premiere® Pro CS5 or
Adobe Flash® Professional CS5 software using the nondestructive ASND file format—no exporting or
conversion needed. Create improved SWF and FLV video experiences by exporting speech metadata in
cue point XML files for ActionScript® development.
When your soundtrack and dialogue are finalized, use the clearly labeled, streamlined mastering tools in
Soundbooth to clarify vocals, make your music sparkle, and give the whole soundtrack presence and
punch. Optimize your soundtrack for playback in almost any delivery medium, from video to web-based
SWF and FLV players.
Additional components:
•Adobe Dynamic Link
•Adobe Bridge CS5
•Adobe Device Central
Integrates with new
Adobe CS Live online services*
View your entire multitrack soundtrack at once with the new resizable Multitrack View. Download new Soundbooth Scores and
effects from the expanded collection on Resource Central†. Drag Soundbooth Scores and sound effects directly from the Resource
Central panel (upper left) into your multitrack projects. Drag audio clips to copy or move them to other locations and tracks.
* CS Live online services are complimentary for a limited time. See the last page for details and limitations related to all Adobe online services.
† See the last page for details and limitations related to all Adobe online services.
Top new features
•Improved multitrack editing and
viewing (Page 2)
•More royalty-free Soundbooth
Scores and sound effects (Page 3)
With Adobe Soundbooth CS5, you can:
Create soundtracks easily for Adobe Premiere Pro and Flash Professional projects. Create your
own soundtrack by dragging and dropping royalty-free Soundbooth Scores and sound effects
directly onto multiple tracks from the expanded selection of scores and effects in Resource
Central*. Polish scores and sound effects with professional processing and mastering tools.
Get professional-sounding mixes. Now you can handle large or complex multitrack projects
easily in Multitrack View. Size tracks to keep your entire project in view. Split clips or copy and
drag clips to different tracks. Automate volume settings. Optimize your soundtrack for your
delivery medium.
Fix audio problems fast. Soundbooth makes it easy to detect automatically and fix common flaws
such as hiss, hum, phase problems, crackling, and pops. Visually edit audio with familiar graphics
editing tools in Spectral View. Match the volume of multiple clips of dialogue.
Who uses Adobe Soundbooth?
Complete your production toolset
Gain a complete video production
solution with Adobe Creative Suite 5
Production Premium software. Get
more creative power at an appealing
price. In addition to Soundbooth,
Production Premium offers the latest
versions of Adobe Premiere Pro,
Flash Professional, Flash Catalyst,
After Effects, Photoshop Extended,
Encore, OnLocation, and Illustrator.
Move up to Production Premium to:
Smoothly integrate Soundbooth
audio editing with video. Adobe
Premiere Pro integrates smoothly
with Soundbooth, and can import
ASND audio directly from
Soundbooth with nondestructive
roundtrip editing. Improve the
accuracy of Speech Search in
Soundbooth by using Adobe Premiere
Pro to analyze reference dialogue or
to import an Adobe Story script.
Edit productions faster. Get native
64-bit performance in After Effects
and Photoshop Extended, and GPU
acceleration in Adobe Premiere Pro
and Photoshop Extended. Apply the
timesaving benefits of Soundbooth
and Production Premium to Final Cut
Pro and Avid Composer workflows
through roundtrip integration with
Adobe Premiere Pro.
Design interactive experiences.
Create engaging interactive media,
such as video portfolios, using
easy-to-use Flash Catalyst or with the
full power of Flash Professional,
which features close integration with
Soundbooth and other Production
Premium components.
Video editors and other video professionals use Soundbooth for a variety of common audio
tasks. With the benefits of a familiar timeline-based interface and tight integration with Adobe
Premiere Pro, Soundbooth makes it easy for video editors to fix problematic production dialogue.
Clearly labeled tasks facilitate such typical edits as removing various types of noise and matching
unequal dialogue volume levels.
Interactive designers use Soundbooth to record dialogue and voice-overs and add sound effects
and music to rich media. Using the multitrack editor in Soundbooth and the ability to export cue
markers FLV or XML files, designers can easily coordinate sound elements with a project. With its
royalty-free sound effects and Soundbooth Scores, Soundbooth helps designers create and mix
entire soundtracks, which can then be opened directly in Flash Professional.
Top new features of Adobe Soundbooth CS5
Improved multitrack editing
High-impact visual media depend on effective use of sound and music, and Soundbooth CS5
makes it easy to place sonic elements precisely to create the perfect blend of dialogue, voiceover, music, and sound effects. With the improved workflow in multitrack edit mode, you can
mix and edit multitrack projects faster and with more control. For example, you can resize the
tracks in Multitrack View to view entire multitrack projects at once or to zoom in on specific
tracks. Split, move, and copy audio clips more easily with enhanced clip editing; these
improvements let you align sound clips to specific points in a scene, duplicate clips within a
track, or move clips between different tracks.
With the new
global trackresizing feature in
Soundbooth CS5,
you can view
entire multitrack
projects or zoom
in on individual
tracks for precise
edits by clicking
and dragging
between tracks.
Working with
clips is also much
easier, with
enhanced dragand-copy and
clip-splitting tools.
For more information, see Adobe
Creative Suite 5 Production Premium
What’s New.
* See the last page for details and limitations related to all Adobe online services.
Adobe Soundbooth CS5 What’s New
Expanded library of royalty-free Soundbooth Scores and sound effects
Kick-start your soundtrack with a dramatically expanded selection of royalty-free content:
Soundbooth CS5 now offers access to the enhanced Resource Central* panel, where you’ll find
more than 10,000 sound effects and more than 130 customizable Soundbooth Scores. Scores are
easily identified by genre in Resource Central, which you access from within Soundbooth; just click
the Play button next to the title of each Soundbooth Score to hear a preview. Drag and drop sound
effects or Soundbooth Scores from Resource Central into your multitrack project to customize,
combine, and layer them. Soundbooth Scores include not just music, but ambience and
environmental sounds as well. Combine scores and sound effects until your soundtrack sounds
exactly the way you want, and it’s ready to send back to Adobe Premiere Pro or Flash Professional
for final export.
Soundbooth Scores: Flexible music and ambience for any production
Soundbooth Scores are extremely flexible and configurable. Professionally composed, each Score
is a multipart instrumental performance or a mix of instrumental and ambient sounds. Each
self-contained score has clearly marked sections such as intros, endings, and thematic variations.
You can easily align start and end times of a score with the length of a scene simply by dragging the
start and end points. Internal sections are automatically stretched or shortened to keep the
integrity of the performance consistent. If you need to shorten a scene by a few seconds, just drag
the end points to match the new length, and your soundtrack is automatically adjusted.
Intuitive controls make it easy to configure a score to match changes in mood and intensity
throughout a scene. By adjusting controls for intensity, atmosphere, and lead (an instrumental
variation), you can change the complexity and mood of the performance to evoke just the right
level of emotion for your scene. These controls can be adjusted overall in the Properties tab, and
you can also set their levels on the score itself to coincide with hit points in the scene.
Select Soundbooth Scores by music
genre from among the expanded
selection of Scores in the Resource
Central* panel; downloaded scores
are indicated by green checkmarks.
Each Soundbooth Score has
several performance parameters
that can be adjusted directly on
the score clip itself using
The Properties panel indicates the start
and end times and duration of a
Soundbooth Score, as well as settings
related to its instrumentation,
complexity, intensity, or other
performance parameters.
Sound effects: Much more than explosions
Crashes, explosions, and tire screeches are great to have in a sound effects library; they can save
you a lot of expense, not to mention threats to life and limb. But a good sound effects library offers
much more than bangs and booms. Among the 10,000+ sound effects available through
Soundbooth in Resource Central*, you’ll find sounds that can not only punctuate a scene, but set it
entirely. A wide variety of sound effects is easily accessible in Resource Central, organized in clearly
labeled categories such as Sports, Transportation, Household, Human Elements, Liquids/Water,
Weather, and others.
* See the last page for details and limitations related to all Adobe online services.
Adobe Soundbooth CS5 What’s New
System requirements
• Intel® Pentium® 4 or AMD Athlon® 64 processor (Intel Core™2 Duo or AMD Phenom®
II recommended)
• Microsoft® Windows® XP with Service
Pack 2 (Service Pack 3 recommended);
Windows Vista® Home Premium, Business,
Ultimate, or Enterprise with Service Pack
1; or Windows 7
• 1GB of RAM; 2GB for HDV and HD playback
• 2GB of available hard-disk space for
installation; additional free space required
during installation (cannot install on
removable flash-based storage devices)
• 1280x900 display with OpenGL 2.0–
compatible graphics card
• Microsoft DirectX or ASIO compatible
sound card
• DVD-ROM drive
• QuickTime 7.6.2 software required for
QuickTime features
• Broadband Internet connection required
for online services*
Mac OS
• Multicore Intel® processor
• Mac OS X v10.5.7 or v10.6
• 1GB of RAM; 2GB for HDV and HD playback
As with Soundbooth Scores, it’s easy to browse and preview
sound effects in the enhanced Resource Central panel. Drag
and drop the effects you like into one or more tracks. Zoom in
and increase the track height to align the effect precisely with
the scene. Adjust overall volume of the track using on-clip
controls, or set keyframes that match volume to changes in
scene intensity. Open an effect in Single-track Mode and apply
effects to give the sound punch and clarity with compression
and EQ, or to create a sense of space with reverb.
Among the huge number of sound effects, interactive
designers will find many that are ideal for triggering rollovers,
transitions, and other behaviors in FLV and SWF rich media.
Still using Soundbooth CS3?
For those still using Soundbooth CS3, upgrading to
Soundbooth CS5 also gives you the chance to catch up on all
the great features added in Soundbooth CS4. These include:
• Multitrack audio support. Work with multiple stereo tracks
simultaneously, rather than just one stereo or mono clip at a
time. Combine and edit dialogue, sound effects, and music in
a single file.
Foley footsteps is one of many
categories of sound effects accessible
in the Resource Central† panel.
• ASND multitrack audio file format. Share multitrack soundtracks directly with Adobe Premiere
Pro, After Effects, and Flash Professional, without having to export WAV files.
• 2GB of available hard-disk space for
installation; additional free space required
during installation (cannot install on a
volume that uses a case-sensitive file
system or on removable flash-based storage devices)
• Volume keyframing. Set clip volume levels to correspond with specific frames; with Soundbooth
Scores you can set keyframes for other performance attributes as well.
• 1280x900 display with OpenGL 2.0–
compatible graphics card
• MP3 preview. Preview and compare the sound of MP3 compression settings before you spend
the time on a full export of your soundtrack.
• Core Audio–compatible sound card
• DVD-ROM drive (SuperDrive recommended)
• QuickTime 7.6.2 software required for
QuickTime features
• Broadband Internet connection required
for online services*
• Automatic volume matching. Fix audio problems fast by matching the volume levels of multiple
audio clips to a reference clip with a single click.
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