Philips AVENT | SCH540/02 | Datasheet | Philips AVENT Digital thermometer set SCH540/02

Philips AVENT
Digital thermometer set
Gentle and accurate
Combining a digital and a soother thermometer.
Helping you to get a measurement of your baby's temperature, without upsetting your
baby. The soother thermometer uses the same shield and teat as the AVENT Freeflow
soother for easy transition from soother to temperature measurement.
Comfort for your child
• Choice to adapt temperature measurement method to suit baby
• Soft, flexible tip digital thermometer
• Specially designed pacifier thermometer
Fast and reliable digital temperature readings
• Clear measurement displays and battery status indicators
• Battery low indicator
Convenient for you and your baby
• Includes AVENT Freeflow Pacifier
Digital thermometer set
• Operating time on battery: >100 hour(s)
• Number of batteries: 1 per thermometer
• Battery type: LR41
• User manual
Technical specifications
• Operating temperature range: 32-42.9 °C
• Accuracy: 35-42 +/- 0.1 °C
• Measurement time: 10secs ±3secs in water (bath),
25secs ±10secs oral & rectal, 60secs ±10secs
Suitable for newborns
Flexible tip
Clear measurement display
Automatic shut-off
Battery status indicator
Country of origin
• Made in China: Thermometers, Yes
• Made in England: Soothers, Yes
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