Epson TM-T88V (012): Serial, PS, ECW, EU

Do you want a PoS receipt printer that sets new standards for environmental
compatibility, quality, reliability and total cost of ownership? Then the TM-T88V
is your first choice. The Epson TM-T88 series thermal printers have in the past
already set standards for a whole industry, with already over five million systems
installed. Now with the TM-T88V, Epson launches its latest flagship. The printer
benefits from proven predecessor technologies. With many new technical features,
this is the most cost-efficient, long-lasting and eco-friendly PoS thermal printer
ever developed by Epson.
Benchmark - Innovation
As one of the leading suppliers of products and solutions
in the print and digital imaging sectors, Epson is well-known
for its dynamic record of innovations. With its TM-T88V
thermal printer, the Japanese technology corporation
sets a new milestone. Whether it’s grey scale print, the
ENERGY STAR® certificate or the long life of its mechanical
and electronic components, the Epson TM-T88V is miles
ahead in technology and ingenious detail – impressive!
Benchmark - Total cost of ownership
Behind the technical perfection of the TM-T88V lie many years
of business experience, with over five million printer installations and a systematic process of improvement spanning
five generations. Significant key performance indicators –
system availability (MCBF), cutting capacity and print head
capacity for example – bear witness to the very low total
cost of ownership of the thermal printer. Its high degree of
reliability guarantees your productivity at the point of sale.
Benchmark - Economy
Cost efficiency is one of the key features of the TM-T88V, a
very important commercial consideration in these times of
cost constraints and tight margins. Whatever the operational mode, energy consumption is ultra low, there are many
ways to cut down on paper usage, and it has a durable,
robust, cost-cutting design – all ideal for the environment.
Benchmark - Sustainability
Under its sustainability initiative, Epson is committed to
maintaining high ethical and ecological standards. The
‘Epson Sustainability Report’, published annually, records
how Epson safeguards and continuously improves the
environmental credentials of its products and manufacturing
processes. The company is sustainable, too, in its ethical
relations with customers, business partners and workforce.
Benchmark – Environmental protection
Since 2000, Epson has been recording the environmental
impact of some the items in its production range. Life cycle
assessments (LCA) reveal the consumption, in terms of
raw materials and energy, occasioned by a product during
production, use and disposal and the associated emissions.
Thanks to ground-breaking improvement measures, Epson
has significantly improved the CO2 account of the printer.
The printer’s extremely long life is not the least of the factors
with a positive effect on its LCA.
With the TM-T88V, you get the most economic, cost-efficient and low-resource
use thermal printer ever designed by Epson. Its total cost of ownership has never
been so low. Thanks to its special construction method, it noticeably reduces
system downtimes and so saves you servicing costs.
Very high
system availability
durable design
Transparency through
remote maintenance
Component design improvements
have enabled Epson to make significant advances with key technical
performance indicators. The integrated
paper cutter’s performance rating has
now stepped up by 33% to the two
million cut level. The mean number
of work cycles between two failures
(MCBF) is now up by 35% on the
predecessor model to 70 million lines.
The print head now has a 50% greater
capacity than that of its predecessor.
The long warranty period (doubled
from two to four years) is impressive
testimony of these improvements.
The printer case lid, always subject
to extreme mechanical stresses, now
has metal hinges to minimise wear.
The paper feed mechanism is redesigned providing reliable protection
against till receipt wastage. If an
obstacle blocks the paper feed, the
receipt may get twisted, but the cut
will usually still be right on exit. Use
the TM-T88V in your catering area.
You’ll still benefit as before from the
electronic components’ good level
of encapsulation. And even when
the appliance is open, small splashes
won’t cause any major damage.
Too short maintenance cycles waste
money. Too long maintenance cycles
can cause system damage and high
consequential costs. Remote maintenance helps you monitor the operation of your TM-T88V around the
clock. Knowledge of the line feed,
cut numbers and operating times
enables you to plan the maintenance
programme for each printer precisely
and even carry it out online if necessary. This guarantees efficient printer
This slashes your total cost of
ownership to a really low level.
Protection against loss of sales
through cash till breakdowns.
Increases the productivity and
cost-efficiency of your maintenance programme.
The remote maintenance software enables
you to read paper consumption figures or cut
numbers, for example.
Your new till receipt printer, an ecological star setting new standards.
Choose the TM-T88V and score twice – protecting both the environment
and the climate.
Environmental protection
from a high-tech solution
Very low energy
Thrifty with paper
Throughout, from production to delivery, Epson focuses on careful use of
resources and continuous emission
reduction. All the processes and
materials deployed in the manufacture of the TM-T88V are at the cutting
edge of technology. Transportation,
packaging, use and recycling are all
designed to have the lowest possible
environmental impact. The TM-T88V
releases 10% less CO2 than its predecessor and so has the best CO2
life cycle assessment of any Epson
thermal printer so far.
As the world’s very first
thermal PoS receipt
printer, the Epson
TM-T88V has been
awarded the ENERGY
STAR® certificate for power-saving
office equipment because its energy
consumption is extremely low whatever the operating mode. In standby
mode it consumes less than 1 watt.
Overall, Epson has managed to cut
electricity consumption by 14%. The
ENERGY STAR® certificate is a first
for the PoS industry, a fact of which
Epson is especially proud.
The new fully automatic paper reducing function gives you the opportunity
to reduce the line spacing on each
receipt without altering the content.
Also, the TM-T88V prints the logo on
the next receipt before cutting the
one before it. This saves you up to
12 mm more paper per receipt.
Overall, these new functions give you
paper savings of up to 30%, depending on the length of the receipt. The
printer comes with an adapter so
you can also reconfigure it to print on
narrower paper (58 mm).
Epson makes an active contribution to protecting the
environment and the climate.
Reduces your energy costs
and protects the environment.
Reduces your costs on
consumables and protects
the environment.
Generates 10 % fewer life cycle CO2 emissions than the
previous model (TM-T88IV) and uses 14% less total power. *1
Saves up to approx. 30% of paper supply
with paper-saving functions. *2
ENERGY STAR® qualified.
*1 Calculated under Epson’s test conditions. A life cycle assessment was used to calculate the global warming impact of the product at each phase of its life cycle and express this as a CO2 equivalent. The life
cycle includes material & product manufacturing, transport, use by customer (assumed 5-year usage), and
disposal/recycling of end-of-life products, but not paper used. Total power consumption is calculated based
on 300 receipts per day, with printer power on for 16 hours/day and off for 8 hours/day for 365 days/years.
CO2 emissions and power consumption will differ depending on customer printer use.
*2 Top margin, line space, line feed and barcode height reduction functions.
up to 30%
paper savings
Till receipt without
paper reducing function
Till receipt with paper
reducing function
In the future, use your till receipts even more efficiently as a means of communication
with your customers. As one of the world’s first PoS thermal printers, the Epson
TM-T88V gives you grey scale print for greater contrast. Whether it’s an individual
check out coupon, loyalty voucher to collect or publicity for special offers, publicity
on the till receipt is a highly efficient marketing tool.
A first for grey
scale print
Software makes it easy
to design your receipts
A thermal PoS printer that can print
grey scale? The Epson TM-T88V is
the first to give you this function –
a valuable application for commercial
marketing – as standard. Add value
to your till receipts immediately with
graphics, images and logos that
display fine colour shading and much
of the charm of black-and-white
The Epson TM-T88V comes with
software that is intuitive to use and
makes child’s play of designing
receipt lay outs. Logos, graphics or
bitmaps all within your grasp with the
self-explanatory software. Format
fonts and graphic objects just as you
like. Once you’ve saved your print
image, it will appear on every printed
receipt. You can even use the software to configure the paper saving
Turn your receipts into
low-cost but dynamic
publicity tools.
The visual design of your
receipts made easy.
You have already installed Epson TM-T88 thermal printers and are planning to
switch to the next generation? Epson makes it easier to introduce the TM-T88V
than any new printer before.
Perfect integration into
all systems
The new till receipt flagship is compatible with the TM-T88III and IV
versions. The dimensions of the
case are no bigger than those of its
predecessor despite the many new
functions. Whether you have
Windows®, Linux® or Mac OSX®,
the TM-T88V supports all current
operating systems. As well as the
adaptable data interface (serial,
parallel, Ethernet, W-LAN or others),
a USB port is fitted as standard so
that a change to USB involves only
a simple change of data cable.
It is easy to switch
between interchangeable data interfaces
and the standard
USB connection.
The optional PS cover
under the case has
enough space to
hold the power pack
without increasing the
overall space needed
for the printer.
Significant key performance indicators, e.g. system availability
(MCBF), print head capacity or the number of possible cuts
bear witness to the very high efficiency of the TM-T88V.
The long warranty period of four years is additional proof of this.
The TM-T88V is a ‘green printer’. Evidence of its low environmental impact is its ever improving life cycle assessment.
Energy efficiency
As the first thermal printer in its class, the TM-T88V has been
awarded the ENERGY STAR® certificate. Its power consumption
in print and standby modes is extremely low.
Lightning printing speeds of up to 300 mm/s. The TM-T88V
also prints in graphics mode at a very high speed.
Print quality
With the new ‘automatic speed adjustment’ function, the
TM-T88V can be relied on to deliver consistent print quality even
with serial interfaces and slow communication.
Grey scale print
Best-of-breed technology for graphics printing at the point
of sale. Use grey scale printing to print graphics, images
and logos.
All printer components are easy to access and easy to clean.
Both hardware and software are exceptionally user friendly.
The TM-T88V is fully compatible with the predecessor models
TM-T88III and IV, and even the TM-T88II and 88I, with limitations.
Thanks to the additional built-in USB interface and selfexplanatory software, the TM-T88V is very easy and quick
to install.
The cables of the TM-T88V can be fitted to the front, rear or
side, as required. So printer installation is always uncluttered
and the likelihood of tripping minimised.
Printing method
Thermal line printing
Dot density
180 dpi × 180 dpi
Printing direction
Unidirectional with friction feed
Paper width
80 mm or 58 mm (with paper guide installed)
Printing width
When paper width is set to 80 mm: 72 mm {2.83“}, 512 dot positions;
When paper width is set to 58 mm: 50.8 mm {2“}, 360 dot positions
Characters per line (default)
For 80 mm paper: Font A: 42; Font B: 56; For 58 mm paper: Font A: 30; Font B: 40
Maximum printing speed
Text printing (with embedded fonts): 300 mm/s {11.81 inch/s}; Page mode printing: 300 mm/s
{11.81“/s}; Raster bit-image printing: 300 mm/s {11.81“/s}; Ladder bar code, 2-dimensional symbol
printing: 100 mm/s {3.94“/s}; (Printing speed may be slower depending on the data transmission
speed and the combination of control commands.)
Number of characters
Alphanumeric characters: 95; Extended graphics: 128 × 43 pages (including user-defined page);
International characters: 18 sets
Character structure
Font A: 12 × 24 (including 2-dot spacing horizontally);
Font B: 9 × 17 (including 2-dot spacing horizontally)
The optional wall mounting
is ideal for hanging up the
TM-T88V, in the kitchen
section for example.
Cutting method
Scissors type with separated blades
Cutting type
Partial cut (cutting with one point in left edge left uncut)
Supply method
Drop-in paper roll
Paper type
Specified thermal paper
Form and size
Roll paper, the chromogenic side must face outside.
Roll paper diameter
83 mm {3.27“} maximum
Roll paper core
Inside: 12 mm {0.47“}; Outside: 18 mm {0.71“}
Width: Same as the paper width or less than paper width by 1 mm.
Take-up roll paper width
For 80 mm paper width model: 80 + 0.5/- 1.0 mm {3.15 + 0.02/- 0.04“};
For 58 mm paper width model: 58 + 0.5/- 1.0 mm {2.28 + 0.02/- 0.04“};
Paper width
For 80 mm paper width model: 79.5 ± 0.5 mm {3.13 ± 0.02“};
For 58 mm paper width model: 57.5 ± 0.5 mm {2.26 ± 0.02“}
Receive buffer
Selectable as 45 bytes or 4 KB using the DIP switch.
User-defined buffer
12 KB (both for user-defined characters and user-defined bit images)
Macro buffer
2 KB
NV graphics memory
256 KB
NV user memory
1 KB
The optional power pack
case saves space by fitting
under the TM-T88V.
Supply voltage
DC + 24 V ± 7%; DC Current consumption (at 24 VDC, 25°C {77°F}, normal print density);
Operating: Mean: Approx. 1.8 A; Peak: Approx. 6.8 A (Font A, 42 columns);
Standby: Mean approximately 0.1 A
Standard: cashdrawer, power supply, built-in USB and changeable serial, parallel, W-LAN,
Ethernet or other interface
EMI and Safety Standards
CE marking: Directive: 2004/108/EC; EN55022 Class A; EN55024; IEC61000-4-2; IEC61000-4-3;
IEC61000-4-4; IEC61000-4-5; IEC61000-4-6; IEC61000-4-11; Safety Standard: TÜV (EN60950-1);
Conforms to International ENERGY STAR® program.
(when used with Epson interface and Epson PS-180 power supply)
Thermal head
150 million pulses, 150 km
2 million cuts: Specified original paper type PD150R, PD160R.
360,000 hours (Failure is defined as a random failure occurring at the time of the
random failure period.)
70 million lines (This is an average failure interval based on failures related to wear out and random
failures up to the life of 20 million lines.)
The TM-T88V is obtainable
with a variety of interchangeable interfaces.
Operating: 5 to 45°C {41 to 113°F}; Storage: - 10 to 50°C {14 to 122°F} (paper excluded)
Operating: 10 to 90% RH; Storage: 10 to 90 % RH (paper excluded)
4 years rtb
TM-T88V, spacer for 58mm paper, PS-180, power cable, power switch cover, user manual,
warranty sheet, paper sample, interface cover
Order over 5,000 models
to have the TM-T88V in the
colour of your choice
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