Set up: The 15 cards are shuffled and placed face down on the table

Set up: The 15 cards are shuffled and placed face down on the table
Set up:
The 15 cards are shuffled and placed face down on the table.
Game Play:
The oldest player takes any two cards and places them face up in the center of the table,
next to each other. Now the game begins!
On the two face up cards, exactly one object is identical. All players immediately look for
this object at the same time. Whoever believes they have found the match, quickly calls out
the name of the object and points at them to show the other players.
Whoever first called the
identical match correctly takes
one of the two face up cards
and keeps that card as a point.
Note: If a player should call
an incorrect match, they
are out of this round (with
these two cards) and the
others continue to look
until someone finds the
correct match.
For Example:
Tony has found the identical
item and quickly calls out,
"Butterfly". He points at the
two identical butterflies.
| identical match in the
For 2-8 players, Ages 5 to Adult
Playing Time: Approx. 15 minutes
Contents: 15 Cards
Object of the Game:
In Catch the Match, there are 15 cards that each have the same 15 items. On each pair of
cards the same 15 objects are always shown: TEDDY BEAR, DUCK, PENCIL, SWEATER,
are shown in 2 different colors, however, always in different combinations: sometimes the
teddy bear is yellow-green, sometimes it is green-yellow, sometimes it's red and blue, etc.
Any two cards always have one (and only one) object that is exactly identical in color. All
players play at the same time. Be the first to find this pair and say the name of the object
and point it out. If correct, the player takes one of the cards as a reward. The player with the
most cards, when all run out wins.
Absolutely Identical Not Identical
After Tony has chosen one of the two cards to keep in his
score pile, he turns over the top card of the stockpile and
places it above or below the other face up card.
Then, a new card is taken
from the pile of face down
cards and is placed face up
next to the other card on
the table. The next round
begins immediately. All
players look for the
same fashion as the first
Again, whoever finds the
identical match first, gets
one of the cards as a point.
The game is played in this
way, round after round.
54 £
End of Game:
| The game ends when only one card is left. The player with the most cards at the end of the
game is the winner.
When a player takes a card as a point, then that player should always select the card, which
has been in play for the longest period of time, in order to guarantee constant change.
Wanna Play Again? Shuffle all 15 cards and start over. The matches will always change
depending on which two cards are turned over, so every game is different!
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