Insteon Freezer Failure Sensor Version II
The IFF1V2 Insteon Freezer Failure Sensor provides a way to sense dangerous temperatures or the early failure of a
residential freezer. It interfaces to a standard I/O Linc device (purchased separately) and triggers Insteon devices based on
user settings. Version 2 has different packaging and an LED showing the temperature status on the back. (Green is Good,
Red is failure or above recommended settings.)
The sensor is completely self contained and uses a solid state transducer preset at the factory. There are three leads
extending from the sensor. The sensor should be placed in the freezer and the wire leads extended out the door to the I/O
Linc device. The freezer door will open and close normally with careful placement of the wires routed through the side or
bottom weather-stripping. The sensor should be placed away from the sides, top, and bottom of the freezer and surrounded
by food.
1) Connect the Shiny metal sensor wire to the I/O Linc “GND” Terminal (2nd from the left screw terminal.)
2) Connect the Black wire in to the I/O Linc “SENSOR” Terminal (3rd from the left screw terminal.)
3) Connect the Red wire in to the I/O Linc “5v” Terminal (1st from the left screw terminal.)
4) Plug your I/O Linc into an un-switched outlet . (The I/O Linc LED will come on.)
5) Your sensor should be at room temperature then press and hold the I/O Linc Set button until it beeps
(about 3 seconds.)
6) Plug in your INSTEON Responder (receiver) in to an un-switched wall outlet.
7) Now Press and hold the Set button on your INSTEON Responder (the device you wish to control) for at
least 3 seconds. (The I/O Linc will beep and its Status LED will return to steady “on” to confirm
linking.) The Insteon device will be “triggered” based on being at a higher temperature than the freezer
will settle at.
8) Plug devices you wish to control in to your Insteon Responder unit as required and place your sensor in
to the freezer to be protected.
9) Within about 20 minutes, your sensor will reach the correct temperature and the Insteon device will stop
NOTE: Observe polarity in connecting to the I/O Linc. Incorrect wiring to the I/O Linc can destroy the device. If the I/O
Linc and/ or Insteon Responder have been used previously, they need to be set back to their factory settings prior to use.
Minotaur Engineering
Patent Pending
Rev 2.2A – 4/19/15
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