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Software for
Document Management and Archiving
ELOoffice 9.0
Small Business Solution
ELOoffice 9.0
Simply better organized
The ELOoffice document management supports you
by handling the daily information capacity easily and
safely. You will be saving space, time, money and
ELOoffice 9.0
„Before ELOoffice, there existed only stone age. When the software can reduce our
workload and demand convenience, then we should use it. For me personally,
this means, I find my information much faster and need a lot
less shelf space.“
What our
customers say.
Dipl.-Ing. Herbert J. Joka, MBA (RWTH/HSt), Journalist & Publicist
Edit your daily document volume
easier and better with ELOoffice.
The document management system (DMS) ELO bundles your electronic files and paper documents together and
by a mouse click you can quickly bring them to your disposal. You will be able to follow the systematic processing of
packing slips, invoices and orders in the electronic ELO archive. With DMS, it's possible to reduce the time and effort
used for administrating documents up to 80 percent.
You want
... to find your documents quickly and accurately?
... to keep the overview on the daily growing flood of documents?
... to keep your desk free from annoying paper mountains?
... to understand processes faster?
... to manage your e-mail archiving easily and clearly?
... to work more productively in team and in the dailly routine?
... to store your documents electronically in a safe place?
Then ELOoffice is just what you want.
Software for Document Management and Archiving I www.elo.com
ELOoffice 9.0
ELOoffice runs continuous usability tests to guarantee user-friendly software applications.
In the parameter of a cooperation with the "Hochschule der Medien", new ideas are being
generated and discussed to help realize a new trend-setting user concept.
Did you know?
There are many reasons to use the
document management of ELOoffice.
In this age of quickly growing electronic information, means keeping the overview. The electronic administration from documents
and information functions with ELOoffice not only more efficiently, it's also a lot of fun. In ELOoffice, you manage your own
documents in a familiar order of archive criteria, for example: filing cabinets, folders and index files. The software can be used
at once, without time-consuming training. DMS can't get any easier.
Our new clear ribbon makes it possible for you to find functions and commands that much faster and easier.
You want your
electronic document:
to highlight?
to stamp?
or to add sticky notes?
It's no problem with ELOoffice.
DMS provides in the best way a familiar
working environment by using a pen, a stamp
and a note pad.
ELOoffice 9.0
The central part of an efficient search consist of a high-capacity database, which also enables
documents to be rapidly retrieved from large data files.
Did you know?
Search and
find at once
You're searching for an invoice or contract? Just give
the desired search criterion in the ELO-search mask;
for example, an invoice number or a contract date
and at once, you will find the wanted document in
the ELO archive.
Through the content search, direct to the goal
In addition to comprising the keywording search, ELOoffice also provides a fulltext search. You
will find; for example, a contract not only with the contract number, but also by the names or
other special terms, which are found in the document content.
Or you're searching for a scanned article, a PDF document or a delivery note? Also here, you
can use the fulltext search to recover quickly and safely, not only text documents (DOC, PDF
etc.) but also graphics and scanned documents.
Software for Document Management and Archiving I www.elo.com
ELOoffice 9.0
In accordance with the German fiscal code and the German basic principles of data access
and verifiability of electronic documents (GDPdU), businesses are required to store and save
tax relevant e-mails in electronic form.
Did you know?
(To learn more, take a look in our media centre www.elo.com)
can I help you further.“
Connect yourself to your
information flow.
A customer asks about his order, which he has previously sent to you
by e-mail? Another customer is on the telephone and wants to ask
about a state of procedure?
You can be thrilled, with ELO, you are ready to offer quick assistance.
Comfortably, you can open ELOoffice by just the click of a mouse and
have access to the customer's files or respective procedures. You
have next to the customers contracts or invoices, the entire relevant
correspondence in overview and can assist your customer
The special integration from ELOoffice in Microsoft Outlook makes
direct archiving possible for e-mail and other Outlook objects. This
immediately allows your e-mails to be saved in project related archives and then be recovered just as quickly. The e-mail will be
placed with its attachment in the ELOoffice archive, existing keywords;
for example, the sender, recipients or subject matter will be automatically taken over by ELOoffice.
Archiving e-mails,
just like you need it
You know better, how you want to optimally structure your e-mail.
The system supports both the synchronization of individual Outlook
files and selective manual filing in the ELOoffice archiving structure.
ELOoffice 9.0
„A very practical function from ELO is the task reminder, so that timely tasks are thereby
Gustav Fischer, CEO of Fischer-Ladenbau-Service
What our
customers are
That's teamwork
a really pleasure.
ELO offers all features, which are necessary in a team to
work optimally and safely.
It happens very frequently, that in the daily workload,
several persons may be working on the same document, in so doing, they get in each others way. The
following: work competition, missing current workflows
and considerable effort by tracking the process.
ELOoffice has even more functions for
efficient teamwork, that are amusing:
The CheckIn-/CheckOut-function makes sure, by
working together on a document, that conflicts
don't arise by document changes. It's obvious to all
colleagues, when one colleague has opened (checked
out) an ELO document and is working on it, that this document can be looked at, but is protected from any editing
until it has been checked back into the archive.
The task reminder function makes it possible to get
the job done on time. Important documents and processes can be time controlled and handled properly with
this function. It's possible to set tasks and time lines for
yourself and for colleagues.
Software for Document Management and Archiving I www.elo.com
The ELO Version management provides a clear record
of who has edited a document and when. Incase your
version is not satisfactory, you can simply view a previous
version, compare or restore it.
The ELO sticky notes and voice notes are not only
efficient, but also belong to the more favourite
ELOoffice-functions. Precisely in a team process are these
functions a basic tool for informative und transparent work.
Sticky notes, voice notes and individual stamps can be easily
attached to documents, allowing you to leave important messages and comments. A variety of different markers make it
possible to highlight specific locations in your document.
ELOoffice 9.0
„ELOoffice is the only reason for me, why I still have Windows running on my Mac. High
efficient TIFF compressing with very little data amounts are ideal for the massive amounts
of files, a logical and yet intuitive filing system, that lets you use both a key word, as well
as, a specific file search.
What our
customers say.
For me, a screenplay writer, is ELOoffice an ideal research and filing tool, and version 9,
offers even more flexibility with data exchange plus a much higher fun factor.“
Thomas Hernadi, Screenplay writer
Many paths lead you to
your destination
Decide for yourself
How does this document
arrive in the ELO archive?
The faster you place all of your documents in the ELO
archive, the faster you can retrieve them. For this reason, the scanning of paper documents in ELO is made
comfortably and easily as possible. Thanks to the standard interfaces, you can easily connect your scanner
with ELO and you're ready to go.
For example, when an invoice arrives in your office, you
can scan it directly into the archive. You have the possibility to manually keyword the document or automatically file it. How, that's for you to decide!
File quickly and automatically with barcode.
The integrated barcode solution makes it possible to
scan, automatically keyword and archive incoming
vouchers, such as: invoices, delivery notes or contracts.*
Archiving direct from the Office Suite
ELOoffice supports the standard packages of Microsoft
Office, StarOffice and OpenOffice.org. With the click of
a mouse, you can archive, research and open respective programs.
With the ELO Connector you speeding up
document filing considerably. You define, as the user,
the document zones; for example, the invoice numbers. The optical character recognition (OCR) automatically reads the zone from the invoice and copies the
values and the assignment into the keywording form.
*up to 200 documents per month
Handle many documents in a jiffy.
This function works with batch processing. It allows previously highlighted documents to be filed in a workflow.
ELOoffice 9.0
„What I like about ELOoffice; it has to do with one product that is continually being
developed and perfected. Especially distinguishing are the ELO macros for the Microsoft
Office products.
What our
customers are
The archive enclosure gives me the feeling of security against attacks from a third party on
my documents. The organizing principle is easy, therefore, quick to see through.“
Frank Paap, Diplom-Wirtschaftsinformatiker (FH)
In ELO, your information
feels at home...
... we place great importance on data security
Security in the ELO archive
The user and the key management in ELOoffice protects
your documents, as well as, your teamwork and also by
the daily handling of data. In addition, a 128 bit encryption algorithm ensures the safety of especially confidential
Higher security standard
Intelligent checking mechanisms like the checksum
guarantees an even higher standard of security. A checksum
is automatically calculated over the document content
during the archiving process. This information can help
show at anytime, whether the document is the original or
Software for Document Management and Archiving I www.elo.com
Security in the future
with PDF/A and TIFF
For a long term archiving, we can file any documents in
the archive using the ELO-TIFF- or the ELO PDF/A-printer.
The worldwide standard format TIFF and PDF/A offer in
connection with ELO two major advantages: For one, the
storage of documents in read only format, and for another,
the readability of the document even after many years.
ELOoffice 9.0
Due to the daily increasingly growing electronic filing at work, there is also the increased
need for its safer storage. Today, we regulate these specifications for long-term and verifiable
retention and deletion of electronic documents and information by German laws and
regulations; such as, GDPdU, HGB or AO and the generally accepted principles of computerbased accounting systems.
Did you know?
(Learn more in our media centre at www.elo.com)
Electronic Archiving and what the
lawmaker expects from me
There are legal regulations concerning archiving
which businesses must comply with. It's true, the law
doesn't make any distinction whether you are selfemployed, a small or a large company.
We are taking care of the
legal guidelines
By using a DMS, such as ELOoffice, you are already on
the safe side. ELO helps you by keeping the legal guidelines and all information parallel at your disposal quickly
and at anytime.
Even more, with ELOoffice
you are ready for your annual audit
With the help of an export function in ELOoffice, the archive can be exported very simply, as a whole or in part, just by burning the information onto an external storage media. The DVD for example can be delivered directly to your auditor. Since
January 1, 2002, the tax authorities have been requesting documents in electronic form based on the German GDPdU
regulations on tax related documents, and then digitally auditing them.
ELOoffice 9.0
Immerse yourself in the ELOoffice-world. At www.elooffice9.com you can test the
software and find videos, photo galleries, as well as, all the ELOoffice 9.0 trivia.
Did you know?
Your all around comfortable package:
Or would you like more?
Individual needs?
no problem
Do you need an interface to a branch-specific application like ERP-, merchandising or CAD system? No problem, ELOoffice offers quality proven
add-on modules to give the solutions that fit perfectly to your business.
The comprehensive partner network provides ELO with detailed industry
know-how, which flows into the software development.
expand yourself easily
You will quickly discover for yourself the advantages by using ELO and
have the urge to further expand. Thus allowing, for example, complete
workflows to be automatized or special tasks to be customized. In addition, the high-performance interface ELOscript allows for further individual function expansion.
The ELO support
competent and reliable
With the purchase of ELOoffice, you have not only a high-powered product, but also a reliable support system. So naturally we offer you competent support for all technical questions relating to ELOoffice.
Training courses
for more know-how
For customers who want to inform themselves more intensively and
comprehensively with the ELOoffice subject matter, we offer ELOoffice
end customer training courses. The functions of ELOoffice are explained
simply and effectively, along with optimal practical exercises.
Where can I buy ELOoffice?
ELOoffice is obtainable by our certified ELOoffice Channel-Partners. Through comprehensive training, continuous
development and certification, our partners have sound knowledge of ELOoffice solutions. This is the best guarantee
that you will receive, not only innovative technology, but also individual and competent service. To find your nearest
ELOoffice channel partner, go to our website at www.elo.com.
Software for Document Management and Archiving I www.elo.com
ELOoffice 9.0
„In despite of the numerous improvements and alterations in ELOoffice 9.0, ELO has
kept true all these years to its original idea. The idea of easy and clear filing structures
with file cabinets, folders and indexes. That's why working with ELOoffice is so easy
and understandable. The product signalizes itselft through its high reliability and data
safety. I have been using ELOoffice since its inception and haven't regretted my
decision once.“
What our
customers are
Rene Kühne, EDV-representative
ELOoffice 9.0 - The Highlights
Your demands are our motivation
Ribbon – clear and intuitive
A clear user interface saves a great deal of time and work
on a daily basis. You will find ELOoffice functions and commands much faster and easier to use due to the new ribbon.
ELO Connector – comfortable archiving
Do you want to speed up your scanning and filing process? The connector functionality is the answer, it makes
sure the information from the scanned documents can
be easily read and entered in the keywording.
Sticky notes and stamps – easy and efficient
Do you want to emphasize important points in
your document by colour highlighting, stamping
or placing a sticky note? With ELOoffice you won't have to
do without your familiar working styles, using pens, stamps
and note pads. Like usual, you attach sticky notes, for example, on your archive documents or use a standard
stamp or self made stamp to mark files.
Pre-keywording - use existing infos
Use your exising document information like Word, JPEG
or TIFF for direct keywording. With ELOoffice you can easily
accept existing data information like file names, file dates
or file sizes automatically into the keyword. It's possible by
scanned TIFF-files to use the entire text as support for the
Barcode – fast and automatic filing
Barcodes are an excellent tool for archiving. They
allow you to quickly and automatically by keywording and archiving incoming vouchers such as: invoices, delivery notes or contracts. ELOoffice now offers as a
standard the possibility to construe barcodes on to documents and process them respectively.*
* up to 200 documents per month
ELOoffice 9.0
The ELO Digital Office GmbH is the market leader in the small business sector for
document management and archiving. We take responsibility for our software and are
continually working on further developments. It is our goal to meet the ever changing
market demands, as well as, the demands of our users.
Did you know?
ELOoffice 9.0 - The Highlights
Your demands are our motivation
Stack keywording – processing many documents at a hit
Batch processing allows for a multitude of received documents to be processed all at once. Many
more previously highlighted documents can be filed
with only one workflow.
Creating a task reminder while filing
– working on schedule
By placing your invoice in a file, it automatically
attaches a task reminder to control the payment period;
and by doing so, working on time has been guaranteed.
You can use this function with any document.
Adaptive filing wizard – intelligent archiving
This feature saves a great deal of time with archiving
files. The user files a document type (keywording form)
and ELOoffice automatically suggests an intelligently
chosen file location. Therefore, the user has been
spared the task of defining a specific and complicated
filing clause.
Send a document as a PDF file – safe and comfortable
Any printable document can be sent directly
from ELOoffice in a PDF format. The conversion
takes place automatically in the sending process,
the respective document remains in the archive in its original format. This guarantees, regardless in which format the
original document is, in the ELOoffice archive, it will arrive in
PDF format by the recipient.
Creating – a path automatically
You can deposit a file in the keywording form,
so that the index filing can start even though
the filing target was not found. In this case the missing
folder are filed automatically. The automatic filing via
keywording information makes it possible for the quick
and safe processing of documents, these directories
can be assigned while keywording.
Software for Document Management and Archiving I www.elo.com
ELOoffice 9.0
ELOoffice 9.0 - Function overview
• Up to 4 possible archives each with 200 000 documents
• Direct search in all index information and fulltext
• Up to 15 archive levels
• Automatic filing with adaptive filing wizard
• Networking for up to 10 users
• Transfer of EXIF data from digital cameras
• Archive data filing possible on all common network systems,
e.g. Windows Server, Novell etc.
• Separate scanner settings for certain document types
• One ELO licence per workstation is required
• Profile management for local archives and archives in the network
Over 40 directly supported file formats, such as TIFF, BMP,
JPG, PDF, HTM, WAV, MPG, AVI, ZIP, DOC(X), XLS(X) and other common formats, as well as a number of PC documents via OLE 2.0 interface
• Document display with continuous adjustment zoom
25 - 200%, any rotation at 90°-angle, and full screen mode with
integrated preview function of multipage TIFFs
• Integrated OCR software ABBYY Finereader for text recognition
in all displayable image files
• Configurable toolbar, programmable with
a macro and script interface
• Reorganization mechanisms for database and documents
• Low space requirements for scanned documents through
compression from PDF and CCITT Fax G4, ~50 KB per b/w document
• Any mobile exchange of archives (e.g. with CD, DVD,
USB-Stick, ZIP-Drive) using export and import functions between
PC-Systems (e.g. laptops)
• Documents- and file import by Drag & Drop
The integrated ELO TIFF printer and ELO PDF/A printer are
special printer drivers which enable you to save your
documents in TIFF or PDF/A format in ELOoffice, directly from any printing application
• 128 bit document encryption
• Comprehensive report function, e.g. system info, task reminder / mailbox report and system diagnostics report
• Any data exchange via the Windows clipboard
• Integrated barcode recognitions and capturing (up to 200 per month)
• Import of fax- and netzwork documents via the mailbox
• Import of e-mail by direct Microsoft Outlook connection
• Document dispatch as e-mail directly from the program
• Up to 50 possible index fields for keywording a
document type, 200 document types in an archive
• Free mask creation for any desired document type with
support of wizard
• Keyword lists, global and related to document type
• Attaching of sticky notes, comments,
and stamps on document archives
• Thumbnail preview in the work areas "Archive“ and
• Searches within TIFF-, PDF- and Office-documents
through the fulltext database
• Documents can be combined with video and voice information
such as, any file systems
System requirements:
• CPU with 1 GHz, 512 MB RAM
• DVD-ROM drive
• Screen resolution XVGA (1024 x 768) with 24 bit colour
• Operating system: Microsoft Windows XP, 2003, Vista (32/64 bit) or Windows 7 (32/64 bit)
• Program: 700 MB available hard disk space
• Additional memory capacity for archive data: 1 GB for
20 000 Scanned pages b/w
• TWAIN-compatible Scanner systems
• Network scanner
• DVD burner
• Microsoft Office 2003, 2007 + 2010
ELOoffice 9.0
The Südzucker AG, Europe's largest sugar producer, began with ELOoffice in the accounting
department and later went corporation-wide with ELOenterprise. The employees
recommended the software, because they already had great experiences using the office
version privately.
Did you know?
Higher investment protection for the future
With ELOoffice, you're getting an easy and inexpensive DMS software solution, which provides exactly what you need
for your daily working tasks in a small business. A substantially complexer demand profile, in contrast, is needed for a
DMS-/ECM-solution to accommodate a large corporation. Goal directed handling from large amounts of vouchers and
the management of many users, plays a large roll. ECM-solutions, ELOprofessional and ELOenterprise cover the ELO
Digital Office needs, first and foremost, for the middle-size businesses and the large corporations. All three ELO-solutions
are completely interchangeable with one another. The user can change over to the next higher version at anytime. This
means a higher degree of investment protection for you: when your business grows, your ELO DMS grows just as easily
with it! Learn more at www.elo.com under products.
Software for Document Management and Archiving I www.elo.com
Simply better organized
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