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multi purpose lcd projectors - Hitachi Digital Media Group
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Compatible with
Projector Quick Connection App
Hitachi wireless projectors: clear, effective, energy saving presentations.
Hitachi multipurpose projectors harness the latest wireless technology to deliver easier network connectivity, enhanced energy saving features – and the bright, clear images
you need for successful lessons, lectures and meetings.
Wireless connectivity
Low Total Cost of Ownership
Wireless capability and network functionality
iOS Connectivity*
Hitachi’s range of Multi Purpose projectors allow you to connect
to your wireless network, letting you run lessons or presentations
wirelessly from your laptop. The USB wireless adaptor enables the
projector and computer to communicate both directly or via a wireless
network infrastructure. The optional USB wireless adaptor supports all
IEEE802.11b/g/n networks, and simply slots into place.
Using our ‘Projector Quick Connection’ application, users will be able to
wirelessly display documents, images and web pages from their iPad®, iPod
touch® and iPhone® on all of our Multi Purpose projectors. The application
will also allow users to control the projector via their iOS devices.
Optional USB
wireless adapter
*Our ‘Projector Quick Connection’ application can be downloaded from the App StoreSM. iPad® application launch date planned for
August 2012 and iPhone®/iPod touch® application launch planned for October 2012. Available using the following file formats: jpg,
bmp, png, gif, PDF, Excel®, Word®, PowerPoint®, Keynote®, Numbers®, Pages® and Web pages.
Optional USB
wireless adapter
Eco features based on ImageCare® technology
ImageCare combines optimal picture performance with maximum energy savings. This technology has been integrated to enhance our
existing industry-leading eco features. Find out how much you can save using our Energy Savings Calculator at:
Saver Mode
Intelligent Eco Mode
The Saver Mode reduces lamp power by 70% compared to Normal
Mode, resulting in considerable energy savings. You can set the time
for Saver Mode from 1 to 30 minutes. If the projected image does not
change within the set time, the Saver Mode is activated.
When Intelligent Eco Mode is selected, the lamp power adjusts according
to screen brightness. Lamp power decreases when the image is dark and
increases when the image is bright. Using Intelligent Eco Mode increases
the contrast ratio of the projector while decreasing the use of electricity.
Lamp power 100%
70% reduction in lamp power
Without access point
With access point
Access point
Lamp power reduces
down to 65%
Advanced network functions
Campus notification system
Crestron RoomView Software
RoomView™ software provides a custom configurable interface to
monitor, manage and control every device in every room remotely from
any computer. RoomView Connected™ Projector Support Projectors
with Crestron inside already connect directly to RoomView Express
software. Built-in network connectivity provides instant status and remote
technical support so your class or meeting is never interrupted. Broadcast
messaging ensures a safe environment. Instructors can send an urgent
memo to the main office, and administrators can alert presenters in every
room with just one click. Schedule all the projectors throughout the facility
to turn off at the end of the day, saving energy and preserving lamps.
Effective security
Extended lamp and filter life
These projectors are equipped with a security bar, PIN-Lock, MyScreen
Lock and Transition Detector functions.
Lasting up to 6000 hours the lamp and Hybrid Filter require less frequent
maintenance and cleaning, extending the overall life of the projector.
Easy access to both ensures simple maintenance and quick replacement.
Send text messages and audio alert sounds simultaneously to all
projectors on the network. It is an easy and efficient way to send campus
wide notifications.
Now with Audio Alert
Administration room
This function is not intended or guaranteed for the distribution of warning messages created by security systems.
Multi projectors*
You can also project the same image via up to 12 projectors
simultaneously. This is useful for meetings and lectures in large venues to
allow all participants easy view of a screen.
Lamp power 100%
Valuable performance features
Compatible with Hitachi Solution products
Present without a PC
All new Multi Purpose models are fully compatible with our innovative
Hitachi Solution products*, which enhance interactivity, simplify installation
and easily accommodate multiple devices with complex connections.
With 2 USB type A inputs both the optional wireless adapter and one of
our Solution products can be used simultaneously.
A USB memory stick** or other suitable storage device allows you to
display your presentation or images through the projector without the
need of a computer. With the addition of ‘iOS Connectivity’ you can also
present from your iPad®, iPhone® or iPod touch®.
Beginning of slideshow
Unplayable slides within slideshow
End of slideshow
TB-1 Wireless Pen Tablet
*Multiple projector function will be provided later by software updates. Video transfer speed may vary depending on number of
projectors connected, and a wired network may offer faster rates.
CS-1WL Wireless Document Camera
Projector 2
IM-1P Interactive Camera Unit
Projector 1
Projector 3
Projector settings can be transferred
to other projectors via a USB memory
stick. This makes it easy to use other
projectors without having to take the
time to configure the settings.
*Compatible Solution products include: Wireless Pen Tablet TB-1, Interactive Camera Unit IM-1P, Wireless Document Camera CS-1WL, Wireless Multi-Functional switcher MS-1WL, WHDI Transmitter/Receiver bundle WT-R1. For further
information and specifications please refer to our website *Not compatible with all USB storage devices.
Versatile connectivity
The projectors provide a wealth of connectivity options. You can connect
a variety of devices, to support all your projection needs. From DVD
players and PCs to a wireless network, a Local Area Network or a simple
mouse connection, Hitachi has done everything possible to ensure easy
versatile connections that make your projector do more for you.
HDMI input
White light output (brightness) (ANSI Lumens)
Colour light output (colour brightness) (ANSI Lumens)
Contrast ratio
Lamp life
Diagonal display size
Keystone correction
Focus distance
Distance to width ratio (:1)
Computer compatibility
Component video
HDMI video
Basic functions
Picture adjustments
Digital keystone
Advanced features
Power on & off
Security systems
OSD languages
Digital input
Computer input
Monitor output
Video input
Audio input
Audio output
USB Type A
USB Type B
Wired network
Wireless network
Power supply
Power consumption/Standby
Dimensions (W x H x D)
Noise level
Air filter
USB Type B
Computer In 1
Computer In 2
Audio In 3
Audio In 1/2
Control (RS-232C)
HDMI provides completely digital connections,
ensuring that lessons and presentations can be
delivered with the highest image quality.
Model USB Type A
USB Type A
LAN (RJ-45)
Security Bar
Kensington Slot
Monitor Out
Audio Out
Composite Video
CP-X2515WN CP-X3015WN CP-X4015WNCP-WX3015WN
XGA (1024 x 768)
2700 (Normal Mode)/1800 (Eco Mode)
2700 (Normal Mode)/1800 (Eco Mode)
XGA (1024 x 768)
3200 (Normal Mode)/2100 (Eco Mode)
3200 (Normal Mode)/2100 (Eco Mode)
XGA (1024 x 768)
4000 (Normal Mode)/2600 (Eco Mode)
4000 (Normal Mode)/2600 (Eco Mode)
6:1 upward shift, fixed
0.8m~9.0m (Wide), 1.0~10.8m (Tele)
1.5 (Wide), 1.8 (Tele)
Manual focus, manual zoom x 1.2
5000 hours (Normal Mode)/6000 hours (Eco Mode)*
30"~300" (76cm~762cm)
6:1 upward shift, fixed
9:1 upward shift, fixed
0.8m~9.0m (Wide), 1.0~10.8m (Tele)
0.8m~9.0m (Wide), 1.0~10.7m (Tele)
1.5 (Wide), 1.8 (Tele)
1.5 (Wide), 1.8 (Tele)
WXGA (1280 x 800)
3000 (Normal Mode)/2000 (Eco Mode)
3000 (Normal Mode)/2000 (Eco Mode)
49:1 upward shift, fixed
0.9m~9.7m (Wide), 1.1~11.8m (Tele)
1.5 (Wide), 1.8 (Tele)
IBM Compatible VGA, SVGA, XGA, WXGA, WXGA+, SXGA, SXGA+, UXGA (compressed), MAC 16"
525i(480i), 525p(480p), 625i(576i), 1125i([email protected]/60), 1125p([email protected]/60), 750p([email protected]/60)
525i(480i), 525p(480p), 625i(576i), 1125i([email protected]/60), 750p([email protected]/60), 1125p([email protected]/60)
16W Mono (8W x 2)
Freeze, Magnifying, Blank, Auto adjustment, Search, Page Up & Down (for USB mouse function), Auto signal search, Auto eco mode
Aspect selection (video, data, HDMI), Equalizing Gamma Correction, Equalizing Colour temperature adjustment, 2-3 pull down for NTSC, Mirror reverse image, Up-side down image,
Progressive Scan, Noise Reduction, Overscan
Auto V keystone ±30 degrees (@XGA 60Hz)
MyScreen, My Memory, My Button, My Text, My Source, Picture mode (normal, cinema, dynamic, blackboard, whiteboard, greenboard), Daytime Mode, Input Source Naming (English), Resolution setting,
Template, Closed Caption (for NTSC & component 480i only), Audio pass through, Framelock, Audio ports assign, Cloning, Saver Mode, Drawing function (Optional wireless pen tablet TB-1 is necessary),
Eco Mode (Normal, Eco, Intelligent Eco, Saver), iOS Connectivity, ImageCare®
Easy lamp replace from top, Air filter slides towards front side or top
Direct On, Auto Off
Security bar, PIN-Lock, MyScreen Password, Keypad-Lock, Kensington slot, Transition detector, My Text Lock, Security label
Network presentation (PC still/moving picture transfer), Campus Notification System, Configure and control projector via web browser, receive alerts via e-mail, projector management via SNMP, Crestron
RoomView®, Scheduling, My Image, displaying text data transferred via the network, Command Control via network, AMX Device Discovery, PJ Link™, Network Bridge
English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Norwegian, Dutch, Japanese, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Korean, Swedish, Russian, Finnish, Polish, Turkey, Arabic, Persian, Czech, Danish,
Hungarian, Romanian, Slovenian, Croatian, Greek, Lithuanian, Estonian, Latvian, Thai, Portuguese (Brazil), Indonesian, Vietnamese
1 x HDMI (HDCP compatible)
2 x 15-pin Mini D-sub
1 x 15-pin Mini D-sub (RCA combination)
2 x 15-pin Mini D-sub (shared with analogue computer in 1/2)
1 x RCA for composite
1 x Mini-DIN for S-Video
2 x Stereo Mini Jack
1 x RCA (L/R) pair
1 x Microphone Jack (stereo mini)
1 x pair RCA (L/R)
2 x USB Type A (for PC-less presentation and wireless network)
1 x USB Type B (for USB display or USB mouse control)
1 x RJ-45
Option, IEEE801.11b/g/n ready (optional wireless adapter required)
1 x 9-pin D-sub for RS-232C control
100-120V/220-240V, auto switching
300W/<0.5W (AC 220-240V)
317 x 98 x 288mm (excluding feet and extrusions)
29dB (Eco Mode)/36dB (Normal Mode)
Hybrid (up to 6000 hours)
Indicator lights (lamp, temp, power), Ceiling mount image, Rear projection image, Serial number label on side, MAC PC support: PJ Control software, MAC address label on side, LiveViewer software
Remote control with batteries (HL02881), Computer cable, Power cord, Lens cap, Security label, Adapter cover, User manual (detail & concise), Network & wireless software (CD-ROM)
Replacement lamp/lamp Wattage
USB wireless adapter
Solutions products
DT01371/215W UHP
TB-1 wireless interactive tablet, IM-1 interactive camera unit, IM-1P interactive camera unit, MS-1 wireless multi-functional switcher, CS-1WL wireless switcher with camera
3 Years/6 Months** (for education and extended warranties, please contact your local dealer)
HITACHI DIGITAL MEDIA, Hitachi Europe Ltd, Whitebrook Park, Lower Cookham Road, Maidenhead, Berkshire SL6 8YA UNITED KINGDOM
Tel: +44 (0)1628 585 000 Fax: +44 (0)1628 585 163
*The stated lamp and filter life refers to the average life expected in ideal operating conditions with usage in accordance with the manual. The majority of, but not all lamps and filters should achieve this figure. **A free replacement lamp will be issued if the
original lamp is less than 6 months old and it has only been used for less than the hours stated on lamp warranty from the date of first use. Where a lamp fails and a replacement lamp is taken under warranty, the duration of the warranty for the replacement
lamp shall be the remainder of the original warranty period only. HDMI, the HDMI logo and High-Definition Multimedia Interface are trademarks or registered trademarks of HDMI Licensing LLC. AMX and the AMX logo, and Device Discovery are all registered
trademarks of AMX. Crestron® and RoomView™ are registered trademarks or trademark of Crestron Electronics, Inc. iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. App Store is a service mark of Apple Inc.
The specification above and photography is for reference only and may be subject to change.
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