KAIZER 16P us 0810 - Pacific Medical/Axis Medical/Precision

KAIZER 16P us 0810 - Pacific Medical/Axis Medical/Precision
Beyond the Technology
Beyond the Technology
Huvitz Building 689-3, Geumjeong-dong
Gunpo-si, Gyeonggi-do, 435-862, Korea
Te l : + 82-31-442 - 8868
Fax : + 82-31-477 -8617
http : //www.huvitz.com
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KAIZER, a machine ambitiously conceived to be
the most charismatic king of the kings:
A creation beyond the conventional systems; A joyful work environment with superior
and ergonomic design; Precise and fast performance; A system trustable at any time.
An incomparable edging solution.
The KAIZER will honor your business; with its appearance and performance.
Effective multi-tasked auto blocking.
•Automatic recognition and display of all types of lenses
on the screen by 1:1 ratio.
•Real time information transmission to the edging body.
All the latest trends in handling the beveling and milling functions!
Faster drilling!
•Integrated, robust and fast milling function that avoids any axis twisting.
•Take care of numerous tasks simultaneously by
•Asymmetric and customizable beveling for high curved goggles.
•Easy graphic interface (GUI)
•10.4" 1024x768 high resolution LCD
Smart job manager.
•You can process and cut your next lens while the
drilling job is in process.
Powerful and faster milling and beveling.
Mini bevel
Asymmetric bevel
Customizing bevel / grooving
Semi U bevel
Hybrid grooving &
beveling combined
Asymmetric bevel
More innovative and faster milling!
•Precise milling function for PC, high index and plastic lens.
(Glass optional)
•A perfect and definitive solution that prevents axis twisting
of special hydrophobic lenses.
Diverse beveling options!
•Mini-beveling for extremely small bevel frames
•Asymmetric, semi-U beveling for high curve goggle frames
•Partial grooving, for premium design frames.
•Hybrid grooving to combine grooved and beveled area in
one lens for extremely fashionable and trendy frames.
Clear and precise touch screen
•Beveled and grooved area simulation function before
processing to determine their exact positions.
Tilting touch screen / LED-lite edging cavity
Dual side lens feelers
Premium edger with high-end digital technology and precision that guarantee
the faster speed and convenience with very easy-to-follow menu screens.
SD Card
Water nozzle
Enhanced power performance
•Powerful and durable direct-drive wheel motor.
•Faster lens processing by implementing strong servomotor
providing 1-horsepower.
Milled lens
•50% faster lens feeling process by using dual lens feelers
simultaneously from the front and back sides.
•Faster data processing by high-performance 1GHz CPU.
•Grooving / Beveling position and width can be adjusted by
0.01 mm steps offering incomparable precision.
Faster milling tool in action!
Concave lens cut
Save time with the efficient digital scanning and hole detection of KAIZER!
The KAIZER HAB-8000, Full automation by simply pressing
the start button.
•By simply placing the lens in the blocking center, the lens is displayed on
screen by 1:1 ratio in real-time and size.
•Tracing and hole editing time can be saved dramatically by real-time simulated
lens and hole detection function!
•Traced frame data, FPD, frame diameter and other key changes are transmitted
to the edger in real-time.
Automatic recognition of lens center for all kinds of lenses
•Automatic lens type recognition: single vision, bi-focal, progressive, etc.
•Accurate reading of SPH, CYL, AXIS by integrated high performance lensmeter.
•No lens needs to be marked!
All in one! Tracer, Lensmeter and Auto Blocker! With tilting touch screen display
Automatic Progressive Lens Detection
Digital Scan and Hole Detection
Frame reading, lens centering and blocking are performed automatically
by placing the lens.
Maximize the efficiency by advanced digital and optical technology and
user-friendly Interface.
High curve frame tracing
Integrated lensmeter
Automatic Blocking
Acrylic Dust Cover
Extreme freedom of modifying size, axis, and shape of lens.
•The ‘Digital Pattern Layout’ of Huvitz KAIZER system allows users to modify
lens frames with extreme ease.
•Easy rimless/semi-rimless hole editing through large and sensitive touch-screen
and intuitive graphical interface menu.
Variety of supplementary features for user convenience.
•Storage drawer for lenses and blocking pads.
•Sliding dust cover for frame reader to ensure durability and precision.
Hole Editing
Digital Pattern
KAIZER HDM-8000, in your hands, the best timesaving solution to increase your profitability!
Dynamic speed and precision in your business!
The KAIZER HFR-8000 frame tracer!
Job Manager
Simultaneous lens cutting and drilling is possible by smart job manager!
16,000pts high-resolution scanning and digital filtering technology.
•Significantly reduces the processing time by systematic data profiling
•Precise scanning of all metal and plastic frames.
•Binocular and monocular tracing are both available to meet users’
accuracy and efficiency needs.
Safety is the most important, all the time!
Perfect process of stereoscopic scan feature.
•Safe Automatic Door Control by movement detection sensor.
•Accurate tracing of high-curve frames with unique HUVITZ
Door will never move down, if your hands are in movement for lens
스타일러스 / 트레이싱
High curve frame reading
mechatronic technology
loading and unloading.
Keep your working environment clean!
Now special frames are not challenging!
•Removable waste collector drawer keeps the driller clean at all times.
•Accurate scanning for concave shape, sharp edge, and narrow
Drilled lenses
frame is very easy!
Slide cover that prevents dust accumulation.
•Keeping out dust will ensure durability and precision.
Waste collector Drawer
Dust Cover
Concave shape reading
KAIZER HMB-8000, The simplicity is another
advantage: energy-saving and auto-sensing
feature will surprise you!
The best and most-suitable combination of functionality
with your budget in mind!
The whole KAIZER system combination!
Your satisfaction is guaranteed, with its
compact and robust structure: streamlined
functionality and intuitive graphics and energysaving integrated features.
Type A
Type B
Type C
Type D
Type E
Type F
Compact and sleek design with luxurious feel
•Simple, and it makes your work environment look great.
Adjustable LED intensity.
•Lifetime durability LED lamp.
•Easy to mark and block even with dark-tinted lenses by
Progressive Lens setting
brightness control function
Auto power-saving mode
•Automatic power off after confirming the marking points
•Automatic power off and sleep mode after preset time
White LED lamp
Brightness control knob
Remote Edging Solution with The Kaizer Remote Assistant
Lens Material
Plastic, Polycarbonate, High index plastic, Glass,
Edging Mode
(Normal, Asymmetric, Mini, Auto, Manual Mode)
Flat Edging
Grooving (Normal, Partial, Manual Mode)
Safety Beveling
•You can enjoy the great functions of the HERA to support downloading
job data to Auto Blocker device
Job Manager, Digital Pattern, Hole Editor,
Retouch, Bevel / Groove Simulation
LCD Tilting
Automatic Edging Room Door
Inside Edging Room Illumination,
SD Card Storage (Memory Included)
Barcode Reader (Optional)
10.4 inch Color TFT LCD (1024 x 768)
with Touch Screen
Edging Size
Max 90 mm
Min - Flat Edging : 18.5 mm (without Safety Bevel)
- Bevel Edging : 20 mm (without Safety Bevel)
Dimensions / Weight
Power Supply
Power Consumption
540(W) x 472(D) x 580(H) mm / 51 kg
AC 100~120V / AC 200~240V 50/60 Hz
1200W (110V Model), 1500W (220V Model)
Wheel Type
Glass Roughing Plastic Roughing Wide Plastic
Plastic Roughing Asymmetric
Intra-Lab Networking Solution
•You can enjoy the data compatibility of HERA IntraWorks
•You can add export/import function to the HERA IntraWorks for frame DB migration
Auto Blocker
Lens Material
Asymmetric Beveling
Semi U Beveling
Mini Beveling
Partial Grooving
Hybrid Grooving
Drill Machine
Hole Type
Hole Size
Tilting Scope
Hole Depth
Range of Hole Drilling
Slot Width
Slot length
Dimensions / Weight
Power Supply
Power Consumption
Hole, Slot, Notch
ø1.00~5.00 mm
Automatic, Manual (0~30°)
Max 6.0 mm (0.0 mm = Through Hole)
ø32.0~75.0 mm from Lens Rotation Axis
1.00 mm~5.00 mm
Max 20.00 mm
193(W) x 483(D) x 342(H) mm / 14 kg
AC 100~240V 50/60 Hz
Tracing Type
Tracing Mode
Tracing Size
Frame Material
Automatic 3D Binocular Tracing
Auto, Semi-Auto
Frame ø16.0~92.0 mm, Patternø16.0~84.0 mm
Metal, Hard Plastic, Soft Plastic
Data Processing
FPD, Frame Curve, Circumference, 3D Angle
Concave Shape
Lensmeter Camera
Imaging Camera
Blocking Tolerance
Axis Tolerance
Blocking Method
Blocking Pressure
Lens Recognition Mode
Lens Type Recognition
CMOS B/W 1.3M 2x Image
SPH : -10D~+10D, CYL: ±6D
0.01 D
-0.5~+0.5 mm
Automatic Blocking with Mechanical Arm
3.0 kgf
Intelligent, Auto, Manual
Single, Bi-focal, Progressive, 3-Dot
Layout Factors
PD (Binocular, Monocular)
Cyl Axis
Bridge Size
OH (ΔY, Mixed Height, Box Height)
Centering Method (Box Center, Optical Center)
Edging Factors
Plastic, Polycarbonate, High Index Plastic,
Glass, Trivex
Bevel, Groove, Flat Edge, Polish, Safety Bevel
Job Manager, Digital Pattern, Hole Editor,
Digital Scanning (Shape & Hole Recognition)
LCD Tilting
SD Card Storage (Memory Included)
Barcode Reader (Optional)
10.4 inch Color TFT LCD (1024 x 768)
with Touch Screen
Dimensions / Weight
Power Supply
Power Consumption
300(W) x 470(D) x 560(H) mm / 23 kg
AC 100~240V 50/60Hz
Frame Reader
Tracing Type
Tracing Mode
Tracing Size
Frame Material
Automatic 3D Binocular Tracing
Auto, Semi-Auto
Frame ø16.0~92.0 mm, Pattern ø16.0~84.0 mm
Metal, Hard Plastic, Soft Plastic
Data Processing
FPD, Frame Curve, Circumference, 3D Angle
Concave Shape
Dimensions / Weight
Power Supply
Power Consumption
284(W) x 320(D) x 190(H) mm / 8 kg
AC 100~240V 50/60 Hz
Manual Blocker
White LED Source
Light Intensity Adjustment
Automatic Power-Saving Mode
Dimensions / Weight
Power Supply
Power Consumption
177(W) x 184(D) x 206(H) mm / 2 kg
5V DC 3.5A
Designs and details can be changed without prior notice for the purposes of improvement.
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